Natal Drums Ash Series Bass Drum  

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Bursting with high-end punch and bags of attack, the Natal Ash Series will maximize your stage presence.

With a platform of a unique product line built from the ground up, the Natal Ash Series offers the pro features that professional or serious hobbyist drummers require. A straight grained wood, Ash is tough yet flexible, ideal for snare drums. Using Ash as an inner ply and composite laminate produces highly responsive shells with rich attack while maintaining a versatile tone. Ash has a short resonance with clipped sustain which gives toms extra power, punch and projection. All Ash shells are 6-ply and feature exclusive PET and PVC wrap finishes.

The Natal Ash Bass Drum features rounded lugs branded with the Natal "Sun," finish-matching wood hoops and a wood I.D. badge. Additionally, this drum features hefty, custom spurs for a stable low end.


  • 6-ply Ash shell
  • Oval lugs branded with Natal sun logo
  • Wood I.D Natal badge
  • Pro-quality custom bass drum spurs

Ash. These drums are born of it to reduce the stage to it. Pick one up today.

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