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Some of the greatest makers of effects units are known as well for their rack-mounted solutions as they are for their pedals. TC Electronic is a great example, and while their products are capable performers in all sizes, effects pedals are where the company started. Stompboxes are still their most popular creations, and whatever the effects you're looking for, there is a TC Electronic pedal that can deliver. TC's roots go all the way to Denmark where, like many other pedal makers, it was founded by musicians. Brothers Kim and John Rishøj made their debut on the effects pedal scene in the 1980s with the Stereo Chorus+ Pitch Modulator & Flanger. That pedal was so ahead of its time that it's still available today—not only that, but much of the guitar and bass community still considers it the best pedal of its type even after 30 years! That's the kind of quality you can expect in any TC Electronic effects pedal.

That initial success laid the groundwork for TC to branch out into other effects, leading to pedals like the Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb, Ditto Looper, and Gravy Tri-chorus and Vibrato pedal, just to name a few. With their growing portfolio of designs, TC Electronic aimed to raise the bar on effects pedal construction by making their own improvements to the industry standard designs of the day.

With their European attention to detail, it was only a matter of time until artists took notice of TC Electronic. One of those artists was John Petrucci, who has been using TC pedals on tour with Dream Theater since the early 1990s. It's no surprise, then, that TC partnered with John to create their first signature pedal, the John Petrucci Dreamscape. Loaded with six presets based on John's exacting specifications, this chorus and flanger pedal detects its position, so it can go in front of the amp or in your effects loop. The Dreamscape also supports TC's TonePrint system—all of Petrucci's signature TonePrints come pre-installed on the pedal, and you can download any TonePrint online and upload it into the pedal to customize your sound even further.

Are you the next John Petrucci, or are you looking to create a signature sound that's all your own? Either way, there are TC Electronic effects pedals that are right for you. With three decades of standard-setting tone and reliable build quality to back them up, these pedals are ready to take the stage.