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D'Andrea knows the importance of the guitar pick. That’s why theirs come in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns and designs, so you can customize your look while you play, while adding distinct flair to your on-stage presence. They’re a small detail, but every guitarist has a preference, and crowds love them, jumping every time a musician throws their pick into the audience.  The best part about choosing a guitar pick is that there really is no right or wrong choice; it completely comes down to personal preference of comfort and style. There are subtle differences in guitar picks though, like thickness and material that can affect the sound, but for the most part, just go with the ones that feel and look the best to you.

If you’re all about the shape of your pick, then start your search with the 355 Triangle Celluloid Guitar Picks. Crafted in a classic triangle shape and made to feel like a real tortoise shell, these picks are stage-ready right out of the box. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a little extra grip, go with the Pro Plec Small Pointed Square Guitar Picks. These picks are embossed and highly polished, as well as precision beveled for added tone and accuracy while playing. Need something with a little more attitude? Then check out the 351 Vintage Designer Celluloid Picks. With a wide body, rounded tip and an absolutely dazzling design, these picks will reflect light as they dance between the strings on your guitar. It’s all about showmanship, and these picks definitely bring it.

From retro to modern, thin to thick, simple to stylized, D'Andrea guitar picks will have your axe wailing from the first note to the last, show after show. The only difficulty you may have is deciding on which ones to take on stage with you.