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SKB Guitar Cases and Gig Bags

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Your guitar is equally at home in your own jam room and onstage at all your favorite venues, but between those two places you've got travelling to think about. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner toting your instrument to lessons or a pro heading out on your first world tour - guitar cases and gig bags are essential parts of your music kit. The job of protecting a valuable instrument is an important one, and thankfully, SKB makes an excellent lineup that you can absolutely trust to handle the task.

One of the choices that needs to be made is whether to put your guitar in a soft or rigid case, and in all honesty, your best bet may be to own both so you can pick the best for each excursion. The good news is that SKB offers each type. For your local shows and short trips, a gig bag like the Acoustic Guitar Soft Case or the Universal Shaped Electric Guitar Soft Case is a perfect option. These are lightweight and easy to carry, making them great for "grab and go" situations.

On the other hand, if you're travelling long distances or heading to the airport, that's when you'll want to opt for a rigid case like the SKB-66 or the Deluxe Universal Dreadnought Guitar Case. Their hard shells make these enclosures heavier and bulkier than gig bags, but the trade-off is that they can stand up to long van rides or rough luggage handlers, giving your instrument the defense it needs for serious journeys.

Something that SKB definitely deserves a bit of praise on is their selection of shaped cases. Sometimes it can feel like owning a V, Explorer or Firebird-style guitar is a resignation to generic square cases, but SKB turns that idea on its head by offering rigid and soft options built specifically for those exotic axes. No matter what sort of guitar you play, you can expect to find an SKB case that'll be a great fit.

That's SKB in a nutshell: a great line of cases built to accommodate a huge variety of guitars. We all know that our instruments should always be protected when we travel, but sometimes the choice can be a challenging one. By offering a whole slew of excellent options, SKB guitar cases and gig bags make the decision that much easier.