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Guitar Strings

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  1. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Multi-Color Coated Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
  2. DR Strings DSA-13 Dragonskin K3 Coated Acoustic Strings Heavy
  3. Dunlop Super Bright Light Nickel Wound 7-String Electric Guitar Strings (9-52)
  4. Ernie Ball 2550 Everlast Phosphor Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
  5. LaBella HRS-BL Nickel Blues Light Electric Guitar Strings
  6. D'Addario LCN-3B Pro-Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings Half Set
  7. D'Addario NYNW042 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .042
  8. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Red Coated Lite-Heavy (9-46) Electric Guitar Strings
  9. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Yellow Coated Lite 7-String Electric Guitar Strings (9-52)
  10. D'Addario NYNW018 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .018
  11. D'Addario CBN-3T Pro-Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings Half Set
  12. New
    D'Addario EJ12-3D 80/20 Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings 3-Pack
  13. D'Addario TNN-3T Pro-Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings Half Set
  14. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Red, White & Blue Electric Guitar Lite Strings
  15. Kerly Music Kerly Wicked Wire NPS Electric Medium 10-50
  16. DR Strings Dragon Skin Clear Coated Acoustic Bluegrass Guitar Strings (12-56)
  17. DR Strings NEON Hi-Def Yellow SuperStrings Heavy Electric Guitar Strings
  18. Ernie Ball 2206 Nickel Wound Medium Light Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
  19. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON White Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings Lite (10-48)
  20. D'Addario EPS520 ProSteels Super Light Electric Guitar Strings
  21. Ernie Ball 3126 Coated Electric Not Even Slinky Guitar Strings
  22. Top Rated
    DR Strings Red Devils Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
  23. D'Addario NYNW038 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .038
  24. GHS Infinity Bronze Acoustic Medium Guitar Strings
  25. DR Strings Veritas - Perfect Pitch with Dragon Core Technology Custom Light Acoustic Strings (10-48)
  26. D'Addario NYNW058 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .058
  27. D'Addario NYNW052 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .052
  28. D'Addario NYNW046 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .046
  29. D'Addario BNN-3T Pro-Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings Half Set
  30. DR Strings Extra Life BKE-9/46 Black Beauties Lite-n-Heavy Coated Electric Guitar Strings
  31. DR Strings NEON Hi-Def Orange SuperStrings Medium Electric Guitar Strings
  32. D'Addario NYNW080 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .080
  33. D'Addario SCF-3B Pro-Arte Flamenco Tension Classical Guitar Half Set
  34. D'Addario NYNW021 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .021
  35. GHS TC-GBM Thin Core Boomers Medium Electric Guitar Strings (11-50)
  36. D'Addario NYNW053 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Single String, .053
  37. DR Strings HI-BEAM Nickel Plated 7-String Electric Guitar Strings Lite (9-52)
  38. GHS Contact Core Bright Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings (13-56)
  39. Pre-Order
    Giannini GENWBG Classical Guitar Medium Tension Phosphor Bronze Black Nylon Ball End Strings
  40. D'Addario CNX-3T Pro-Arte Extra Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings Half Set
 Matching Products
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There's no other instrument with as much presence and cultural identity as the guitar. Virtually everyone is familiar with tons of different guitar sounds, from intense metal shredding to soft and jaunty acoustic folk music. And behind all those iconic guitar tones are great sets of strings. Just like a saxophonist changes reeds from time to time or a drummer replaces sticks, putting new strings on your guitar every so often is an important part of owning and playing one.

So, what should you look for in a set of strings? There's no one answer. To go back to those same analogies: every woodwind player has a preferred strength and shape of reed, and every drummer likes a set of sticks with particular balance and tip shape. It's the same with strings: you've got different gauges and different materials to choose from, and ultimately the right ones for you are a matter of preference.

Of course, there are a few ways to narrow down the string options. For starters, since guitars come in different scales, you need a set that's the right length for your instrument. You also need to match the type of guitar: electric strings for an electric guitar, acoustic strings for acoustic. If you play an acoustic-electric, you'll usually be looking for acoustic strings since those instruments use non-magnetic pickups. For classical and Latin guitar types directly descended from ancient gut-stringed instruments, the right strings are generally going to be nylon.

Once you've got your categories narrowed down, then you can start getting into the nitty-gritty differences between strings. For instance, electric guitars will give you the choice between nickel (for authentic vintage sound) and stainless steel (for maximum durability). Some string manufacturers have exotic material options with their own unique characteristics, like Ernie Ball's Slinky Cobalt strings. With so many subtle differences separating guitar strings, you owe it to yourself to browse carefully and look at all the choices on the table before making a decision.

When all is said and done, the only way to know for sure what a certain set of strings will sound like on your guitar is to take them for a spin. For that reason, it's not a bad idea to try out a few different ones that interest you to see which ones you like best - then you can stock up! However you like to approach your string shopping, the amazing selection you'll find here is sure to satisfy.

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