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Product 501362

Ibanez RG1550M Electric Guitar

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The Ibanez RG1550M electric guitar has a 5-piece RG Wizard neck with Ibanez Prestige finishing for supreme comfort. The Ibanez RG1550M guitar is fitt...Click To Read More About This Product

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Made for shredding, this guitar has cutting-edge technology and is sonically lethal.

The Ibanez RG1550M electric guitar has a 5-piece RG Wizard neck with Ibanez Prestige finishing for supreme comfort. The Ibanez RG1550M guitar is fitted with a 24-fret maple fingerboard with an ultra flat 16.92" radius, making 2-hand tapping a cinch. The RG1550M guitar features sonically lethal IBZ Pickups and the advanced Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo system. This solidbody Ibanez guitar is a metalhead's dream come true. Includes a deluxe Ibanez Prestige hardshell guitar case.

The Ibanez Edge-PRO bridge
In the last 2 decades, no other guitar maker besides Ibanez has done so much to advance the art and science of the tremolo. The Edge-PRO trem represents the next phase in locking tremolos. To avoid the problem of string holder blocks getting lost during string changes, the Edge-PRO's sliding string holders are actually part of the bridge and won't drop from the saddle unit. With the Edge-PRO design, there's no need to cut off the ball end of your strings when installing new strings. The Edge-PRO features a unique Sound Metal Chip on each saddle which helps increase sustain right at the most critical area, the guitar's intonation point.

IBZ Pickups
¢Bridge: VINTAGE 8 ” Warm yet articulate lead pickup with enhanced overtones. Good harmonics without excessive brightness.
¢Middle: SINGLE 1 ” Traditional-sounding yet high output single coil with Alnico-5 pole pieces for even string output. Designed to work with humbuckers in the split position.
¢Neck: VINTAGE 7 ” Tight, but bright. Very dynamic for chording and rhythm.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

Body style: RG
Body wood: Basswood
Neck type: Wizard Prestige
Fingerboard: Maple
Frets: 24 jumbo
Bridge: Ibanez Edge Pro
Case: Deluxe Prestige Hardshell
Bridge pickup: V8 Vintage 8 alnico magnet humbucker
Middle pickup: S1 Single 1 alnico magnet single-coil
Neck pickup: V7 Vintage 7 ceramic magnet humbucker

Made for metalheads...order yours today!

Neck dimensions:
Scale length: 25.5", 648mm
Width at nut: 1.69", 43mm
Width last fret: 2.28", 58mm
Thickness 1st fret: 0.70", 18mm
Thickness 12th fret: 0.78", 20mm
Radius: 16.92", 430mm

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Reviewed by 9 customers

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(6 of 6 customers found this review helpful)



By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I hadn't owned an Ibanez since the early 1990's. I had always liked the slim, fast necks and light-weight bodies of the original RG series; having owned and '85 Roadstar II an 88 RG550 and a 1994 RG570. I switched to American made neck-through guitars in 1997 and sold my my last Ibanez.Although Ibanez' website doesn't mention it, I discovered that the company now manufactures most of their product line outside of Japan(Indonesia, Korea, China, Malaysia). I wanted an RG that was made in Japan with higher quality parts and a wizard neck with an unbound maple fretboard. I had also read that Ibanez was dropping the Edge Pro trem(made in Japan) in favor of the Edge Zero(made in China). My only option was the RG1550M.When the guitar first arrived, I noticed an attractive and apparently well-constructed case. I opened the case and was greeted with a strong, unpleasant smell, apparently from the paint finishing process. The paint was glossy and smooth and the Cosmo hardware accentuated it beautifully. Unfortunately, the guitar was badly out of tune, the bridge was angled sharply toward the neck and trem arm didn't have the bushings installed. Trying to tune the strings and adjust the bridge, I realized the string saddles hadn't been properly tightened, hence it wouldn't stay tuned. After tightening everything, setting string intonation and starting to play, I noticed the frets had been poorly surfaced and the strings were corroded. I switched the pickup selector to the neck and a few seconds later lost most of the pickup volume. Slightly pressing the pickup with my finger alleviated the volume drop, so apparently there is a connection issue in the coil wiring.The guitar intonates well, string action can be adjusted very low if you like, and neck is smooth and thin. The V pickups are surprisingly well-voiced allowing for various music styles.Overall, I would have given this instrument a 5 star rating had the quality control been there. When someone pays for a Prestige series RG made by Japan's finest luthiers, one should expect the guitar to be proper out of the box.

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Very very pleased.

By MicJustMic

from New Jersey

Just bought this guitar in blue, wonderful. I've owned many Ibanez and the quality and playability of this guitar is no surprise to me. I've had a RG550CM for the past 20 years and wanted another, but they don't make that particular guitar any more, this is actually better. Great fretwork, and it comes out of the box feeling like a comfortable old played-in go-to guitar.

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


it is a Steal

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I bought this a few months ago and I?ve not been disappointed. I had a 550 back in the late 80?s and was kicking myself for having missed out on the reissues. I am a die-hard maple neck guy and disappointed Ibanez had no maple neck and fretboard models. When I saw this I looked at it as my new 550 and I was going to buy it. To be honest for the amount of money this thing costs I really shouldn?t complain about anything. It is a very good value. I gave it a 4 on features due to the pickups and a 4.5 over all due to the pickups. I didn?t feel a 5 would be right over-all not having perfect scores in all the other fields.The good : Wonderful neck. Very fast, very comfortable and extremely easy fretting. In my mind it doesn?t feel quite as good as my 550 did. It may be similar dimensions but it feels like it needs buffed or polished a bit longer. It feels just a tad dirty and /or slightly grainy. It is a very minor beef though and I?m being picky to mention it. I?m sure after it has worn a bit and soaked up the oils from my hand it will be even better. The tremolo is awesome. Very flat to the body and recessed a hair. It still has plenty of room to pull the note sharp also. Not having to cut the ball ends off of your strings is nice. Also you don?t have to tighten the string holders to the point of pinching the string flat like on the old ones. It came setup perfectly for 9?s and I normally use 10?s and had restrung with 10?s. It didn?t take long at all to adjust for the change in tension. I ended up going back to 9?s though. This guitar is a rice burner and 9?s IMHO seem to be the most comfortable on it even though all my other axes have 10?s.The bad: The pickups blow. Ok maybe I?m over stating that. They are lacking though. The bridge pickup is very muddy. Yes it is designed for distortion but some chord voicings just don?t sound good at all. Lead lines are fine. There is a big volume drop off on the single coil also. The neck pickup is the most solid of the three and sounds much better than the bridge pickup. It isn?t like the guitar is unusable with these pickups though. For a 1K guitar I really shouldn?t expect more and it does have good value over all. Still though if there were anything I would change ( and I will eventually ) it would be the pickups. All in all it is a very good value and probably one of the best guitars you can buy for 1K. I would recommend it to anybody looking for this style of guitar.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Everyone should have an Ibanez Prestige!

By PS-n1eyq

from Chicago, IL

See all my reviews

Ask me a question

For the past 15 years, I've owned and played some decent instruments... nothing top shelve ? notably, a jackson with an excellent neck but crap action, a Korean Ibanez S470 - awesome guitar once set up nicely. Recently, after having quit smoking (also 15 years!) I decided to treat myself to a new guitar. I?d been eying the poison pumpkin RG 1550M for a while, especially after missing the RG 20th anniversary reissue. Love the bold colors and maple fretboard. However, after 2 locking tremolo guitars I felt its time for a fixed bridge, shorter scale length, i.e. les paul... I absolutely love les pauls! Took the plunge and purchased what I could afford. . . . . Les Paul studio . . . . . faded cherry. This is an amazing guitar, don?t get me wrong, but I wasn?t a 100% satisfied. I?d rather have a traditional goldtop or burst, or one of the traditional pros they?re selling these days... 800 vs. 2000 though, slight difference!I came to the conclusion that playing ~1k, I?d rather have a top of the line product from an amazing manufacturer rather than the lowest from another. A made in Japan, Ibanez prestige qualifies well... So off went the Studio in exchange for the 1550 poison pumpkin, which arrived today... I am in absolute awe! Ibanez ?team J craft? is a world apart! The neck is the most amazing I've ever seen, as is the fretboard, overall finish, etc. down to the prestige case. Comparing it with my non-prestige S470, I understand what I?ve been missing. Haven?t put it down since it arrived. Definitely get an Ibanez prestige if you?re thinking about it, well worth the $. I?m happy I decided to make the swap. Eventually plan to amuse myself with the les paul... traditional burst, figured maple, fancy pants guitar (which surprisingly the fat neck feels comfortable after being used to S470). For now the 1550 will more than do. Will replace the pickups probably with Evo2, PAF joe, a twangy single coil... Did I mention I was able to drop the action very low without buzz... Very pleased with this guitar (love the white too but didn?t want the zero point tremolo). Don't hesitate about getting this one...

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


White Plaster

By Stratman2003

from KY

See all my reviews

The only thing you could argue would be about the pickups that I would have prefered a more standard PAF or JB type but this added to my tonal palette and that's always a good thing. For the playability of this guitar is a blessing for my aging hands, I wish I had this years ago. I was hessitant about getting this online, because where I live you don't ever get to see and try this level of guitar out in the area stores. So having bought this based on other peoples reviews was a gamble.... All I can say is Don't hessitate, this thing is worth every penny!!! I am now saving up for another one in pumpkin!!!
Nobody else offers a 24 fret Maple neck, humbucker equiped guitar with locking trem. The neck is awesome, def a little thinner and flatter than what I'm use to coming from the Standard Strat world. The zero trem is great, smooth and responsive. The pickups are no way as bad as others would lead you to beliive. They def have some Ibby honk and squawk to them, but I like them. The center single coil is pretty weak but I find it useful for softer passeges and it does have a nice sound, but when shredding I don't use them much live. I wish it came with the allen key holder on back of the headstock, but I can always get one of those aftermarket. I love the super durable white plaster textured finish, it almost has a stone like quality to it.
This guitar oozzees quality. It's like a Strat, as classic and perfect as they are, is a 57 Chevy compared to a modern day Lexus. The fit and finish are flawless, the neck to body joint is as tite as you could possibly get. The case is super mint, the guitar fits like glove, with no movement. The fingerboard and fret finish are perfect. The engineering of the trem is leap forward.
Nothing else in the Maple Neck marketplace come close to these features and quality for the $. Can you tell I prefer maple necks....mainly because the older I get, the harder it is to see on darker stages, halls and rooms, so this is why my latest purchase had to be maple.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


The Axeman Cometh

By Guitaro Montalban

from Jacksonville, Fl

See all my reviews

This is a great guitar. Plays great sounds great. I am thinking about putting these type pick ups in my JS100 and my JS1000. Super punchy and (good)distortion for days. I suppose you could play nu metal/grunge or that other garbage you people call music with this but for what I need it is perfect. It did need a set up the action was off but an easy fix. I run this through a Peavey Classic 50 head /Crate 4-12 celestions with A Vox Satcherator and it screams. I can get rock to real metal sounds from this guitar.

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Christmas Present Ibanez style!!

By Jerry Dearborn

from Salem, Indiana

See all my reviews

I'm gonna be playing this guitar for years to come.I'm very satisfied with it.
WOW! This guitar rocks!!
I have an RG550DX Purple Neon that I ve had since the 80's and you couldn't pry that thing out of my hands for nothing. Until Christmas 2011 that is!
When I opened the case of the Prestige RG1550M I was blown away.
I have always wanted another guitar just like my DX and this is it.
From the fast action neck to the sweet quiet tones to the whammy bar pull back this guitar has more than I expected. It's my new ride!
It sounds awesome with my Boss Metal Zone
I'm lovin the "sing" I hear from the pickups. I could have another V8!
I love the quality alot but one little thing that caught my attention was the urine smell of the guitars finish! Its finally getting weaker but I was kind of wierded out by that. Not a fan!
The price was about what I paid for my DX!
Lovin the Musicians Friend discounts!


Best Purchase Since Buying My PGM

By BlueMK4

from Los Angeles

One of the best guitars I've bought so far. The finish on it is awesome and the maple fretboard is sweet, I wish more companies wold bring more models out with maple fretboards, good call Ibanez.The Edge-PRO bridge is a really good trem, had no problem getting set up properly.The pickups on the other hand I'm not too crazy about, gonna change soon for some DiMarzio PAF Pros on Bridge and Neck and a DiMarzio HS-3 single coil.Props on the guitar Ibanez.


Shred love

By V guy

from Salem, Or

See all my reviews

The first time I laid eyes on this guitar I felt I had to have it, I dont own it YET. but I'm working on fixing that, When I get it it's going to be in the "Poisoned pumpkin" which is almost a vintage blonde color. I play a multitude of styles. Okay enough babble. Lets get to the brass tacks. Features; I banez split wireing is a plus it offers you the "strat' 2&4 position sound, one up from the bridge and it also offers a multitude of sounds. If your a solo hound like me you understand the importance of these features. pick-ups: part of the reason I only rated a 4.5 on features is due to the pickups, they're EMG designed V8's I'll probably wind up shanginf them out to Duncans. Construction; another reason for the 4.5 is due to the fact that it's a bolt-on I like bonlt on's for the ease of parts replacement. But if I'm paying close to a grand for a guitar I'd like it be be a set-neck or something of that nature.

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