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  1. Top Rated
    Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister TM112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  2. 10% off with code
    Laney CUB CAB 2x12 Open-Back Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  3. Top Rated
    Marshall MG Series MG412CF 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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  4. 20% off with code
    Jet City Amplification JCA24S+ 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet 200W
  5. Top Rated
    Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC108 1x8 20W Closed-Back Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  6. Best Seller
    Hughes & Kettner 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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  7. Bugera 112TS 80W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  8. Top Rated
    Fender Super-Champ 112 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  9. Marshall CODE 412 120W 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  10. Orange Amplifiers PPC108 Micro Dark 20W 1x8 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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  11. Top Rated
    Egnater Rebel 112X 1x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet
  12. Top Rated
    Blackstar Fly 3 Guitar Extension Cabinet
    Blackstar Fly 3 Guitar Extension Cabinet
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  13. Price Drop
    VHT Special 6 112 1x12 Closed-Back Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  14. Top Rated
    Marshall 2x12 Vertical Slant Guitar Cabinet
  15. Top Rated
    Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  16. 10% off with code
    Laney IRT-X 200W RMS Powered Expansion Guitar Cabinet
  17. Top Rated
    Jet City Amplification 24SVe 120W 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  18. Jet City Amplification JetStream ISO U Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  19. Top Rated
    Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC212-C 120W 2x12 Closed Back Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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  20. 16% In Rewards
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 80W 1x12 Guitar Extension Cab
  21. Top Rated
    Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC412-C 240W 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  22. 25% off with code
    Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G412A 4x12 Stereo Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  23. Vox V212C Limited 130W 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  24. Top Rated
    Marshall 1960 300W 4x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet
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  25. Top Rated
    Randall RG8 35W 1x8 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  26. Soldano 2x12 Speaker Cabinet
    Soldano 2x12 Speaker Cabinet
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  27. Top Rated
    Marshall MX212 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  28. Randall RD112-V30 Diavlo 1x12 Angled Guitar Cab
  29. Top Rated
    Egnater Tweaker 112X 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  30. Bugera 160W 2x12 Vintage Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  31. 20% off with code
    DV Mark DV Neoclassic 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  32. Top Rated
    Egnater Tourmaster 212X 2x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet
  33. Top Rated
    Tech 21 Power Engine 60
    Tech 21 Power Engine 60
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  34. Line 6 Spider V 412 320W 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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  35. Randall RG212 2x12 100W Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  36. Peavey 112-C 30W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  37. Top Rated
    Engl PRO E212VHB 2x12 Horizontal Guitar Speaker Cabinet 120W
  38. Randall RD412-V30 Diavlo 4x12 Angled Guitar Cab
  39. Quilter Labs Frontliner 2x8w 2x8 Modular Speaker Cabinet
  40. Engl PRO Straight E112V 1x12 Vertical Guitar Speaker Cabinet 60W
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Whether you have aspirations of one day selling out auditoriums, or are already there, a great amplifier cabinet can easily make or break your sound. With more than enough options available, you can easily maintain your signature sound while making sure it is loud enough for everyone to hear it. Choosing a head and cabinet over a combo option for your amplifier makes the most sense if you are looking for maximum volume to fill larger spaces. Many guitar legends swear by their stacks, and why wouldn't they? The sound, tone, and volume these amazing cabinets can produce are second to none. When you're looking for an amplifier cabinet there are a number of factors to consider. First of all, do you want an open-back cabinet or a closed-back? An open-back will offer you a louder sound, but it will also be a little bit looser. A closed back provides a tight sound that is more focused, but won't reach the same decibel levels its open-back counterpart. Next, you will want to look at speakers, because when picking out a cabinet, size definitely matters. Different speakers produce different sounds. Larger cones produce better bass frequencies, while smaller cones produce better treble frequencies. Even beyond that, different manufacturers give their speakers unique flourishes. It's all a matter of what works for you. After deciding on the size of the speakers you're looking for, the next logical decision to make is how many speakers do you want? If you're looking for massive sounds, 4 x 12 speaker cabinets worked wonders for Pete Townshend, but if you're interested in something with a little more portability, the Friedman Pink Taco 112 may be an ideal choice for you. It's important to strike a balance between the sound and volume you want and the portability and convenience you need. Guitar amplifier cabinets have been a staple in popular music for decades. Filling arenas with power chords and blazing solos, these cabinets will bring your guitar work to life. Whether you're shopping around for your first amplifier cabinet, or making a serious upgrade, there is a wide assortment of sound and power available to you.

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