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The first things that guitarists think of when hearing the name "Yamaha" are probably keyboards and entry-level guitars. If that's the case for you, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. They've also got a solid lineup of modeling combo amps to offer, with an unmistakeably high-end look and sound. Yamaha very smartly chose to take advantage of its skill in musical electronics when they designed these guitar amplifiers, leading to modeling tone that's nothing short of impressive.

Each of Yamaha's modeling guitar amps is designed and built for a certain type of player, which means that it's a straightforward process to match the right model to your playing style. If you're looking for versatile modern sounds, a good starting point is the THR10. This combo amp has settings for clean, crunch, lead, Brit hi, modern, bass, ACO and flat tones, and a pile of effects and output controls on top of that. It also offers a USB connection so you can do direct recording to your digital workstation. For those who want a heavier, more metal-friendly sound, there's also the THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp, which models in two "power" and two "Brown" modes as well as Southern hi, clean, bass and flat.

Are you more of a vintage rocker? If so, the THR10C Classic Combo may be the Yamaha guitar amp for you. This model is designed to create the warm, rich tones needed for more laid-back genres like blues and classic rock. Acoustic guitarists aren't out in the dark, either: the THR5A is the perfect companion for an acoustic-electric guitar, giving you a great combination of natural acoustic tone with the versatility of modeling and effects.

It's okay to geek out a little about Yamaha guitar amplifiers, considering that their classic-looking exteriors hide some high-tech modeling on the inside. It's tough to look at these amps without wanting to take one home - and Yamaha seems to realize that, since they're all available bundled with carrying bags if you like. If you're searching for a durable and versatile modeling combo amp to add to your collection, these options are sure to fit the bill.