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If you’re a professional keyboardist, your job is to provide rich, full sound in your band. If you’re playing at home simply for pleasure, you want a convenient way to practice your tunes. Whatever your musical needs are, a solid, comfortable platform for your keyboard is important vital for proper, long-lasting play. When looking for the perfect keyboard stand or rack, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Everyone is a different height so a stand that adjusts to your individual needs is important. If you stand over 6 feet tall you don’t want to be hunched over for hours on end. Likewise, if you’re petite, it’s important to find a stand that lowers enough for you to see what you’re doing. Customizing is key! Keyboards are heavy so finding a rock-solid stand is a must. A keyboard is a big investment and the last thing you want is for it to crash several feet to the ground. You also need a stand that is wobble-free and won’t slide around as you hit your best notes. Lastly you want to find a stand that sets up and breaks down quickly and folds flat for easy storage. If you’re a seasoned traveler on a tight tour deadline, that last thing you need is an uncooperative stand that pinches your fingers and causes unnecessary frustrations. When not in use, you may want the convenience of sliding the stand under a bed, on a shelf or in the back of a van. There are numerous outstanding keyboard stands to consider. The On-Stage Stands Pro Platform Stand has a sturdy 230-lb. capacity and adjusts from 26” to 43” to suit virtually anyone’s individual height. Welded metal construction and folding legs provide all the strength and convenience you could ask for. If you prefer an “X” shaped design, go for the On-stage Stands Deluxe Keyboard X Stand. A simple squeeze feature adjusts the height effortlessly from 27” to 39” and is ideal for medium size keyboards. Whether you’re playing for a crowd of thousands or an audience of one, you need a keyboard rack that has it all- convenience, strength, portability and ease of use. From the basement to the stage and everywhere in between, a great keyboard stand will make performing that much more enjoyable.