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Not many luthiers can claim to have a reputation as stellar as Taylor, which came onto the scene in 1974 and has been building stunning instruments ever since. The company was started when a guitar shop owner in El Cajon decided to sell the business to three employees, who stepped up to the challenge and began to amaze guitarists with world-class instruments. That led to an ongoing commitment to quality which has brought plenty of improvements over the years, like the introduction of Taylor electric guitars with a special bolt-on neck that can be adjusted without the need to disassemble the whole instrument.

One of Taylor's specialties is the hybrid guitar, which you can see realized in models such as the T5z and T3/B. These hollowbody and semi-hollowbody electric guitars offer an incredibly versatile soundstage. You can use your choice of acoustic or electric guitar amp, and switch seamlessly between the two sounds using Taylor's well-designed electronics. You've probably heard the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none." With these hybrid models, Taylor has managed to turn that into "jack of all trades, master of each."

A somewhat more subtle design is what you'll find in Taylor's other offerings, the SB2-S and SB2-SP. What's the difference between the two? Most importantly, it's that the SP comes with single-coil pickups while the S has humbuckers. Both of these gorgeous guitars have chambered mahogany bodies, true to Taylor's philosophy of delivering resonance and acoustic character even in their electric instruments. They've also developed their own whammy bar design for the SB2 guitars, letting you add yet another layer of expressiveness into your tone.

Rascal Flatts and Jewel are just two examples of artists who've used Taylor guitars - maybe your name will be the next one added to the list? The Taylor roster is definitely one that you can feel proud to be on. When you add well-rounded electric guitars like these to your collection, your muse will thank you.