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As a musician, you want to set up the most intuitive configuration possible to get in touch with your instrument. Standing between your axe and your amp, your effects pedals make it possible to change up your sound between songs or even verses. Those pedals are important, and a pedalboard makes it easier to manage and take care of them. Pedalboards are the sort of gear that you may not realize you need, but once you've tried one you'll never want to go back. The longer your effects chain, the more helpful the pedalboard becomes. Keeping all your pedals in one place, a board helps you stay organized and keeps the layout of your effects consistent. If you've ever had a stompbox get knocked away from you onstage, forcing you to hunt for it to make a time-critical transition, you'll know how important it is to hold your pedals in place. Many of the pedalboards on the market are powered, meaning that you can feed DC directly from the board to your pedals, eliminating the need for battery changes or external power adapters. Not only does this make packing and unpacking your gear much more straightforward, it also means you're less likely to have to fight your bandmates over who gets access to the power outlets. Need the ultimate all-in-one solution for recording and rehearsals? Some pedalboards feature a built-in combo amplifier. This style of board offers portability and convenience that's second to none, a throw-and-go solution that you can bring to your buddy's house for a jam session at the drop of a hat. With an all-in-one combo amp pedalboard, you'll always be prepared for solo practice, impromptu rehearsal, or even a busking session. For a guitarist who's frequently on the road, the pedalboard is an indispensable aid. Many of these boards come with a custom-fitted travel case, making them easy to pack up and take with you on tour. When your effects are mounted on a pedalboard, there is no painstaking setup and connection before each gig: just unpack the already-configured board, plug in your guitar and amplifier, and you're ready to play.