The Duallist Triple Kick Double Pedal   

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Lay down unbelievable bass drum licks!

The Duallist Triple Kick Double Pedal provides all the features of a double pedal plus a left footpedal linked to a third beater. Enables you to play fast bass rolls as well as using the left foot to punctuate the right-foot rhythm. The right foot can play single pedal patterns with just one beater and then kick into double mode for great double-beater patterns - all with one foot. Then add in a left-foot pattern in triple mode for mind-blowing bass drum rhythms.

The Duallist Triple is actually 4 pedals in one. It operates as a single, as a conventional double, as a Duallist Double, and as the world's first practical triple pedal.

One-year warranty.

You'll achieve jaw-dropping bass drum chops with this incredible pedal, order today!

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