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Recording Condenser Microphones

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It doesn't take a professional to know that microphones come in a lot of different varieties - just looking at the diverse range of shapes and sizes makes that obvious enough. Of course, getting the best performance for each situation takes some knowledge about what's "under the hood," and each type of microphone shines best in a certain setting. For the recording condenser microphones in this section, that setting is the studio. These mics are designed for recording and broadcast applications, where they can take advantage of their high-sensitivity capsules to capture sound at the reference quality required for professional-grade results.

Although there are hundreds of recording condenser microphones to choose from, it doesn't have to be a challenge to track down the perfect fit for you. Start by narrowing the options based on what you're planning to record. For instance, if you're a vocalist, you probably won't be too interested in the MXL Guitar Cube Pro - but if you play guitar, have at it! There's also the pickup pattern to take into account: most condenser mics are cardioid, but some are omnidirectional and others, like the Audio-Technica AT4050 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone, give you the option of which pattern to use for each recording session.

Are you looking for a mic that's a bit more exotic or specialized? If so, there are plenty of options here to choose from. For instance, a boundary mic such as the Audio-Technica U851R can help record in echo-prone spaces. Or, if you want a warmer, richer timbre to the recording, you could try a tube-powered model like the Sterling Audio ST66 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone. Maybe you're looking for maximum versatility? In that case, something like the BLUE Bottle Rocket Stage One Condenser Microphone could be the answer: its interchangeable capsule allows you to quickly transform it into a whole different mic.

If you're not sure where to start your search through this lineup of recording condenser microphones, why not kick things off by checking out the reviews and ratings on some of the best-selling models? That will give you an idea what to look for - and if this is your first condenser mic, be sure to take a look at some kits like the Rode Microphones NT1-A Condenser Mic Bundle. These will give you everything you need to get started from scratch, so they're worth considering if you don't already own a shockmount and pop filter.