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  1. Suzuki S-48S Sirius 48-Hole Chromatic Straight Harmonica
  2. Suzuki Orchestral & Ensemble Chord Harmonica
  3. Suzuki CHORD56 Harmonica
    Suzuki CHORD56 Harmonica
    Open Box:
  5. SEYDEL Blues 1847 Harmonica Set Silver with Softcase (Set of 5)
  6. SEYDEL Set of 12 - SESSION STEEL Harmonica and Softcase
  7. SEYDEL Harmonica Tool set -Tuning
    SEYDEL Harmonica Tool set -Tuning
    Open Box:
  8. SEYDEL SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic Acrylic
  9. New
    SEYDEL SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic Aluminum
  10. SEYDEL Heatable Harmonica Case
    SEYDEL Heatable Harmonica Case
  11. Lee Oskar World of Jazz Pack - Melody Maker (G), Natural Minor (G) and Major Diatonic (C) with Soft Case
  12. Silver Creek SC50-5PK
    Silver Creek SC50-5PK
  13. Silver Creek Diamondback Harmonica 3 Pack - Keys A, C and G
  14. Hering Harmonicas 2020 Diatonic Blues Harmonica
  15. Hering Harmonicas 8020 Super 20 Diatonic Harmonica
  16. Hohner Bob Dylan Hand-Signed Natural Key 7-Piece Harmonica Set
  17. Hohner 7544/48 Amadeus Chromatic Harmonica
  18. Hohner 267/384 48 Chord Harmonica
    Hohner 267/384 48 Chord Harmonica
  19. Hohner Bob Dylan Hand-Signed Single Key Harmonica - Key of C
  20. Suzuki F-20J 10-Hole Diatonic Harmonica
    Starting at $399.99
  21. Suzuki Gregoire Maret Signature Chromatic Harmonica - Blue Metal Covers
  22. SEYDEL Set of 7 - Blues 1847 Harmonicas NOBLE  and Hardcover Case
  23. SEYDEL Set of 7 - SOLIST PRO Harmonica  and Softcase
  24. Suzuki MANJI Harmonica Major 7th Tuned
    Starting at $64.99
  25. Suzuki Sirius 56-Hole Chromatic Harmonica Cross Alignment
  26. SEYDEL Set of 7 - FAVORITE Harmonicas and Softcase
  27. SEYDEL Soundcheck Vol. 3 - SETUP PACK
  28. Suzuki Orchestral Bass Chord Harmonica
  29. Sale
    Suzuki SBD-29 Orchestral Double Bass Harmonica
    On Sale Now!
 Matching Products
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On a crisp summer day while the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, nothing beats a peaceful and relaxing musical session with your harmonica. For such a small hand-held instrument, the harmonica has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800's. And from the most tranquil back porches to the calmest, breezy green fields, the instrument today can be found in the hands and pockets of music-lovers all over the world.

The harmonica is quite simple and easy to learn. But like any instrument, there are still a few things to consider before purchasing one. If you play in a band and wish to include a harmonica in your groups sound, it's important to remember that harmonicas come in a variety of keys. For example, when you buy a diatonic harmonica, this key cannot be changed. However, chromatic harmonicas with 12 to 16 holes can be tuned to any key. Whatever you decide upon, a well-constructed harmonica that's made with the finest quality materials can be easily found, right here.

Throughout our vast catalog, you'll find an extensive selection of harmonicas ranging in a variety of keys from the world's top brands, including Bushman, Lee Oskar, and many others. For an excellent diatonic harmonica, the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic harmonica is more airtight, easier to bend, and sounds better than most other harps of its kind. Easy to play and consisting of a warm tone, this diatonic harmonica is ideal for jazz clubs and smaller venues. Suzuki is another popular harmonica brand, and the Suzuki S-56S Sirius56-Hole chromatic straight harmonica is a top seller. Combining a dignified design with a superb sound projection, this harmonica will be sure to please players and listeners alike.

Many companies also design remarkably crafted harmonica holders, and the HarpArm Mic Stand harmonica holder is highly recommended to musicians who play other instruments simultaneously with the harmonica, such as the guitar or keyboards. Portable, stable and easy to set up, this holder is a perfect option for live performances and studio recording.

The harmonica may be compact in size, but its unmistakable sound can be used in a wide range of musical genres. From folk and blues to jazz, country and even rock'n'roll, the harmonica is an exceptional instrument for musicians of all ages and playing levels.

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