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Outstanding drums in the tradition of the legendary jazz drummer.

The Buddy Rich Signature 5-Piece Shell Pack is designed after the legendary drummer's personal specifications. The 100% maple shell's ply distribution from one drum size to another is arranged to deliver the best tone, projection and resonance: 7-ply 24" x 14" bass drum, 6-ply 13" x 9" rack tom, two 7-ply 16" x 16" floor toms and matching 10-ply 5" x 14" snare drum.

The beaver tail lugs, rail consolette tom mount and shell-mounted ride and splash cymbal holders are vintage in design, but manufactured to meet the quality and durability demands of today's drummer.

The gorgeous high-density white marine pearl finish rounds out the authentic features of this amazing sounding drum kit. The Buddy Rich Signature Kit is an outstanding set of drums for the most demanding live or studio gigs... and quite the collector's piece!

Cymbals and free-standing cymbal stands not included.


  • 100% maple shell
  • 7-ply 24" x 14" bass drum
  • 6-ply 13" x 9" rack tom
  • Two 7-ply 16" x 16" floor toms
  • Matching 10-ply 5" x 14" snare drum
  • Beaver Tail Lugs
  • Rail Consolette tom mount
  • Shell-mounted ride
  • Splash cymbal holder
  • High-density white marine pearl finish

Included hardware

  • 6 floor tom legs
  • 1 short bass drum mounted cymbal arm
  • 1 tall bass drum mounted cymbal arm
  • 1 tom holder for rail consolette
  • 16 T-rod bass drum tension rods
  • 4 square head bass tension rods (these are used on the bottom of the drum, and require a drum key)
  • 20 bass drum hoop clamps

Burn like Buddy with this modern update of a classic vintage drum set. Order today.