Hohner Highlander Harmonica - Key of A/D  

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A double-sided tremolo harmonica designed for playing Highland bagpipe tunes.

Like the rest of Hohner's Tremolo series of harmonicas, the Highlander features a horizontal division of the air channels so each channel has two reeds for each note—one pair for blown notes and another pair for drawn ones. These reeds—which are basically identical—are tuned to slightly different frequencies. When played together, this difference causes the characteristic beating of the tremolo sound. It's a guarantee for a cheerful and merry tone.

The Highlander is specially designed to play Highland bagpipe tunes. The harmonica is double sided, in the keys of A and D. The A side includes a flattened 7th note on draw 6 and draw 14, allowing you to play pipe tunes like never before.

The name "Highlander' is engraved in a Celtic font on the top cover this beautiful harp. Its box features a green tartan pattern in the same shade as the harmonica's comb.


  • Double -sided (Key of A/Key of D)
  • A side includes a flattened 7th note on draw 6 and draw 14
  • Horizontal division of air channels produces different notes when air is blown or drawn
  • Reeds are tuned to different frequencies to simulate bagpipe tones
  • Green comb

Order this Scottish Celtic harmonica for the traditional sounds of the Highlands.

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