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Hand Percussion

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  1. Trophy Ratchet Effect
    Trophy Ratchet Effect
  2. LP CP249A Fish Style Guiro
    LP CP249A Fish Style Guiro
  3. Meinl Castanet Machine
    Meinl Castanet Machine
  4. Top Rated
    Timber Drum Company Hickory Slapstick
    Timber Drum Company Hickory Slapstick
  5. LP Session Shaker
    LP Session Shaker
    Starting at $17.99
  6. Meinl Foot Rattle
    Meinl Foot Rattle
  7. LP Plastic 36-Piece Conga Shakers
    LP Plastic 36-Piece Conga Shakers
  8. Top Rated
    Meinl Finger Castanets Pair
    Meinl Finger Castanets Pair
    Starting at $16.99
  9. Toca Hand Painted Maracas
    Toca Hand Painted Maracas
  10. Price Drop
    RhythmTech Studio Shaker
    RhythmTech Studio Shaker
    Starting at $7.95
  11. Top Rated
    Toca Finger Cymbals 2 Pair
    Toca Finger Cymbals 2 Pair
  12. Price Drop
    LP LP452 Multi-Guiro
    LP LP452 Multi-Guiro
  13. LP LP1-8 Large Flex-A-Tone
    LP LP1-8 Large Flex-A-Tone
  14. Top Rated
    LP LP442 One Shot Shakers
    LP LP442 One Shot Shakers
  15. Price Drop
    LP LP441 Soft Shake
    LP LP441 Soft Shake
  16. Top Rated
    LP Guiro Jam Block
    LP Guiro Jam Block
  17. LP Wood Clave
    LP Wood Clave
  18. Nino Wood Egg Shaker
    Nino Wood Egg Shaker
    Starting at $6.99
  19. Nino Frog Guiro
    Nino Frog Guiro
    Starting at $16.90
  20. LP LP234B Large Wood Afuche/Cabasa
  21. Top Rated
    Meinl Classic Wood Claves
    Meinl Classic Wood Claves
  22. Meinl Traditional Hand Castanets
    Meinl Traditional Hand Castanets
  23. LP Fiber Maracas
    LP Fiber Maracas
  24. New
    Trophy Beadbrain Skull Rhythm Shaker
  25. Toca T-2501 Slap Stick
    Toca T-2501 Slap Stick
  26. Toca Bamboo Shakers Set of 3
    Toca Bamboo Shakers Set of 3
  27. Meinl Motion Shaker
    Meinl Motion Shaker
  28. Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals with Knobs
    Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals with Knobs
    Starting at $8.29
  29. Top Rated
    Toca Fiberglass Guiro
    Toca Fiberglass Guiro
  30. LP RAW Series Sound Enhancer Jingle
    LP RAW Series Sound Enhancer Jingle
  31. Meinl Stand Mountable Rainmaker
    Meinl Stand Mountable Rainmaker
  32. Pearl 16 in. Bamboo Rainstick in Hand-Painted Hidden Spirit Finish
  33. Meinl African Hollow-Body Claves
    Meinl African Hollow-Body Claves
  34. Meinl Wood Waterfall Rattle with Handle
  35. Meinl Wah Wah Tube
    Meinl Wah Wah Tube
    Starting at $35.99
  36. LP Hi-Hat Chick-itas
    LP Hi-Hat Chick-itas
  37. Price Drop
    LP LP234 Mini Plastic Afuche/Cabasa
    LP LP234 Mini Plastic Afuche/Cabasa
  38. Meinl Percussion Heel Shaker
    Meinl Percussion Heel Shaker
  39. Meinl Guira Scraper
    Meinl Guira Scraper
    Starting at $6.99
  40. Meinl Rattan Caxixi
    Meinl Rattan Caxixi
    Starting at $11.99
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Thinking about the word "percussion" probably calls to mind some images of drums and cymbals - but the truth is those are only scratching the surface of what percussion can be. It's the oldest family of musical instruments around, which means it's no surprise that it's also one of the most diverse. No category of percussion instruments makes that more obvious than hand percussion: with even a quick look at what this section has to offer, you can easily see as much for yourself. These fun-to-play instruments offer a wide variety of sounds and styles that transcend musical genres and experience levels, so it's easy for anyone to get into the rhythm.

Some of the best-known hand percussion instruments belong to the shaker family, and they have a well-established place in Latin and world music, along with no shortage of cameos in rock and pop. They can be as simple as the Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker or the Toca Hand Painted Maracas, or as intricate as the Meinl Turbo Cabasas, which use a uniquely-designed chamber to ramp up the sound output. Want to add some special effects to your performance? If so, check out some of the best-selling rainmakers, including the Meinl Extra Large Professional Bamboo Rain Stick.

Expanding into other types of handheld percussion opens up the variety even more. You could spice up a recording with the one-of-a-kind sound made by the LP LP243 Super Guiro, or put snappy cymbal clashes at your fingertips (literally) with the Zildjian Finger Cymbal Pair. Take a Latin classic for a spin with the Meinl Finger Castanets Pair, or make the rhythm stand out sharply with the Meinl Classic Wood Claves - all of these represent just a few suggestions, and there's plenty more where those came from!

The bottom line is that hand percussion is one of the most diverse instrument families you'll ever set your eyes (and ears) on, so if you've been looking for a way to inject some flavor into your music, this is the place to start. It's also a great spot for music teachers in need of fun and easy-to-play instruments to help kids learn the basics. No matter how you plan to put hand percussion to use, it's a safe bet that this huge selection will offer the perfect choices to do it.
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