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Squier Fender Series Stratocasters Squier Classic Vibe Stratocasters

This series starts with classic Fender
designs and adds distinctive features,
delivering great sound and vintage
style at an incredible price.

Shop All Squier Classic Vibe

Squier Vintage Modified Stratocasters

The Squier Vintage Modified series
adds new twists to traditional
designs, giving these Strats a
hot-output chop-shop sound and feel,
all at a terrific value.

Shop All Squier Vintage Modified Stratocasters

Squier Deluxe Stratocasters

The Squier Deluxe series is a
great value and features stylishly
hot-rodded classic Stratocaster
models loaded with modern features.

Shop All Squier Deluxe Stratocasters

Squier Standard Stratocasters

With smooth motion and superior
tuning stability, the Squier Standard
series Strats are upgraded
throughout, but come at an
affordable price.

Shop All Squier Standard StratocastersSquier

Squier Affinity Stratocasters

Among the best values in electric
guitar design, the Affinity Stratocaster
delivers great sound with Fender
quality and style.

Shop All Squier Affinity Stratocasters

Squier Bullet Stratocasters

Made for beginners and students,
these simple, affordable
Stratocasters are the perfect
choice for a first guitar.

Shop All Squier
Bullet Stratocasters

Squier Stratocaster Packs

These great sounding Squier
guitar/amp packs give you everything
you need to get started in one
convenient, affordable package.

Shop All Squier Stratocaster Packs




Fender Fender American Deluxe Stratocasters Fender American Standard Stratocasters

Made in the USA, the American
Deluxe series maintains the
traditional look and feel of a Strat,
with the addition of modern upgrades.

Shop All Fender
American Deluxe Stratocasters


A modernized version of the
Strat, this series is made in the
USA and features an improved
bridge and full-sounding pickups.

Shop All Fender American Standard

Fender Select Stratocasters Fender American Select Stratocasters

Made in the USA, these
premium Stratocasters are
high-performance versions
of the timeless classic.

Shop All Fender Select


This USA-made series includes
original-era model year guitars
that bring Fender history to new life
with meticulous authenticity.

Shop All Fender American
Vintage Stratocasters

Fender American Vintage
Hotrod Stratocasters Fender Artist Stratocasters

These souped-up guitars are
made in the USA and customized
with features that make them
look and feel as if they were
vintage instruments.

Shop Fender American
Vintage Hotrod Stratocasters


Artist series Stratocasters are
built to the specifications of the
artists whose signature styles
inspired them.

Shop All Fender
Artist Stratocasters

Fender USA Nitro Stratocasters Fender American Special Stratocasters

Made in the USA, these
Stratocasters boast high-end
features and have an
exclusive nitrocellulose finish.

Shop All Fender USA Nitro Stratocasters


This series is made in the USA
and offers popular Strat features,
including upgraded pickups, at
an amazing price.

Shop All Fender American Special Stratocasters

Fender Roadworn Stratocasters Fender Classic Stratocasters

The Road Worn series features
1950s- and 1960s-style Strats
that have a comfortable aged look,
due to notably distressed touches.

Shop All Fender Road Worn Stratocasters


These reissue Stratocasters
capture the look and feel of the
period they represent, with
unmistakable features of the time.

Shop All Fender Classic Series Stratocasters

Fender Classic Player Stratocasters Fender Pawnshop Stratocasters

This series includes distinctive
variations on vintage-style 1950s
and 1960s Stratocaster models,
combining classic designs with modern upgrades.

Shop All Fender Classic Player Stratocasters


This series offer one-of-a-kind
tonal versatility, combining
eccentric Fender creations of the
mid- '60s to mid- '70s with modern
sound and exceptional quality.

Shop All Fender Pawnshop Stratocasters

Fender Deluxe Player Stratocasters Fender Standard Stratocasters

The deluxe guitars in this series
deliver traditional Stratocaster
sound and feel, with specialized
high-end features.

Shop All Fender Deluxe Player


Affordably-priced, this time-
honored Stratocaster series
continues to be a favorite with
players around the world.

Shop All Fender Standard Stratocasters

Fender Blacktop Stratocasters Fender Modern Player Stratocasters

With a modern sound and distinct
vibe, the Blacktop series features
high-gain humbucking pickups and
delivers rich, aggressive tones.

Shop All Fender Blacktop Stratocasters


Affordably priced, the Modern
Player series offers outstanding
style and substance in entry-level
Stratocasters with completely
modern features.

Shop All Fender Modern Player Stratocasters

Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters Fender Custom Shop Artist Stratocasters

This series is made by the Fender
Custom Shop and features exact
representations of the signature
artists' personal guitars.

Shop All Fender Custom Shop Artist Stratocasters

Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Stratocasters

Fender Custom Shop makes the
Deluxe Stratocaster even more
sophisticated by using exotic woods
and adding custom features.

Shop All Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Stratocasters

Fender Custom Time Machine Stratocasters

Fender Custom Shop constructs the
Time Machine series with the same
techniques and tooling used to create
the originals and adds artfully-applied
relic treatments.

Shop All Fender Custon Shop Time Machine Stratocasters

Fender Custom Masterbuilt Stratocasters

These high-end Stratocasters are
handcrafted by Fender Custom Shop
Master Builders, whose remarkable
workmanship and attention to detail
are exemplified in every instrument
they create.

Shop All Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Stratocasters













First released in 1954 and in continuous production ever since, the Fender Stratocaster, or "Strat" as it is commonly known, is one of the world's most iconic and popular electric guitar models. The graceful lines of the Strat have landed it in museums for industrial design and modern art, but there is also a functional side to those curves and contours, which help make the Stratocaster an exceptionally well balanced and comfortable instrument to play.

The legendary Fender Stratocaster is one of the most popular (and most copied) electric guitar models in history. It is an icon of modern design, engineered to be reliable, affordable, versatile, eminently playable and, most of all, fantastic sounding. So successful was the initial design of the instrument that it has been in continuous production since it was first introduced over sixty years ago, along with an ever-evolving array of variations.

The Strat was first introduced in 1954, just a few years after Fender debuted the Telecaster, which is widely considered to be the first commercially successful solidbody electric guitar. While the Tele was a solid and reliable workhorse, the Strat was a sleek and sexy, futuristic-looking instrument, with offset horns for better balance and enhanced playability, Fender's "Comfort Contour Body" that was shaped to better conform with the player's anatomy, and a newly-designed whammy/vibrato system that offered a compelling alternative to the more massive Bigsby rigs that were gaining popularity at the time. Although it was initially designed with a great deal of input from country and swing guitarists, such was its versatility that the Strat soon caught on with rockers like Buddy Holly and English instrumental band The Shadows, as well as blues, surf, and jazz players of all stripes.

Today, the Strat is identified as the guitar of choice for such giants as Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton, as well as legendary pickers like Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher and Jeff Beck, to name just a few.

While there have been many variations on the Stratocaster over the years, the same basic design, with contoured body, bolt-on 25.5" scale length neck, three single-coil pickups and Fender vibrato system, has continuously remained at the heart of the Strat legacy. Today, however, Fender markets an unprecedented variety of Stratocasters, ranging from the pint-sized Squier Mini Strat, with 22.75" scale neck and hardtail bridge, to pre-modded axes equipped with dual- coil humbucker pickups and Floyd Rose tremolo systems. There are cutting-edge axes like the Roland G-5 Strat, equipped with Roland's COSM modeling technology for an arsenal of Strat, Tele, acoustic and 12-string tones, as well as a bevy of alternate tunings at your fingertips; electrified old-timey innovations like the solidbody Mando-Strat electric mandolin; a dazzling array of Custom Shop beauties with never-before seen finishes and design flourishes; and Artist Series signature guitars modified to the exact specs of Strat masters like Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore, and Dick Dale. There's even a Custom Shop replica of Stevie Ray Vaughn's treasured Lenny guitar for some truly authentic Scuttle Buttin'! Fender offers the iconic Strat design in several versions, including various models in the Standard, Classic and Deluxe Series, as well as the US-made American Standard, Vintage and Deluxe Series. They mix it up a bit with variants like the Road Worn Series, with vintage-vibe versions of classic Strats from the 50s and 60s, but pre-broken in and aged, so they feel as comfortable as an old friend right out of the box; or the Vintage Modified and Blacktop Series, offering axes hot-rodded with such niceties as high-output pickups and customized pickguards and finishes.

The Pawn Shop Series are mutated masterpieces, with hints of Telecaster or Jazz Bass appointments, for instance, adorning the classic Strat chassis, resulting in a collection of guitars that "never were but should have been," as Fender puts it - but you'll be glad they're here now! And the Custom shop Heavy Relic guitars, like the 1961 Stratocaster Burnt Heavy Relic, are radically pre-aged to look like they've been rode hard and hung up wet every night for years, but they play like a dream and sound even better, with state-of-the-art pickups, hardware and electronics. If you're the type who likes to hot-rod your own rides, however, or you're just looking to replace some sweat-pitted hardware, Fender offers everything you could need, from headstock to hardtail bridge, including replacement jack plates and pickup selector switches, extra-groovy pickguards and pickup covers, whammy bars or entire tremolo systems, and even replacement necks, bodies and vintage-style replacement pickups, as well as souped-up single coils and humbuckers from top-notch aftermarket winders like DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, and Joe Barden. You can even trick out your castle or your practice space with Strat accessories like fridge magnets, mouse pads and a Strat-style cutting board, for when it's time to get down to some serious pentatonic vegetable shredding! And, of course, you can always flaunt your love for all things Strat with an authentic Stratocaster T-shirt. However you play it, the Strat has been an integral part of the music scene for over sixty years, and it's more popular now than ever. Strap one on and continue the legend!

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