Electro-Voice N/D367s Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone   

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Optimized to enhance female vocal harmonics.

The Electro-Voice N/D367s Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone emphasizes a woman's special vocal qualities and produces the power to be heard above the mix. The N/D367s is a dynamic cardioid mic with added sensitivity in the 1kHz to 2kHz region and controlled response above 2kHz. Features smooth, controlled 30Hz-17kHz frequency response, multistage shockmount, reduced distortion and feedback, and pop prevention. Electro-Voice includes a 3-year warranty with the N/D367s microphone.


  • Dynamic cardioid mic
  • Added sensitivity from 1kHz to 2kHz
  • Controlled response above 2kHz
  • Smooth 30Hz-17kHz frequency response
  • Multistage shockmount
  • Reduced distortion and feedback
  • Low handling noise
  • Pop prevention
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