Audix Custom 4-Piece Drum Microphone Package  

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Reliable, premium amplification for your kit.

Includes D6 mic, 3 ADX90 mics and 4 - 20' mic cables.

The D6 Microphone

This American-made instrument mic is designed for live or studio performance and characterized by its superb cardioid pick-up pattern and low-end centered 30Hz-15kHz frequency response. The D6 is an ideal choice for kick drum, large hand percussion, bass cabs, and other instruments requiring low frequency reproduction. Transformerless design, low impedance, and balanced output allow interference-free performance even with long cable runs. The one-piece, precision-machined sold aluminum body fhas an injury-resistant hard coat anodized finish.

The ADX90 Microphone

With a smooth, uniform response over a frequency range of 50Hz-18kHz, the ADX90 is lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to use. Designed with an integral clamping system, it's perfect for drums, percussion instruments, and a variety of other instruments such as woodwinds and brass. It features a cardioid pickup pattern and high SPL handling capability (135dB!) that'll pick up the warmth and clarity of instruments without adding boominess. The flexible gooseneck makes it a cinch to get the mic in the sweet spot.

The ADX90 operates on phantom power of 9-52V and is supplied with a phantom power adapter, integral clamp, cable, windscreen, and carrying pouch.


  • D6: Dynamic transducer, cardioid pickup pattern, frequency response of 30Hz-15kHz, and 144dB max SPL

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