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No matter what you use your PA system for, from speech on an event stage to recorded or live music in a club, getting the best sound quality depends on the functional parts of your cabinets, including woofers, mid-range speakers and compression drivers. For replacement or customization, there are plenty of these PA speaker parts to choose from. Woofers and mid-range cone speakers are arguably the most important drivers in your PA system cabinets, since they cover all but the highest highs of the speaker's output. First and foremost on your mind when choosing these speakers should be the power level of the amplifier they'll be plugged into. A speaker rated lower than the actual power it's getting will be a blown speaker before long, so make sure to pick drivers that can handle your system. Most woofers are made with ferrite magnets, but if you want a lighter-weight speaker to carry to gigs day in and day out, you might like the idea of a neodymium-magnet speaker to get the same power with less heft.On the subject of lightweight speakers, we can't forget about the compression drivers that deliver high-end, punchy treble through your speaker's horn. Sizing is important for these parts, since different horns have different throat diameters. Double-check to make sure you're getting a compression driver that will fit your horn, and take a close look at the specs of each model you consider to see how they measure up.When it comes to using your PA speakers, the externals matter just as much as the internals. You could have the best-sounding speaker in the world, but that won't make it easier to set up. A few things that can, however, would be accessories like casters and eyebolt suspension kits. For Yamaha speakers, you'll also find a number of U-brackets here to simplify permanent mounting to a wall or post.Inside and out, these PA speaker parts not only make great replacements, they also give you upgrade options from the parts that come stock with your speakers—so you can turn an entry-level cabinet into a premium one. Whatever your needs, these parts can provide a good place to get started.