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Drum Sticks

How to Choose the Right Drum Sticks
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  1. PROMARK Will Kennedy Signature Drum Sticks
  2. Vater Hickory Bebop Drum Sticks
    Vater Hickory Bebop Drum Sticks
    Starting at $14.07
  3. Regal Tip Jason Sutter "Chop Stix" Signature Stick
  4. Innovative Percussion Ed Soph Jazz Model Drumstick
  5. Vater American Hickory Phat Ride Drumsticks
  6. Sale
    Vater Marvin Smitty Smith Signature Power Fusion Drumsticks
    $11.94 On Sale Now!
  7. Top Rated
    Ahead XL Rock Drumsticks
    Ahead XL Rock Drumsticks
  8. Sale
    Zildjian 4 For 3 Ron Bruner Artist Drumsticks
    On Sale Now!
  9. Vater Buy 3 - 5A Wood Drum Sticks, Get 1 Free KEG 5A
  10. Ahead FatBeat Medium Taper Sticks (Pair)
    Ahead FatBeat Medium Taper Sticks (Pair)
  11. Zildjian John Riley Double Stick-Mallet
    Zildjian John Riley Double Stick-Mallet
  12. Woodrow Guitars NFL Drum Sticks
    Woodrow Guitars NFL Drum Sticks
  13. PROMARK Maple Light Multi Percussion Stick
  14. Vater Eternal Black Drumsticks Buy 3 Get 1 Free
    Starting at $22.99
  15. Top Rated
    Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Drumsticks
    Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Drumsticks
  16. Vater Stephen Creighton Pipe Band Model Drumsticks - Pair
  17. Top Rated
    Vic Firth Charlie Benante Signature Sticks
  18. Vic Firth Ray Luzier Signature Series Drum Sticks
  19. Tama Marching RC1 Star Performer Marching Snare Stick by Vic Firth
  20. Top Rated
    PROMARK Jeff Ausdemore Signature Marching Drumsticks
  21. Innovative Percussion Marching Stick Hickory Reverse Teardrop Bead
  22. Zildjian Ronald Bruner, Jr. Signature Drumsticks
  23. Innovative Percussion AS-MM Mike McIntosh Signature Hickory Marching Sticks
  24. Zildjian Eric Singer Artist Series Drumsticks
  25. Top Rated
    Vic Firth Alex Gonzalez Signature Drumsticks
  26. Zildjian Joey Kramer Drumstick
    Zildjian Joey Kramer Drumstick
  27. Ahead AHEAD 5AT-4 5A / 7A TIP (4 PACK) WOOD LIKE PACK
  28. Regal Tip Anarchy X Drumsticks
    Regal Tip Anarchy X Drumsticks
  29. Vater Buy 4 Pair 5B Wood Get a Free Pair of Whips
  30. Stagg 12-PAIR OAK DRUM STICKS Nylon Tip
  31. Zildjian DIP Drumsticks (3-Pack)
    Zildjian DIP Drumsticks (3-Pack)
  32. Zildjian Travis Barker Black Signature Drumstick 3-Pack
  33. Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Drumstick 3-Pack
  34. Ahead Monsta Rock Short Taper Sticks (Pair)
  35. Innovative Percussion Lalo Davila Signature Hickory 3/8" Timbale Stick - 4 Pair
  36. Woodrow Guitars NHL Collectible Drum Sticks
  37. Innovative Percussion Hickory Concert Drumsticks James Campbell
    Starting at $13.42
  38. Top Rated
    Vater Sugar Maple Bebop Drum Sticks
    Vater Sugar Maple Bebop Drum Sticks
    Starting at $13.61
  39. Innovative Percussion IP1 Concert Snare Drum Stick
  40. Vic Firth Mike Terrana Signature Drumsticks
 Matching Products
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The point of contact between you and your drum kit should be one you can rely on. With such a staggering array of options, it's good to know how different sticks can affect your overall sound and give you the effect you're after. Cymbals, toms and snares are all only as good as the items thrashing on them so you're wise to choose carefully. The modern drumstick design became popular back in the 1950s with the widespread appearance of the three piece kit. Drumming was becoming more and more accessible with catchy Carl Perkins inspired bands popping up all over America. Rock n' roll took the world by storm and the common 4/4 timing coupled with a spin of a drumstick ignited dance halls everywhere. Nostalgic musicians may still choose to play in this manner but with so many different genres in today's scene, it's no wonder there is such a colored collection of drumsticks to pair with them. Using the proper tools for the job is always ideal. With drumsticks, your first consideration is the wood type. A lightweight maple stick has stand-out flexibility and gladly absorbs energy, saving your hands from an extra hit. Hickory is the middle ground, offering moderate energy absorption and flexibility. The mighty oak is the densest of all giving heavy metal drummers a real challenge to break one. With modern times come state-of-the-art materials. Nylon tips are a newer option that helps the cymbals emerge in a softer, smoother manner. Traditional wooden tips, while prone to chipping, bring you a classic sound you can identify with. Either choice contributes greatly to your overall sound and can be experimented with easily. Thickness of your drum stick can also affect the sound you want to obtain. Thinner, lighter sticks allow for a softer sound, perfect for jazz drumming. Rock drummers love a medium thickness that can bring the noise or turn it down for a softer ballad. Hearty heavy metal or hard rock artists give it their all with thicker sticks, ideal for crowded gigs. Once you perfect your technique you'll know what suits your style. You still may break a stick during a ferocious fill but that's all part of the fun. The drummer is the power behind the beat and having the tool that's right for the job easily makes or breaks a memorable song.

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