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The oboe, with its distinctively penetrating timbre and tone, is a captivating instrument that is sure to impress any musically inclined audience. Equal parts challenging and rewarding, the oboe is a fantastic instrument to try your hand at. That said, it is important that you research your instrument before making a purchase so you know it’s right for you. The oboe is a double reed instrument, meaning its reed features two pieces of cane that vibrate against one another when a musician blows into them, helping to produce the desired sound. The characteristically unique tone the oboe produces helps it to easily stand out when played as part of an ensemble. The most important thing to note when you’re purchasing an oboe in the material used to construct it. The materials can have a definite impact on quality of sound, as well as longevity. If you are a novice or purchasing an oboe for a younger player, it may be wise to invest in an instrument that is made of plastic. A plastic oboe will be very durable and able to withstand the rigors an inexperienced player will put it through. On the other hand, if you are an advanced player, it might be worth your while to invest in an oboe made of wood. A wooden oboe offers a truer representation of the instrument’s sound and a generally warmer tone overall. However, wooden oboes do require additional upkeep to keep in proper condition. It is important that you know how to care for your wooden oboe before making a purchase, so that it is always ready to play. The oboe is a special kind of instrument, one that you will be happy to explore over time. With a captivating sound and design, it is an instrument that can add plenty of character to any arrangement. Whether you’re new to the instrument or looking to finally make an upgrade, an oboe will be a wise investment in your collection of musical instruments


Oboes Starting at: $1798