Sabian Xs20 2-Pack - 14" Hi-Hats and 18" Crash Ride Cymbals   

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Versatile cymbal expansion for any drum set.

The Xs20 Cymbal 2-Pack consists of a pair of 14" Medium Hi-Hats and an 18" Crash Ride, which have been sonically matched for performance compatibility by the selection specialists in the Sabian Vault. The medium top and heavy bottom 14" Xs20 hi-hat pairing delivers clean stick and pedal definition with increased volume and fullness when played open. The Xs20 18" Crash Ride is a powerful crash and a big, full-on, wide-open ride--a dual-purpose model offering a lot of sound from just one cymbal.

Xs20 has a bold, updated, professional look with hand-lathing cuts of wide blade grooves into the surface. This updated look combines with B20 "cast" bronze, the metal played by the pros--delivering a bright, musical and extremely serious sound. Sabian's super-hard and musical B20 bronze are formed to shape using innovative and cost-saving Sabian technology.

What makes Xs20 so special is that this is 100% B20, the magical alloy that is pure Sabian "cast" bronze, the most durable and musical of all cymbal metals... the highest tin... the metal played by the pros, including Chad Smith, Jose Pasillas, Mike Portnoy, and Josh Eppard. It took ten years of research to design the world's first and finest budget-priced B20 bronze cymbal. Xs20 is the first--and only--B20 bronze cymbal to offer high quality at such a low price.


  • 14" Medium Hi-Hats
  • 18" Crash Ride
  • Xs20 cymbal feaures
  • Full-bodied sound
  • Natural finish

A versatile Sabian pack to complete any kit! Order today.

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