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Aquarian Individual Drum Heads

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Changing your drum heads regularly is essential to the playability and sound quality of your kit. With that in mind, you can bet that a drum and percussion leader like Aquarian constructs individual drum heads that are built to hold up through countless hard-hitting performances. Founded in 1980, Aquarian drum heads have since maintained a reputation that's as strong as the heads themselves. From their incredible depth to their demanding projection, Aquarian has your drum head needs covered.

Before choosing drum heads, it's important to consider your own tastes and preferences. For example, the drum heads in this section come in both single-ply and double-ply designs. For those who prefer to have more sustain in their drum tone, single-ply drum heads are the way to go, and the Classic Clear Snare Bottom Drumhead is one of Aquarian's most popular choices. Ideal for any genre, this one-of-a-kind head has great resonance, and like every Aquarian head, it's very durable. Or, for a single-ply bass head, go with the Super-Kick III. Featuring a power dot in the center for added reinforcement, this coated, medium-weight ebony bass drumhead produces a well-defined punchy sound, and the Safe-T-Loc hoop system prevents slippage inside the hoop, so your head won't go out of tune during a performance.

Now if it's a more focused tone with less sustain that you're looking for, double-ply heads are what you want, and the Super-Kick 10 Bass Drum Head would be a terrific choice. Containing two plies of 10 mil drumhead film to deliver an intense attack, the Super-Kick 10 will impress any percussionist who likes to play their kick with extra force.

As you can see, Aquarian has an individual drum head for every playing style. In fact, Aquarian even constructs a revolutionary three-ply snare head known as the Triple Threat, and it's already making huge waves in both hard-rock and metal scenes due to its impressive strength and staying power. So be sure to take your time and explore every drum head they have to offer; you'll have no problem finding what you're looking for.