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  1. 24% In Rewards
    Musician's Gear MY410 Studio Microphone Shockmount
  2. 24% In Rewards
    Musician's Gear Studio Microphone Shock Mount
  3. Neumann EA 4 Shockmount
    Neumann EA 4 Shockmount
    Open Box:
  4. Aston Microphones Aston Rycote Universal Studio Mount
  5. Top Rated
    Audix SMT-25 Pencil Condenser Shockmount
    Audix SMT-25 Pencil Condenser Shockmount
  6. Rode Microphones SMR Premium Shock Mount with Rycote Onboard
  7. Aston Microphones Rycote Custom
    Aston Microphones Rycote Custom
    Open Box:
  8. Sennheiser MKS 4 Shockmount for MK 4
    Sennheiser MKS 4 Shockmount for MK 4
  9. Rode Microphones Shockmount for NTK/NT1000/Classic II/NTV
  10. BLUE Radius II Shockmount for Yeti/Yeti Pro Microphone
  11. Sterling Audio Sterling SM5 Shock Mount
  12. Shure A53M Isolation Mount/Swivel Adapter
    Open Box:
  13. 24% In Rewards
    Sterling Audio STSM7 Shock Mount for ST77 & ST79 Mics
  14. Sterling Audio SM8 Shockmount
    Sterling Audio SM8 Shockmount
  15. Aston Microphones Starlight Rycote Shock Mount
  16. Audio-Technica AT8410A Shock Mount
    Open Box:
  17. 24% In Rewards
    Musician's Gear Symmetrical Studio Microphone Shock Mount
  18. Avantone SSM Professional Shockmount for Pencil Microphones
  19. New
    ADK Microphones E-Super Mount
    ADK Microphones E-Super Mount
  20. Top Rated
    Heil Sound Replacement Band for the Heil SM-2
  21. 24% In Rewards
    Sterling Audio STSM3 Shockmount for ST31/ST33/ST44
  22. New
    On-Stage Stands Studio Microphone Shock Mount
  23. Heil Sound Replacement Band for the Heil SM-1
  24. DynaMount X1-R Robotic Microphone Mount
  25. DynaMount X1 Robotic Microphone Mount
  26. BLUE Ringer Universal Shockmount
    BLUE Ringer Universal Shockmount
  27. Price Drop
    BLUE Series Two Shockmount for Blueberry Microphones
  28. Royer RSM-SS1 Sling-Shock Microphone Shock Mount
  29. Rode Microphones PG1 Mount
    Rode Microphones PG1 Mount
  30. Neumann EA1 Elastic Suspension Microphone Mount
  31. Sabra Som Universal Microphone Shockmount with Pop Filter
  32. Sabra Som SSM-1 Universal Shock Mount for Microphones
  33. Royer RSM-SS251 Sling-Shock Suspension Shockmount
  34. Rode Microphones SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount
  35. New
    ADK Microphones S-Super Mount
    ADK Microphones S-Super Mount
  36. DynaMount VR-1 Robotic Microphone Mount
  37. Price Drop
    DynaMount Robotic Microphone Mount
  38. Audio-Technica AT8484 Shockmount for BP40
  39. Price Drop
    Royer RSM-SS24 Sling-Shock
    Royer RSM-SS24 Sling-Shock
 Matching Products

Modern studio and stage microphones are sophisticated and sensitive. That's what makes them so powerful—but it also means protecting them from shocks, vibrations and other interference if you want to get the best possible performance and sound quality. One of the tools you can use to protect your microphones is a shockmount. The idea behind the microphone shockmount is simple enough: separate the microphone mechanically from its stand and you eliminate unwanted vibrations that would otherwise travel up from the floor and affect the sound pickup. Most shockmounts do this by suspending the microphone on elastic cords, but there are other varieties available as well. The classic-style shockmount is ideal for your ribbon or condenser studio microphones. Other shockmount styles, such as a sling mount or a rubber isolation mount with no elastic bands, may be a better choice for on-stage use, especially if you like to take your microphone off of its stand during a performance. Certain types of microphones, like shotgun mics, work best with a specialty shockmount that's designed to fit their specific shapes. On the stage, a shockmount helps to keep the vibrations of the drums and bass amp from contributing noise to the mic. The shockmount is also a must-have in the studio, where something as simple as footsteps walking down the hall or a truck driving by outside can cause vibrations to creep into your microphone stand. With your mic isolated from these disturbances, your low-end frequencies will stay as clean as you intend them to be. To sound the best that you can, it's important to keep your microphones protected from interference and vibration. Shockmounts are one important part of getting there. Paired with a good pop filter, a shockmount is one half of a team that lets the microphone deliver its highest level of performance.

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