Shure 104C Indoor/Outdoor Communication Mic   

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Made to order for mobile communications.

The Shure Model 104C is a small, pressure-actuated, diaphragm-type, carbon microphone specially designed for clear, efficient speech reproduction. The 104C fits naturally and comfortably in the hand, and retains this feel in hot or cold weather. The sturdy, high-impact ARMO-DUR case is light and compact, and occupies minimal space in portable or mobile equipment. The 104C mic is equipped with a heavy-duty, push-to-talk switch and a long life, rubber-jacketed coil cord cable.

The Shure Model 104C is especially recommended for all types of outdoor and indoor communication activity: in mobile and fixed station use (as in police, fire, utility, forestry and transportation services), and in commercial and industrial applications--including radiotelephone, amateur radio and similar uses.


  • Frequency response from 300 to 4,000 Hz, specifically designed for voice communications use
  • Small, light and compact case, takes minimum space in portable and mobile equipment, fits comfortably and firmly in the hand
  • Extremely rugged, high-impact ARMO-DUR case, stronger and lighter than die-cast metal, comfortable to the touch in hot or cold weather
  • Double-pole, single-throw, leaf-type switch designed to stand up under rigorous operating conditions and constant usage
  • Long life, rubber-jacketed coil cord
  • Rugged and dependable under all operating conditions

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