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Humidifiers for Fretted Instruments

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Though you may not necessarily think it, the humidity of a room can have a direct impact on the quality of sound your musical instrument produces. Storing your instrument in a room that is excessively dry can cause pitch drift, or even worse, cracking and splintering of its body. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that a musical instrument humidifier is an invaluable addition to any music room in the home or studio. A musical humidifier will do two things, first, it will maintain the level of humidity in the room, but in addition to that, it will raise humidity levels under dry conditions, keeping your instrument safe under the circumstances. Basically, your humidifier is placed in your instrument’s sound hole, underneath the strings. From here the humidifier can release moisture slowly and evenly throughout your instrument.Upon purchasing a musical instrument humidifier, you are also going to want to purchase replacement moisture packs so you are always ready if it is time to make a change. These special packs work in conjunction with your humidifier to keep your instruments sounding their best. Most moisture packs last several months, so having a few extras on hand can have you supplied and keep your instruments happy for well over a year.Keeping your instrument in the proper temperature and a room with the correct humidity can be very difficult. Many of us do not have the time or technical know-how to properly set up this kind of dedicated musical instrument room. A musical instrument humidifier can take the guess work out of storing your instrument. The humidifier will keep the instrument in the proper conditions, so it will sound just as good and be in just as good a condition as you remember the next time you decide to play.