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In the 1970s a Tascam 8 track reel-to reel tape machine cost around $3,500 & it wasn't until TEAC introduced the Portastudio 144 in 1979 that relatively affordable multitrack recorders were available. The Portastudio was not exactly portable – it was 15" by 18" – but it did enable musicians to record and mix songs at home. Bruce Springsteen famously recorded his album "Nebraska" on a Portastudio 144. These days you don't need a huge table top or a few thousand dollars in order to start multi-tracking. The TASCAM DP-006 is less than $200, has built in microphones and is the size of a paperback book. In addition, we have a bunch of other multitrack recorders from brands such as Fostex, Zoom and Boss. As with everything we sell, all our Multitrack Recorders are supported by our price & satisfaction guarantees and free standard shipping applies to all orders except heavy items.