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Crash Cymbals

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Crash cymbals are an effective way to highlight a break in a song. The peak of a melody can easily be emphasized with a swift tap on a well-made crash cymbal. This tried and true tactic makes finding your signature cymbal sound all the more important. Historically, crash cymbals were typically used in larger orchestras to help emphasize swelling crests of sound or major trumpeting crescendos. Being used at intense moments has always been the crash cymbal's forte. This still remains true to this day, despite musical styling having changed so drastically from traditional symphonic offerings. If you're a hard rocker, you'll appreciate a thicker cymbal due to its more hearty tone that can cut through loud guitars and bass. Despite a crash cymbal's thinner edge, it still can create a resounding noise. Jazz drummers and more mainstream artists often try the thinner offerings to give a song body with a light tap or brighter crashing sound. The ideal finish can allow the drummer to enjoy a signature sound. An oxidized crash cymbal offers a trashy feel embodied by bands like The White Stripes and The Velvet Underground. The garage band sound so prevalent today is displayed by the intense muted sound that riding on a ‘dirty' crash cymbal can bring. A bright and clean finish gives you the option of a clear crash sound that slices through the guitar and bass with precision. When you hear a crash cymbal it truly captures your attention, displayed beautifully by Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody. With crash symbols, size matters. The most versatile size is an 18" as it helps round out a band's overall sound. The smaller sized crash cymbals work well with lighter rock but are much richer sounding when paired with a larger size. You can open up your sound with an array of sizes, making your performance completely customizable. Your personality shows through in how you use your crash. It's an extension of your aesthetic and can quickly help you develop your own signature playing style. Trashy or classy, the crash cymbal dresses up or dresses down any musical endeavor.