Electro-Voice N/D967 Dynamic Vocal Performance Microphone   

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Highest gain-before-feedback concert vocal mic.

The Electro-Voice N/D967 Supercardioid Concert Vocal Microphone has a dynamic supercardioid pattern optimized for live vocal performance. It features the highest gain-before-feedback of any concert vocal mic and has excellent uniform supercardioid rejection with only 27% ambient noise pick-up. EV's exclusive Personality frequency shaping switch is not a typical high pass filter, this switch changes the response curve by reducing some low mid content, thus giving the mic more cut through without having to increase high frequencies (which would lead to more potential for feedback). The unique internal micro grill breaks up plosives-those unwanted "B" and "P" pops. The flat top capsule gets you closer to the capsule, which alone gives you 3-5 dB more gain.

The N/D 967 has a removable front grille and pop filter, multistage shockmount, Warm Grip handle, and 50Hz-13kHz frequency response. Feedback reduction during live performance and superior signal-to-noise make the Electro-Voice N/D967 Microphone great for digital recording and sampling. Includes 3-year warranty.

Best applications:
• Vocals in a heavy metal band

• Vocals in clubs where the acoustics are awful (sound bouncing everywhere)

• Drummer/vocalists, guitar player/ vocalists who sing a lot (chances are their amps are pointed at their singing position)

• Production houses (or bands with no sound guys) who would like to leave the background vocal channels up all of the time, but don't want all of the stage muck that comes through those channels and through the mix with typical mics

• Can also be used as a tonal match when a vocalist wants to round out their voice a bit


  • Concert vocal mic
  • Dynamic supercardioid pattern
  • Optimized for live vocal performance
  • Highest gain-before-feedback of live vocal mic
  • Minimal transfer noise
  • Internal Micro grill reduces "pops"
  • Personality switch
  • Removable front grille and pop filter
  • Multistage shockmount
  • Warm Grip handle
  • 50Hz-13kHz frequency response
  • Low signal-to-noise ratio

Order today and take your live performances to the outer limits!

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