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Schecter Guitar Research C-1 Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Piezo Pickup   

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The Schecter C-1 Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Piezo Pickup offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. Based on Schecter's popular C-style gu...Click To Read More About This Product

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Snarling electric and lush acoustic tones.

The Schecter C-1 Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar with Piezo Pickup offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. Based on Schecter's popular C-style guitars, this smooth model uses a deeper hollowbody design with 2 Duncan Designed humbuckers and an RMC piezo system to achieve hot electric and rich acoustic sounds. Electronics allow electric and acoustic signals to be mixed or run separately. Quilted maple top on bound mahogany body with traditional F-holes, 25-1/2" mahogany neck, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, Grover tuners, and TonePros bridge.

  • Hollowbody design with F-holes
  • 2 Duncan Designed humbuckers
  • Piezo pickup system
  • Mixed or separate signal operation
  • Quilted maple top
  • Bound mahogany body
  • 25-1/2" mahogany neck
  • 22-fret rosewood fingerboard
  • Grover tuners

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Most Liked Positive Review


Hey YEA YOU! Dont cheap out, just buy it !!

This is one amazing guitar. All that stuff you've read about it being able to go from snarling electric to smooth acoustic ARE TRUE! I had my doubts, but tonight I put it...Read complete review

This is one amazing guitar. All that stuff you've read about it being able to go from snarling electric to smooth acoustic ARE TRUE! I had my doubts, but tonight I put it through its paces and became a believer.The setting is a standard 5 member band playing oldies, originals, rockabilly, rhythm+blues, Dylan, Carl Perkins, Orbison, early stones etc etc..... After a long a tortured route at getting a good acoustic sound, tonight I hit the jackpot and then some. I had been strumming on an Epiphone 12-string with a quality Fishman mounted pickup through a Marshall AS50R acoustic amp. It sounded ok, but I just couldn't help feel that there could be a better, fuller, clearer sound.Enter the Schecter. WOW. The deal is this..... you plug your acoustic amp into the Piezo pickup and with the other plug connect a regular electric guitar amp (Fender Deluxe in my case). Now not only do you have a GREAT acoustic sound, but also a full rich sound coming out of the regular amp..... the adjustments are infinate since you can adjust the percentage of acoustic/electric and also adjust the tone of each (and then you get into the settings on the amps themselves which is another whole universe). The overall result is almost like having a clone of you playing at the same time. A great sound. The audience will never know your secret!.... except for those guitar playing eagle-eyes who notice two cords coming your of your axe.When playing this on its acoustic/Piezo pickup its actually a strange disconnected experience. You have a nice electric guitar in your hands but are producing a SUPER-QUALITY amplified acoustic sound. At first the tendency is to say "Holy Cow..... did that sound come from ME???"Oh yea, I almost forgot. This is also a great sounding electric guitar with a nice biting tone when you want to go that way.So here's the bottom line: for 700 smackers you simply cant go wrong. This is much more than your average Epiphone copy or some other $350 range guitar, but its WELL worth it. In fact (knowing what I know now) I'd pay a lot more for this guitar (dont tell Muscians Friend).My guitar came with fairly low action (could be lowered a bit I think). A pretty straight neck (I've not tried any tightening yet but its fine as is), and (believe it or not) reasonably good intonation.So stop being a cheapskate and just fork over your hard earned bucks. You wont regret it. My big Epiphone 12-string will now reside in my personal hall of fame and the Schecter will do it all. I'll still take 2 or 3 guitars to a gig, but in reality the Schecter is all I really need.I didn't give this guitar all 10's just on principal.... I figure that 10's have to be reserved for the super-expensive guitars.I've got Gretsch Super Axe, '75 Rickenbacker 360, Two Ibanez, Two Epiphone, a Yamaha, and Fender guitars. The quality of craftmanship of this Schecter is on a par with the best of them. Certainly better than Epiphone, better than Fender (sorry, but its true), similar to my older Ibanez Artist, almost as good as the Gretsch and Rickenbacker. Its not cheaply made. Its well balanced, and (being hollow), not heavy at all (which the Artist cerainly is).Just go for it and then email me when you're as jazzed at I am.ps: I'd origianlly ordered the brown sunburst but its backordered and you cant get it right now. I switched to the black and I'm very glad I did. ITs not a jet black like a Fender but a glossy see-thru black where the wood grain shows through. Almost like a very very dark gray. Its nice and simple.


Most Liked Negative Review


Semi-acoustic is a bit of a disappointment

I was quite excited to see the Schecter semi-acoustic guitar listed at a great price. I have wanted an acoustic guitar added into my live show for some time, but really didn't want to...Read complete review

I was quite excited to see the Schecter semi-acoustic guitar listed at a great price. I have wanted an acoustic guitar added into my live show for some time, but really didn't want to go through the hassle (both physically and from a set-up standpoint) of using an actual acoustic on stage. The Schecter appeared to be the perfect solution. Unfortunately, the hype on this guitar far outstripped the reality. The "acoustic" aspect of this guitar falls far short of sonic expectation. In short, it simply doesn't sound "acoustic" in any way, shape, or form. In adding an AC-2 acoustic simulator, I found that the overall sound improved significantly. Unfortunately, something between the piezo pick up (low-end model, perhaps?) and the simulator is just not compatible and I get a loud popping or pod-out sound from the high strings. I have been able to find a setting that works, but not well. The electric aspect of this guitar is a bit better, but overall the sound is sluggish and the Duncan pick-ups simply don't delivery good clean sound. That said, It does offer a very nice textural/muddy sound to the mix. I can't recommend the Schecter. If you're truly looking for an electric that can deliver an acoustic approximation, you will be sorely disappointed. As an electric, it falls short of delivering an overall package.

Reviewed by 78 customers

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By Phidl

from Connecticut


  • "bang For Buck"
  • Acoustic Via Piezos
  • Overall quality


  • Maybe Humbuckers

Best Uses

    An amazing guitar from an under-rated company. People who complain about this guitar's acoustic sound aren't using it right. Its piezo pickup will not sound good through a guitar amp, just like an acoustic-electric, Ovation, etc. won't either. The piezo signal needs to go through a PA or maybe a keyboard amp, and then it shines. A great, full sound; to be sure it's not a mic'd Martin, but it's way better than a lot of AE's. I'm not super experienced on electrics, so I can't fairly address complaints about the "muddy" stock humbuckers, but sustain, pick harmonics etc. sound fine to me. The finish is flawless, hardware excellent, super fast neck. Action is easy to adjust via adjustable saddle. Always gets compliments about look and sound.

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    (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


    affordable and great lookin needs new pickups.

    By HunterSThompson lieing

    from Good ol Indiana

    I bought this guitar 3 years ago because of the versitility of the pieazo and dual humbuckers. I had 1000 dollars to spend and when I played it through an acoustic amp I was blown away how much it sounded like a real accoustic. The look of it is jaw dropping, and the neck/bridge feel absolutely great, as good as anything else I have played. The bad news is the humbuckers to me suck they were always muddy no matter what I did. Last week I put in true seymour duncan pickups, a set of sh-6 bridge and neck. I installed them myself and contrary to another reviewer here its pretty simple. All you do is simply cut the wiring from the originals and sader in the new ones. The wires are the exact same colors as any seymor passive pickups you can buy. it took me two hours and the improvement was HUGE. I couldn't believe it was the same guitar. Why schecter skimped on pickups is beyond me because it now sounds absolutely amazing. So now with great action, looks, acoustic sound and wonderfully sweet pickups, this guitar is hard to beat. Now blending the hum's with the piazo is mind blowing and through an acoustic amp and my line6 212 bogner designed tube amp the posibilitys are absolutely endless thanks to two dedicated outputs. although u can blend through one which is great 2. So in closing buy this guitar, get yourself your flavor of pickups and enjoy an amazing experience.

    (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


    what a let down

    By stratjunkie

    from Bellevue, MI

    See all my reviews

    I've been playing for 35 years, and have owned and played nearly every guitar you can think of.I first saw this guitar on the this website, and the versatility offered by the electronic combination seemed to fit my need, so I ordered it and had to wait two and a half months to get it. I followed the advice of others who had the guitar and ordered a different case than the one schecter makes for it. when I took it out of the box, although cosmetically good, something about it looked inferior, and holding it, well, it felt inferior, the frets are huge, the action leaves some to be desired, the input jack shorts out at the slightest bit of pressure against it, the pickups,have a very unbalanced sound, the piezo bridge is a nice addition, but, really requires a processor to enhance the acoustic sound quality. I have been debating whether or not to return it, because the product I got, was just not worth the hype or the wait. But then, you always get what you pay for, don't you? this guitar is just a typical guitar. Nice, but, cheap


    Schecter C-1 Semi-hollow electric guitar (w/piezo

    By Anonymous

    from Undisclosed

    This is one cool guitar. Don't be fooled by the price, this guitar in many respects, can be compared to the PRS, Gibson, Fender. Workmanship wise, it is every bit as good as the BIG brands and the parts are really of good quality. At first, I was thinking this would be a good guitar to do alot of frankenstein-type of mods to but when I saw the quality that went into the instrument, I was very apprehensive to even think about doing modifications. I pessimistically expected to find a control panel backplate (as would some cheaper guitars (like the ES-333)) but I was really surprised there was none! The construction IMO is very similar a ES-335(less the maple center block). As far as the maple center block goes, there maybe less sustain but the overall body wood thickness appears to be thicker than the counterpart which would hopefully helps makeup any compromises in sustain due to the lack of a maple center block. The contoured top is nice (quilted maple), the binding is neat, the finish is clean, fretwork is good, the neck feels good. Definitely, some real pluses. I've seen a few of the Schecters and I am surprised how consistent they are. Reminds me of the first Ibanez guitars during the "copy as close to the original" days. IMO, there seems to be more inconsistencies with the other BIG brands. One thing to note though is that this is an instrument with its own niche...it's own unique sound. If you want a Tele, Strat, or Les Paul then get it but if you want something that's sort of like a "ES" or "PRS Hollowbody", this could be a good and cheaper alternative.Any cons...well, if I would want anything else in the instrument, I think a coil-tap switch (or push-pull pot) would yield more pickup tonal options, a more versatile eq and easier to access piezo mixer trim pot (under the bridge pickup) and maybe a bit better magnetic pickups (IMO even though the pickups are labeled "Duncan Designed" they don't seem to possess the characteristics of the classic Duncan pickups. I will probably be changing the pickups (Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB would have been nice) and a 500K DPDT tone pot for coil split.Overall, the tones are good: clean sound (jazz sound is quite deep and full) and a meaty funk tone..still I just wish there was more top end complexity with the magnetic pickups; they tend to sound a bit dark and muddy. The overdrive tones are okay but again I think that a pickup upgrade would really boost the responsiveness of the instrument. Acoustic wise, it is a substitute for an acoustic guitar but definitely not a replacement for an acoustic. To me, this instrument probably would be great for someone who plays soft to medium volume venues where an acoustic simulation is adequate and player can really take advantage of the semi-hollow resonance where a regular solidbody electric would sound lifeless.


    good show

    By pianoman-lIkSf

    from rigby, idaho

    this is an excellent guitar with a great rich tone and plenty of features, and beautiful craftmanship, as well. one of the best semi-hollow guitars to grace the market with its presence.



    By Ron.

    from Boston, MA

    See all my reviews

    Once you pick it up its hard to put down, when I first received this axe from this site I looked it over as you do with a fine car, my mind told me this had to be treated with tender loving care this is a mighty fine guitar, the sounds that can be obtain are simply amazing, its be played through amps ranging from fender to bad cat, great for jazz to blues, if the body was contoured like the rest of there guitars I give it a ten


    Great Guitar but...

    By UIUCJPo

    from Chicago

    See all my reviews

    Let me start by saying this is a great, beautiful sounding guitar. The acoustic sound is full and rich. It plays wonderful, just like every other schecter, and the quality is A-1. My only issue is with the Duncan Design pickups. They (in my opinion) are fairly muddy sounding. Not a big deal, just switch them out, right? Not on this guitar. There is no access panel. If you want to switch a pickup, you will be working and soldering through the top pickup holes and the f-holes. For a guitar so difficult to modify, I wish they would have had higher quality pickups standard. I actually ended up returning mine because I didn't like the sound, and didn't want to spend the money to have it professionally modified.I have ZERO complaints about the acoustic sound though. That is absolutely gorgeous. A great match with the hollow body.If you don't mind a mellow, sometimes muddy sound, or feel confident in your modification skills, go for it. It really is a wonderful guitar.



    By Storms

    from mahwah , nj

    I just bought this guitar march 5 05, I played it for a good hour in the store and i fell in love with it, everything about it is great, if your looking for a great guitar for a good price this is the one.


    Schecter C-1 e/a

    By Magic

    from Las Vegas, NV

    See all my reviews

    Ask me a question

    This guitar came as I was leaving for work and with only a moments' hesitation I stuck it in my gig bag and played it cold all night. The setup was pretty much Gibson standard (according to Dan Erlewine) and was extremely in tune and fast. I took it home afterward and lowered the action slightly while raising the height of both pickups. The Duncan designed pickups leave a bit to be desired, but I was able to get a nice jazz sound out of the neck pickup. The bridge pickup was unfortunately not hot enough to give me good sustain through my pedal board and I will probably swap out both mag pickups in the future though these are still quite usable. I briefly ran the Ghost through the PA and will do that with the stereo cord all night tonight. It doesn't have the depth that all my Line 6 Variax acoustic models have, but to have an acoustic of any type out of an ax like this is still pretty handy as long as you realize it is "not" an acoustic guitar. The neck is beautiful and the intonation direct from the factory was set perfectly. The body style is very similar to my Jackson Solist without the back cutaways next to the body. It hangs in a beautiful position with great access to the upper register.


    She's a beaut!

    By Anonymous

    from Undisclosed

    I've played it once last month and I've been working my a** off to get the cash! This guitar is INSANELY INSANE!!!! I absolutely love the look. It looks like a Strat, a LesPaul, and a Violin made babbies. The hardware is not only gorgeous but it makes the guitar what it is. The bridge is virtually perfect when you first pick up the guitar, the action is sooo easy, and the neck feels like it was custom made for your hand. The Jumbo Frets are the only downside, they take a little getting used to, but it's nice in a way... it makes the guitar feel like an acoustic. The Piezo sound is sooo thick and the Ducan Design humbuckers can crank out thick throaty blues and also slam some fast-flying high-end finger-tapping solos like no other guitar. MY ORDER IS IN!

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