Orange County Drum & Percussion Maple Snare 7x13, Natural Ash Natural Ash

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Huge, warm sound with premium features.

The insides of Orange County's drums are hand-sanded and then sealed to a satin finish. The edges always have a ply of flatness for a true sound and for maximum resonance. The edges are also sanded smooth for a very finished feel. All of OCDP's logo badges are engraved aluminum for a custom look.

Offset lugs
The lugs are made from an aluminum/zinc alloy that is far stronger than the zinc #3 that virtually all other drum lugs are made of.

Offset lugs are lugs that are not directly in line with each other and they are staggered either 50% or 7/8". This does nothing for the sound of the drum, but it gives the drum a more custom look which some people prefer.

Die Cast hoops
These hoops are a thicker-style hoop than the standard 2.3mm hoops used on the toms. They are used on the thicker ply snare drums and the vented drums as these tend to have a lot of ring and the die-cast hoops will help control this.

Trick Throw Off
The Trick throw-off has become the industry standard for throw-offs and is one of the strongest throws off on the market.

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