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Product 519633

Squier Strat Electric Guitar Pak   

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Convenience and value is the name of the game with the Squier Strat Electric Guitar Pak all-inclusive package. Get into the rock region with this awe...Read More

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An upgraded Squier Strat with a powerful amp!

Convenience and value is the name of the game with the Squier Strat Electric Guitar Pak all-inclusive package. Get into the rock region with this awesome starter package. Includes a Squier Affinity Series Strat with rosewood fingerboard, padded gig bag, Fender Frontman 15G amp (15 watts of great Fender tone, 2 channels including normal and drive, a headphone jack, and an auxiliary input for CD, tape, or drum machine), The Fender Guitar Method book, chromatic tuner, strap, cable, a set of strings, and picks.

Here are your one-stop rockin' requirements. Order today!


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Most Liked Positive Review


Squier Strat Pack

Well let's see ....... at 59 I am re-starting my love of playing the electric guitar. Being a former Fender Strat Man (the Buddy Holly 1957 Stratocaster Vintage Sunburst w/maple...Read complete review

Well let's see ....... at 59 I am re-starting my love of playing the electric guitar. Being a former Fender Strat Man (the Buddy Holly 1957 Stratocaster Vintage Sunburst w/maple fretboard model) and a teenage rock band jammer, I had no idea what was out there today whe I started checking. So I did alot of investigating before deciding on trying one of the Strat Packs. I read all the reviews (both here and elsewhere), visited probably 2 dozen sites, and finally settled on Musician's Friend. Why, price and professional attitude.Now, about the Pack. Folks, if you want to have a piece that IS Fender history featuring a quality guitar, some nice accessories, and a good basic amp, GET THIS PACK.As to the Strat .... how anyone could downgrade the Strat in this package is a puzzle to me. Tight construction, strings sitting exactly where the original Strats had them (low to the fretboard), 5 positions to choose from on 3 decent pickups, an OUTSTANDING FINISH, and 25-40% lighter weight than a Standard Strat. Action is quick and smoothe. And the more you slide and bend, the better she loves it. Whe I can play the intro to Chuck Berry's CAROL, and get the same Fender sound that Keith Richards gets, I'm satisfied. I also plugged the Strat into my Peavey Nashville 112 amp, and the sound was definitely awesome.The Fender 15G amp, IF SET CORRECTLY, performs very well. The Drive Select can deliver a ton of power, and can be distorted badly if overdriven from the Stat + amp settings. It has amazing power, more than I would expect from 15 watts.The Accessories include a strap that, if you convert to the Dunlop Deluxe Strap Lock System, will work well. The tuner is not a high end model, but it can do the job. After trying it, I checked across the fretboard (5,5,5,4,5), and it was in tune. I then checked it against my Boss TU-15 that I use on my 1952 Fender Triple Neck Eight String Steel Guitar, and again, right on tune. The headphones are definitely useable, but not for overdriven distortion. I personally do not use the gearshift on my Strat, but it is there along with extra strings, allen wrench, repair kit, etc. The book from Fender also gives the beginner a good instruction.As to problems ..... I have read in other reviews about hum thru the amp. It is a ground or cable problem, along with possible pickup distortion. If the guitar is set correctly for volume and tone, along with corrrect pickup setting, then YOU CAN CONTROL THE AMP OUTPUT. Complaints on frets buzzing is solely due to the player. I checked every fred insert, and they all are correct. The amp will handle the guitar for normal playing. If a player wants heavy metal and perfect distortion, they need to go up into a more expensive and controlled amp. This pack is a great starter; put this Strat on an expensive amp, and you have a sweet combination.So if you do your homework on checking, you will find that Fender is directing traffic on the Squier production, AND THEY ARE NOT CHEAPING OUT ON THE GUITAR OR AMP. You are getting Fender Quality in the Strat, and a great starter Pack for a low price!I am just surprised that Fender can give a Strat that this nice.


Most Liked Negative Review


A Total piece of ****

Like many guitar players, this was my first electric guitar. For a while when I was just a wee little guitar noob, I thought the guitar was a pretty good piece of equipment....Read complete review

Like many guitar players, this was my first electric guitar. For a while when I was just a wee little guitar noob, I thought the guitar was a pretty good piece of equipment. But as I played on, I realized it's not very good at at. For example, I really like to do string bends and whammy bar stuff. Every time I did any sized bend or whammy anything (on the g string especialy) it would go way out of tune. Also, the pick-ups are really cheap with a sound to match. With this guitar, you can forget about good harmonics. Lastly about the guitar, the out-put jack got all lose and jiggly. I still get sound, but it always feels like it's gonna fall out.As for the sucks. The volume control is way off, when you get to like 2, it get louder than it should. The distortion sounds terrible, EQ totally sucks and is almost useless. Right now I just use this amp as a speaker, sisce the only good feature is that it has auxillery jacks to plug in something.Even the accessories suck. The gig bag is cheap and doesn't provide much protection and it doesn't have any way of sercuring the guitar. The strap is made nylon or somthing and is really uncomfortable after a while. The cable is too short and for it got bent at the prong and stopped working. Then there is the tuner. It only tunes standard tuning. so can forget about alternate tunings. Also, all the strings broke in like a week. And the picks didn't last long either.In conclusion, never buy the Strat Pak. It's a totally waste of money and if you are really sirious about learning guitar, for the love of science just save your money and get some desent equiqment.

Reviewed by 405 customers

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Great Beginner Pack

By BqIUm-Xoc

from Kansas, USA

This was my very first guitar. Up until recently, I hadn't played it very often because of the hum. However, since shielding it, the problem vanished and I play quite often. My only real problem with it is the tremolo throws the strings way out of tune, but being that I never use tremolo, it wasn't a big deal.The amp will start to buzz after a while, but if you're a beginner, its not that big a deal. The tuner isn't quite right, but its close enough that if you're just practicing alone, it won't be a big deal.All and all, pretty good for a beginner and a great deal.

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Awsome Guitar

By ilovemysquier333

from west palm beach, FL

This is also my first guitar it sounds amazing in quality and clarity. My buddy and I always play together and he has a Fender highway 1 HSS Stratocaster. Neither of us can tell the difference between the sounds. If anything the squire sounds better. So if you?re a beginner this is the rock out guitar for you!!!

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Really good value, really bad guitar

By Randal F.

from Ontario

I got this as my first guitar. I got it three years ago but have to say I was really excited with getting it. Unfortunatly, looking back I wish I had saved up more and gotten a better guitar. Don't get me wrong when you first start out don't spend $2000 on a guitar. Honestly though go for one of Epiphone starter guitars like the Special II. The guitar it's self, the Squier Affinity Strat, wasn't put together well. I have had various problems with the input jack the bridge and the pick ups. First of all my input jack fell out. I had to get it fixed becasue the screws didn't grip the wood. The pick ups are terrible. The neck, mid, and bridge posistions make a loud buzz no matter what volume you play at. The neck-mid and mid-bridge seem to be fine for buzzing but it really does limit your sound. All the accesories broke for me including the headphones and strap. The cheap leather on the strap seemed to be to thin. The Frontman 15G amp is not terrible. I can get by playing with it but it really isn't loud. I was just playing with some friends and it hard to hear if you have a two guitar band. Mabye because it's only 15 watts. The guitar's finish looks kind of cheap but it is durable. Overall I'd say that this is great for beginners but play a few models first. If you like a Les Paul get the Special II don't get this just because you saw it for sale at you local guitar store. All in all good value though for a guitar amp and alot of accesories.

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Pretty Nice Starting Guitar

I bought this guitar after my first (just a normal acoustic, nothing exciting) and I loved it. The thing is tough! The first day I got it, my brother dropped it onto a cement floor. I thought I was going to cry, but it turned out that there wasn't a chip or scratch! The patch cord was a disappointment though, I'd recommend buying a new one altogether. The Fender cord broke the first week I got it, so I complained to the store I bought it from, got a new one and that one broke as well. I switched to a Yorkville and I think that it even improved the sound quality. I've only had one other problem, which would be a wiring problem, but that's an easy quick fix. Anybody could fix it. The guitar is light and easy to carry and is pretty comfortable to play. It's also very easy to get your fingers around the frets, so it's an awesome solo guitar.Overall I'd just recommend this pack to anyone starting out, it's just overall great.

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Awsome value

By RR63

from Tennessee

This thing is the bomb. I've had it for a year and a half... and lemme tell you it rocks. The Amp has true fender power, but it won't last forever. Its indeed a sweet amp while it lasts tho. The guitar is nice looking. The wide headstock is attractive. It sounds best on the fourth pickup position (use the bridge and middle pickups) with the tone knobs both on 10. The book is... well... a book. It's not much good. The tuner is cheap, but effective. Mine still works great. The strap is crap, but that's how they normally are. just buy a new one. The Cable is decent, it will need replacing eventually, but mine still works to this day. Overall the thing rocks. It's good for everything from classic metal to psychedellic to hard rock to alternative. The amp is warm, the accessories are good for the money, and the guitar has true fender quality... ask clapton, hendrix, or cobain if you want to know about that. Buy this thing and rock today.

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This giutar package rocks!!

By Schecter6661

from Tulsa, OK

OK, I've had this package for 3yrs it rocks. The only problem that will get you a little ticked off is the tuner. My tuner quit working in 3 months after I bought the package. I got my guitar in red, but I strongly recommend a hardshell case to protect this awsome guitar. Your guitar may get a little beat up if you keep it in the gig bag provided.

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perfect guitar

By Gransome

from Clay City, IN

Im 15 i bought this guitar a year ago and havnt had any problems with it, the amps great if your just playin at home. The strings are horrible, I had to restring it the night i got it, then that set broke 5 min after i got them on! Just buy an Ernie Ball set and its all good. I couldnt belive it but the wammy bar is incredibly good, it never goes out of tune! my headphones havnt broke yet, im listenin to some jim morrison with them right now. The STRAP! be careful, if it wasnt for my jedi reflexes my guitar would have broke the day i got it. oh well i love the guitar it sounds great, no different from the fender strat. Just throw the book away when you get it, its no use. The tuners works pretty good, press the on button 3 times for guitar, it took me forever to figure that out... anyways its an awesome buy for all types of music AWESOME GUITAR

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First Guitar!

By S, Qin

from Columbia, MO

Well, I have to say that this guitar cannot be ignored as the first guitar of many musicians' career. After owning this pak for a year and 4 months, I've made many pickup and action adjustments, sometime unnecessary but... Being a violinist for almost a decade (I'm almost 14 ^_^), I self-taught myself at guitar and could be said as fast learner, while I still find extra things here and there that I thought impossible for a beginner guitar. Overall, this is a beginner's guitar and don't really expect magic from it; however, music from Led to Green Day to JerryC can be beautifully played.

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The most reliable

By K-Sals

from Greenfield, MA

The best package you'll ever get and always use! i got this when i started playing guitar 5 years ago. i now have other guitars, a jackson and an epiphone. i still find myself playing my strat. its good for experimenting new tunings. i did replace the pickups and wiring with a pre-asembeled pickgaurd from Stewart Macdonald, now it sounds amazing! the amp is also handy to bring around to practice with.

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Pretty good

By Invader Jim

from Corning, AR

I got one of these about 4 years ago. It sounds very good, especially for a budget guitar. The intonation was off and the action was high, but that's pretty much a given with any brand new guitar. I've talked to a lot of people about Squires and most people hate them for one reason or another. I don't know if they are just jumping on the bandwagon, or what, but mine is a very well made guitar, especially considering it's a starter pack. After a while the strap button screws stripped the holes, so I put in two-inch wood screws. I still can't afford a name-brand guitar so I still use this one for gigging, etc. I burned up the amp by plugging in a 200w speaker cab, so I traded the 15G in for a 25R. It rocks. Anyway, this is a pretty good starter set. But it's ONLY a starter set. If you plan to stick with it, you need to upgrade.

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