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Looper & Sampler Effects Pedals

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The abilities of a loop or sampler pedal do not have any instrument restrictions. Bass, bongos, guitars, you name it, can all benefit from the incorporation of a loop pedal. The ability to record and then play a sound repeatedly opens up the musician to many prospects. What once was only possible in the studio, can now happen on live on stage. Loop and sampler pedals have become extremely popular with solo artists as it gives them the freedom to create a full sound without the need for a full band. Some musicians bring a bongo, their guitar and a few percussion instruments and showcase just how many instruments they can incorporate into their overall sound. Creative limits simply do not exist. The internal memory of these pedals houses the actual data needed to be played back to the musician. These cards can range in size but are almost always perfectly fine for a live performance. When you have completed a song, you erase and start into your next number with the tap of your toe. An included pedal on most units allows you to seamlessly hit record, stop and then play again so you don't lose concentration on the task at hand. It's as easy to use as any conventional pedal and allows you to quickly erase should you not feel your recording to be satisfactory. Some units like the cutting edge BOSS RC-300 loop station or the Vox dynamic looper pedal even include an array of effects options you would normally have to purchase separately such as pitch modulators and a flanger. The gives you free reign to easily add effects to your instrument or even your vocals. The multiple inputs most units have, allow you to plug in your vocals, main instrument and even another mic for some percussion. Once you get each track going, you can layer them and create a full sound all on your own. If someone was listening in, they'd think you had band practice. Technology has changed the way we view creating music. It's a much more complex and vast world of possibilities. A loop or sampler pedal gives you the opportunity to create something brilliant and put it out there with relative ease.