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Headphones sure have come a long way in the past decade. Whether you're at the office or in your very own home studio, there are now many different styles and options to choose from. As we all know, the perfect set of headphones can make a world of difference when listening to music; but even the most casual music listener can have the ultimate audio experience thanks to AKG Headphones. Offering an even balance of quality and comfort, AKG Headphones provide a wide range of styles and sizes each delivering stellar high, midrange, and low frequencies. AKG Headphones are designed to sustain long periods of listening in any kind of environment, while being lightweight, and superb at blocking outside noises.

AKG Headphones are also available in both on-ear and over-ear options. If you're the kind of music fan who's on the move often, AKG's on-ear headphones are designed specifically for the traveler, delivering AKG's incomparable signature sound while providing unmatched comfort and enjoyment. Or, for an abundance of musical satisfaction, try AKG's over-ear headphones. Providing hours upon hours of rhythmic gratification within an ultra-cozy layout and design, AKG's over-ear headphones are an audiophiles dream!

When choosing the right set of headphones, there are certainly a few questions you should consider first. Are you buying more for sound quality or more for appearance? If you're choosing one over the other, it's certainly easier to narrow down your choices. But if you want a combination of both impeccable sound, long lasting quality and superb comfort, AKG Headphones has the perfect match to suit your own personal style and tastes. For example, if you're looking for recording headphones, take a look at the K271 MKII model which are perfect for live monitoring thanks to their amazingly wide frequency range. On the other hand, the Quincy Jones Signature Series represent a momentous partnership with AKG and one of the most accomplished musicians of the 20th century, making them definitely worth checking out.

Through vigorous research and testing, AKG Headphones have produced a line of headphones that look as good as they sound. Crisp, clear and stylish, AKG Headphones has something for everyone - from the most serious head bangers to the clubs most active DJ's!