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Product 241107

TASCAM DP-01FX Digital 8-Track Portastudio  

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The TASCAM DP-01FX Digital 8-Track Portastudio features a one-knob-per-function design that has made TASCAM cassette Portastudios the choice of thous...Read More

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8-track digital recording even working musicians can afford.

The TASCAM DP-01FX Digital 8-Track Portastudio features a one-knob-per-function design that has made TASCAM cassette Portastudios the choice of thousands of musicians. It shatters the confusing page-shift-menu interface found in most other digital recorders. The DP-01FX has 2 - 1/4 " TRS mic/line inputs, 2 phantom-powered XLR microphone inputs for connecting condenser mics, plus a guitar-level input. Its 8 tracks record at uncompressed CD quality to an internal 40GB hard drive, and a stereo master track is available for recording a mix. Each channel has a 45mm volume fader, plus dedicated controls for pan, effects send, high EQ, and low EQ. An LCD display shows meters, editing settings, and locate points. It has a USB 2.0 jack for file backup and transferring mixes to a computer. There are analog RCA line outputs, a headphone out and S/PDIF line output. The DP-01FX also has a multieffects processor for adding effects to an instrument during recording and a reverb processor for adding effects during a mix.

  • 8-track recording at uncompressed CD quality into a built-in 40GB hard drive
  • 2-track simultaneous recording
  • Dedicated stereo mixdown track
  • Dedicated controls on each channel for volume, pan, EFX send, EQ high and EQ low
  • 2-band semi-parametric EQ per track
  • 2 - 1/4 " TRS mic/line inputs
  • 2 phantom-powered XLR microphone inputs
  • Guitar level input
  • Built-in reverb processor
  • Built-in insert effects processor
  • Effects send and stereo return
  • RCA line output
  • S/PDIF digital optical output
  • Headphone output with level control
  • MIDI Timecode output
  • USB 2.0 port for computer backup

The DP-O1FX makes a digital recording accessible to everyone. Order yours today and start capturing your musical ideas.


DP-01FX Digital 8-Track Portastudio

  • Dimensions: 17.8"W x 12.1"D x 4.3"H
  • Weight: 9lbs

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great home recordings!

I got this for christmas a couple months ago and I have been really happy with it. The sound straight in is horrible so you should use with a pre-amp or mixer with built...Read complete review

I got this for christmas a couple months ago and I have been really happy with it. The sound straight in is horrible so you should use with a pre-amp or mixer with built in pre-amps.(I use the Behringer Ub1202)You can make great multitrack recordings or live. For multitrack, you can recording drums in stereo by switching the inputs to stereo and using the outputs of a mixer. For guitars and vocals I reccomened also going through a mixer or pre-amp. The thing that occured to me after I had it for awhile is that you can export single tracks! This means you can record as much as you want and then export the tracks and do all the editing through a proper program. This is a huge help. I must mention that Auto Punch recording is an awesome feature. First you can rehearse the part and then you can recording. It will start a 2 seconds before the part and you can have it automatically start recording percisely when you want. This way you can recording different parts of the song on one track and not have to worry about nailing all the parts in one take, just take it part by part. For live, I just use the stereo outputs of my mixer and into the unit in stereo mode, with mics on all amps, DI box from bass amp, 3 mics on drums (snare, bass, overhead) and 2 mics on vocals. The recordings I've done live have turned out amazing. I have a ShureSM58, 3 Behringer mics which I got for $50, the lowest end Behringer condenser and a couple SM58 rip off mics branded Sonic. With even just the condenser as a room mic you can make good live recordings. I highly reccomend this unit for any body on a budget. The only feature I wish it had is an input for each track, but a couple years down the road something like a PreSonus FIREPOD will do that trick. Even for people not fooling around this unit is amazing. It's a compact little package, you can capture song ideas at ease with only a pair of headphones, guitar amp, guitar a pre-amp or mixer, a microphone and your mind. However, Tascam would sell many more of these units if advertising the fact that you can export single tracks!!!


Most Liked Negative Review


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It?s amazing how far multi-track recorders have come in the past 20 years. Unfortunately, improved technology seems to come and in hand with poor quality control and practically non-existent product support. The...Read complete review

It?s amazing how far multi-track recorders have come in the past 20 years. Unfortunately, improved technology seems to come and in hand with poor quality control and practically non-existent product support. The bottom line for me with this machine is....was it worth it? First, the good. Incredible ease of use?fairly intuitive, excellent effects. For the non-professional musician making home CD?s or demo?s, it is hard to beat a machine of this type. I was even impressed with the overall digital sound quality, being an old-world analog guy.The bad. The machine has a couple glitches. Sometimes when you set an effect. It sounds like it?s on while you are recording, but when you play it back it?s dry. The way around this is to un-arm and re-arm the track and/or to un-assign-re-assign the effect. I have read other DP-01FX?s have the same issue. Not a show stopper but a pain in the butt. The assign A nd B lights are both always on, which makes no sense but again....just ignore it.The Ugly. After 14 months, my machine locked up in the boot-up phase. This machine was never moved or abused in any way. Out of warranty of course. I removed the hard drive and found the ?song? partitions were no longer visible...all data lost. I did back up a few songs but not most (yes, this was my fault) but that is another tedious process...certainly more than plugging in a USB connection to your PC. Good luck with Tascam ?customer support?. The hard drive appears to be replaceable at least.Bottom line...a nice machine for the money but with the typical life expectancy of all the other electronic garbage out there. I still have my Fostex cassette 4-track from 20 years ago, and even though it?s on it?s last leg...it runs! Next time I would try another Fostex or maybe a Korg.

Reviewed by 44 customers

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By Tater-rzR0u

from Albuquerque NM

I like it. First the bad news, I was disappointed that it had no pitch control. My old tape one did and I got used to fidgeting with the key on there. I'm a baritone so I need help finding where it?s ?singable? to me. I bought the TASCAM DP-01FX and didn?t even think to look if it had that feature. It doesn?t. But I?ll keep it anyway and transpose the old fashioned way.I also don?t like the LED display with no back lighting. I bought a little book light and have it clipped to the back so I can see the read out.The good news is it sounds great. I make demos on it and it does a great job for that.I?m going to keep it.

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


This is a good machine

By Blivit

from Georgia

I have been using this machine for about a year and have produced 4 CDs and 2 radio commercials. I sometimes use a 16 channel mixer ahead of this machine which may seem odd to some people. I will agree with other reviewers. This machine is only as good as the person and ears using it. People have been totally amazed with my recordings and assume they were done in a big studio. To be fair I output the master optically to an external CD burner, Also have made Wav files on a computer and compressed to mp3 format for emailing. Be careful here! Otherwise for the price this machine is hard to beat. I understand the DP-02FX is slightly better. I'll keep this baby till it dies and it doesn't appear like it will.

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Meets My Needs


from Surprise, AZ

I've had this product for 2 1/2 years, Once i learned the basics, then i was on my way! I really like how simple the manual is, 2 weeks i was good on everything. The sound quality is good enough for me, It's all about what kind of music you put into this product! Best money i've spent on any tascam product.

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By Jellybean-xmmVF

from Florida

Much bigger than I thought. It will be a while before I can patch down everything this thing can do, but the simple recording was done the first day. I'm glad I didn't save more money to get an expensive one because it would have been to difficult. This is more than enough for a first time recorder and plenty for an experienced recorder to set ideas on.

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great for home demos

I've had this unit for about 3 years and love it. I write songs and the DP01 is great for capturing your ideas and fleshing them out into arrangements. I used AT2020 and 2021 condenser mics run through a preSonus mic preamp, which boosts the warmth of the recording. The unit is easy to use and intuitive. Editing is easy as well. Highly recommended.

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not bad

By jdrums

from AZ

i've had this unit for a little over a year now, it is very easy to use...as far as the effects go, i never ever use any of the guitar effects bc they don't provide a loud enough signal and sound very muddy most of the time. i rarely use the bass effects as well, the drum and vocal effects are pretty useful though, as well as some of the acoustic guitar effects. this machine will not give you studio quality sound because you probably don't have studio quality musicians and studio quality instruments, as well as all of the pro audio tools that come with a production like that. however, with just a mixer a 16 band eq and several above average microphones im able to record some pretty good demos.

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Great deal, nice features

By ThatGuyJohn

from San Francisco Bay Area, California

I am very happy with this unit, very easy to use. I had to keep the owner's manual close at hand for the first couple of days, but after that I was breezing through it solo. Great piece for a solo artist's home studio.I don't get a lot of people's harsh criticisms about this unit. I guess if you are used to having a multi-million dollar recording studio in your basement then this piece would seem inadequate. But for the rest of us struggling artists, it's a lot of bang for your bucks.

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Great for the Price!

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

This is a great recorder for the price. I've had it for about 3 years. Before this I used a tascam cassette tape 4 track. This model is a nice transition to digital.The only thing bad I can say is that the play button kind of wore out recently; it takes a little love to get it to play or record.

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Terrific for the home studio

By j eastman

from Lakeville, MN

My first multitrack recorder was a Fostex cassette based recorder back in the early 90's. I loved it - used it nearly daily to work out arrangements or learn new songs. When it finally quit working, I was a little heartbroken.At that time, someone had turned me on to multitracking software - which was a suitable solution, until I started upgrading. I found that certain programs wouldn't work with certain operating systems, conflicts with various attached devices would cause recording errors. I felt like I spent more time troubleshooting my system than actually recording.After much research, I settled on this unit. As a solo artist this is an excellent machine - I mostly record acoustic arrangements, with some electric guitar and drums. Although I've used this for a week, I couldn't be happier with the results...far superior to my old cassette unit, and much easier to use than software. The sound is much better than I hoped for...and the menus are easy to navigate.The guitar effects are OK, but not great. I don't expect I'd use them at all...the sound I get when I mic my amp is far better. The vocal and drum effects, on the other hand are more useful. Overall, I expect I should be able to make very high quality demos.You can only record two tracks at a time, but as a solo artist, that's not such a big deal. For bigger arrangements, such as with my band, I have a 14 channel Mackie mixer that I run into the unit that allows me greater flexibility, and also solves some of the probems some have complained about regarding the sound the get when they use the inputs provided on the DP-01FX.The unit is easy to learn how to use, and the user's guide is written so that my 11 year old can figure it out. I had no trouble recording, mixing and mastering...following the instructions in the guide, I was able to successfully transfer the final mixdown of my music to the computer without any hangups.Overall, I'm very satisfied with this unit.

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Makes me want more

By Switchfreak5193

from Tulare, CA

This is an amazing recorder to get if you're on a tight budget and don't wanna spend any more than you have to. Yes, that excludes media cards. A smart trick I belive Tascam is applying here is making a ridiculously easy menu system and mixdown controls more expensive, where you'd think that cheap little knobs would be LESS expensive than digital ones. This being said, aside from that, this machine is a dream. I was disappointed at was sound quality. It didn't seem as crystal clear as I would want, but then again, you can always buy a rack processer for that. Effects in general were simply great, but always put the volume up-recording volume is limited, but not drastically. However, I was very disappointed in the bass effects. The reverb processer is great-my only gripe is that you can't choose different "flavors" (as they call it) on different tracks, but that's also minor. The menus are very simple, you won't get any more than 3 pages to back through to get to where you want. Like others, if you are brand new to any type of recording, there will be a bit of learning curve or so. In fact, within the first 2 days of using it, you may hate its guts, but after a week or so, it's so easy you can commit it to memory and do the entire thing without the manual at your side. Mixing and bouncing is a breeze, EQing and Panning is easier than I ever dreamed. Now for the surprise on just how easy it is-I am 14 years old, and it's automatic for me, without any recording expirience whatsoever.Bottom line-Great Effects, Simple Controls, Rugged Quality, And a decent value gives new recordists start to dream.

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