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Apple Logic Studio 9 DAW Software   

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Apple Logic Studio 9 serves up a complete set of professional digital audio applications for writing, recording, editing, mixing, and performing your...Click To Read More About This Product

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Apple's most complete DAW solution provides all you need to write, record, edit, and mix music.

Apple Logic Studio 9 serves up a complete set of professional digital audio applications for writing, recording, editing, mixing, and performing your music. Logic Studio 9 also boasts an enormous collection of modeled instruments, sampler instruments, effect plug-ins, and audio loops in a single box. With Apple Logic Studio 9 DAW software it's easy to get amazing sounds and amazing-sounding recordings. Use Logic Studio 9 to tackle any stage of your audio project”without losing your inspiration along the way.

Your new writing studio
With Logic Studio, you've got the perfect music creation and writing tools, no matter how you like to work. Whether you're improvising a three-chord pop song, making beats, assembling and reshaping loops, or composing for video, nothing will break your creative flow.

The ultimate way to record
Logic Studio gives you everything you need for a professional recording session. Seamless punch recording. Automatic take management. Marker creation. It's all easy to do, and everything can be undone. And it works just as smoothly for a two-hour symphony as for a simple singer/songwriter demo. With more than 200 audio tracks available and the ability to run hundreds of plug-ins, you'll never have to upgrade in the middle of a project.

You're about to love editing
Now you can polish performances without getting sidetracked by details, because Logic Studio features the best set of editing tools yet. Assembling the perfect comp from multiple takes has never been so fast. And now you can quickly perform complex edits, like correcting timing errors and bending time, that took dozens of steps before.

Pro mixing, in all its glory
Hundreds of input channels. Dozens of mix groups. Plenty of sends and auxiliaries. Dynamic channel strip creation. Powerful automation and track management. And full surround capabilities. Logic Studio brings it all together in a straightforward, customizable layout that makes it easy to focus on any part of your project.

Even better live
Logic Studio 9 lets you turn your Mac into an incredibly powerful live stage rig. You can travel light and still use all your studio instruments and effects. Setup and teardown are blazingly fast. Your gear is incredibly easy to control. You can sound as big as you want with live loop recording and backing tracks. And you can use all your favorite hardware controllers.

Logic Pro 9
You already know how to write great music. Logic Pro 9 streamlines the technical side of things, so you can record, edit, and mix it, too. Whether you work in a state-of-the-art studio or in your garage, now you can easily put the power of the most advanced tools to work for your projects. Tap into a huge collection of instruments, sounds, and loops for inspiration. Get set up and recording quickly. Perform complex edits in a fraction of the time. And mix down projects of any scale with full automation and surround capabilities. It's a pro studio that's not just for pros.

Calling all gear hounds
Amp Designer and Pedalboard are two new plug-ins that give you an astonishing collection of gear. Amp Designer lets you mix and match 25 amp heads, 5 EQs, 10 reverbs, 25 speaker cabinets, and 3 mics that you can position freely around the speaker cone. So you can faithfully re-create almost any legendary sound. And Pedalboard features 30 stompboxes, all meticulously crafted to reproduce the tones and responsiveness of the originals they're modeled after. The Pedalboard interface makes it easy to re-order and swap your pedals, and to creatively route your signal for thousands of combinations and virtually unlimited sounds. And because it all lives on your Mac, it's easy to bring your killer sounds with you to the stage.

Studio effects
The new Logic Studio 9 adds a live loop recorder to the long list of plug-ins you can use to enhance any recording session, live show, or post-production project. New Warped Effects let you break the rules of reverb, transforming your sound with movement, texture, ghost rhythms, and much more. Delay Designer has an intuitive, multitap interface that lets you get as creative as you want with delay. And you can bring just the right touch to your project with professional EQ and dynamics plug-ins, pitch correction, modulation, filters, and distortion.

Studio instruments
The large collection of software instruments is complimented by the new-to-the-series Playback, a live-performance plug-in that turns your Mac into a flexible, reliable backing track player. You also get a complete range of drum sounds, synths, and vintage keyboards. A powerful sampler. And the world's most advanced component modeling instrument.

Studio instruments
All six Jam Pack collections
The Voices collection lets you build songs with lead vocals, rappers, backup singers, an entire choir, or even software instruments based on the human voice and body. Remix Tools gives you everything you need to work with beats, sound effects, synth sounds, bass lines, and the rhythms of classic Roland drum machines. Rhythm Section brings together a solid foundation of drums with sets of fills, grooves, and groove variations ” along with dozens of playable strings, basses, and drum kits. Symphony Orchestra lets you conduct full brass, percussion, string, and woodwind sections. And the World Music Jam Pack gives you an unprecedented collection of world loops, ethnic percussion, exotic strings, and regional wood instruments.

More than 20,000 Apple Loops
Royalty-free Apple Loops let you build a rhythm, grab a melodic phrase, or simply sketch out an arrangement. Any loop you choose will automatically change key and tempo to match your project. Real Instrument loops, also known as blue loops, are integrated into your project as audio files and can be edited like any audio region. And Software Instrument loops, or green loops, allow you to fully edit the instrument, effect, and original MIDI performance. Apple Loops give you plenty of creative fuel ” you can even use Apple Loops Utility to create and tag your own loops.

More than 1700 sampled instruments
Logic Studio 9 is packed with beautifully sampled EXS instruments. Build your song with authentic strings, horns, woodwinds, guitars, pianos, basses, harp, choir, synthesizers, electric and pipe organs, acoustic and electric drum kits, orchestral percussion, world instruments, textures, and soundscapes.

More than 4500 presets for plug-ins
You don't have to be a sound engineer to take advantage of the enormous range of plug-ins that come with Logic Studio 9. Just rely on the plug-in settings (designed by sound engineers) to get great sounds right out of the box. Plug-in settings can also speed up the production, mixing, and mastering process if you use them as templates for your instrument and effects combos and tweak them from there.

MainStage 2M
Love the sound you got on your recording? MainStage 2 makes it easy to bring all the same instruments and effects to the stage. You can even expand your show with live loops or prerecorded backing tracks. With the Mac as the core of your live rig, setup is faster, teardown is faster, and everything in between is more reliable. You can completely customize your layout, from the number, type, size, and color of the controls to the parameters they manipulate. And you can instantly assign onscreen controls to the faders, knobs, and switches on your hardware for hands-on control.

Soundtrack Pro 3
Whether you're creating audio for a web video or a feature-length film, Soundtrack Pro 3 provides the perfect bridge to Final Cut Pro. The application is loaded with powerful tools that let you make precision edits, polish dialogue quickly, restore audio, create stunning sound effects, and mix in surround. And you can do it all in a single, streamlined interface that's designed to help you fly through audio post production.
Production Utilities
The utility applications in Logic Studio let you re-create the acoustic profile of any space you like. Turn audio files into Apple Loops. Author everything from a quick demo disc to DDP files, professional premasters, and Red Book-standard CDs. And encode pristine audio and video in a full range of industry-standard formats.

Impulse Response Utility
Re-create the sonic responses of your favorite spaces with a multitrack audio recording, editing, and deconvolution utility. You can create your own mono, stereo, discrete surround, and B-Format surround impulse response files and use them in Space Designer, the state-of-the-art convolution reverb plug-in that comes with Logic Studio 9. And with Impulse Response Utility, you can do all your work in a single window that includes all the parameters and functions you need, including Waveform, Energy, and Spectogram display modes for detailed editing.

Apple Loops Utility
Apple Loops Utility lets you convert any audio file to an Apple Loop. You can add metadata to note the attributes of your files, which makes it easy to find them using the Apple Loops browser in Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro. You can also add tags to describe the rhythmic elements of your files. Generated from analysis and transient detection, these tags allow for real-time stretching of audio data in any application that supports Apple Loops.

WaveBurner 1.6
This CD mastering and authoring tool is simple enough for you to quickly turn out demo discs, and powerful enough for you to deliver professional premasters, Red Book”standard CDs, and Disc Description Protocol (DDP) files. The professional effects in Logic Studio make it simple to master the perfect disc. WaveBurner features an intuitive layout with large waveform viewers. Advanced editing and navigation tools. Separate region, track, and plug-in panes. And now graphic parameter automation. WaveBurner 1.6 also has major interface enhancements like Mix Lane, which gives you a real-time graphic visualization of all your edits, including region and parameter changes.

Compressor 3.5
Compressor simplifies content delivery, giving musicians, producers, and engineers a complete set of tools for encoding pristine audio and video in all the most popular formats. It's the engine behind the powerful audio and video export functions in Soundtrack Pro. And in Logic Pro 9, it allows you to encode and preview in the industry-standard Dolby Digital AC-3 surround format. Besides working with dozens of built-in encoders, you can use third-party encoders as plug-ins. Logic Studio also includes QuickTime Pro, which gives you even more export options.

  • New-to-the-series features
  • Flex Time is a collection of features that lets you manipulate timing and tempo quickly and creatively
  • Flex Tool lets you push audio around with your mouse by clicking and dragging anywhere on the waveform
  • Audio Quantize isn't just for MIDI”now you can conform the timing of an audio region to a musical grid, or to the feel of another track, instantly correcting a performance
  • You can use Slicing Mode with drums and you won't compromise a single attack”edit across a set of grouped multitrack drums and everything stays locked perfectly in phase
  • Varispeed: slow down or speed up an entire multitrack project effortlessly, whether you want to try out different tempos or take it slow while you play a difficult solo
  • Flex Modes: whether you're editing a solo vocal, a rhythm guitar, or multitrack drums, Flex Time has a mode designed to give you the best results
  • Speed Fades: get creative by adding turntable-style starts or stops with the kind of precision that would impress even the best DJs
  • Now the audio you import can automatically conform to the tempo of a project you're working on
  • New production tools allow musicians to tackle any part of the recording, editing, and mixing process they want in a fraction of the time.
  • Selective Track Import: to transfer setups and track content between projects, simply select the individual components you want to import on a track-by-track basis
  • Expanded take folder editing: Logic Pro 9 gives you access to your important edit tools and Flex Time features”right alongside Quick Swipe comping
  • Drum Replacer: now you can replace or double less-than-perfect drum tracks with triggered samples in just a few clicks
  • Convert to Sampler Track: in one step, turn an audio region into a sampler instrument with a MIDI track to trigger it, then you can modify and resequence the part
  • Bounce-in-Place feature makes effects rendering much quicker and easier, whether you're bouncing a single region or an entire track
  • Create guitar tablature or detailed scores using a library of more than 4000 chord grids (or your own custom grids) and new ornaments for hammer-ons, bends, and more
  • Jam Pack: Voices”Build your song with a lead vocal, rappers, backup singers, an entire choir, or even software instruments based on the human voice and body
  • Warped Effects for Space Designer: More than 450 warped impulse responses radically transform what Space Designer can do, allowing you to give ordinary sounds a bizarre, other-worldly quality
  • Now you can mix and match amp heads, EQs, reverbs, speaker cabinets and mics”then creatively route your signal through an impressive new collection of stompboxes
  • Amp Designer: build your dream rig by mixing and matching 25 amps, 25 speaker cabinets, and 3 mics you can position freely around the speaker cone
  • Pedalboard: Fire up 30 stompboxes that deliver lush effects like Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Treble Boost, and Wah
  • Classic tones: Hundreds of presets give you Amp Designer and Pedalboard sounds that are ready to go. Start exploring with classic tones, genres, or characteristics like clean, crunch, and distorted
  • Apogee GiO support: USB audio interface and control device (sold separately) lets you operate Pedalboard hands-free and works with Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 right out of the box
  • MainStage 2 lets you hit the stage with all the same instruments and effects you used on your recording, and adds a backing track player and live loop recorder
  • Playback: with this new plug-in, your Mac becomes a flexible, reliable backing track player so you can fill out your sound with a simple stereo track or a set of separate, mixable stems
  • Loopback: modeled after the tape-based devices you know and love, this live loop recorder lets you create spontaneous arrangements onstage
  • Multimapping of controls: set things up so that one knob controls multiple plug-in parameters so you can dramatically change your sound with the turn of a single knob
  • Grouped controls: Drag-and-drop entire sets of knobs, dials, faders, meters, and more into your layout so you can easily customize the type, size, and color
  • Full ReWire support: Run MainStage with applications like Reason and Live, trigger and sequence your instruments from MainStage, and route your signals straight into the mixer
  • Record performances: Route your audio to a designated stereo output and choose from all the standard file formats, including Apple CAF for concerts of almost any length
  • Contents

Logic Studio 9 DAW Software

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • 1GB of RAM (2GB or more highly recommended)
  • Display with 1280-by-800 or higher resolution
  • Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later
  • QuickTime 7.6 or later
  • DVD drive for installation
  • PCI Express, ExpressCard/34, USB, or FireWire-based audio interface recommended
  • At least 2GB of RAM for large EXS instruments
  • USB musical keyboard (or suitable MIDI keyboard and interface) for instruments
  • Logic Node requires a Mac computer with an Intel Core processor
  • 9GB to install all applications and required content
  • Additional 38GB to install all optional content (large content packages can be installed on separate disk):
  • 10GB for Jam Pack collections
  • 16GB for sound effects
  • 6GB for surround music beds

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Reviewed by 7 customers

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(4 of 7 customers found this review helpful)


Good Software!

By Noah Sisk

from Austin, Texas

Overall, this software has the most bang for the buck. You can produce anything with just a laptop.
This software is icing on the cake! You can make anything you want with all the software instruments and effects! There is practically no need for any other signal processing.
Apple produced well with this one. It has some of the best effects and dynamics processors of any other software I've used.
For the price, you can't get anything else of this caliber!

(2 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Logic Equals Frustration


from Oklahoma City

See all my reviews

I have used Pro Tools for about 6 years, and have used Logic 8 Express and 9 Pro for almost 1 year. Logic is just glitchy enough that it frustrates me. I am a producer for a small company that records demo-type work, so every day I am either tracking, mixing, mastering, or running a vocal session. All in Logic. There are a lot of things that Logic does well, and it has some great features. But here are a few things that are frustrating, and that I would want anyone considering purchasing Logic to know.When wanting to punch in on a track, Logic doesn't do a seamless punch (versions 8 Express and 9 Pro). It hickups (maybe a half a second), which is just long enough to not be able to do a precise punch in. When wanting to punch, I usually have to create a separate track, record the section that needs to be fixed, and then manually move it up to the track I was originally working on. This is a big issue!Secondly, in Logic 9 Pro, after a a little while working in a session, the markers section will completely disappear! ( I have read forums online about this, so it's not just my copy that does this) This means that I can no longer create or delete markers. What I have is what I'm stuck with. Closing the session/Logic will not fix the problem, neither will re-booting the computer.There are several other little things too like when you bus out a track, it automatically creates an Aux channel, and I have found no way to turn this off. Just annoys me. There's no way to move multiple tracks at a time in the arrange window. No way to arrange tracks in the mix window. Another producer at our studio has had Logic randomly reverse parts of regions. What is this??I am not an advanced user, but I do use the program every day and every issue addressed above are simple things. I also work with other producers who have similar issues, so I could be wrong about some of the little preferential things (like arranging tracks). But even if I am, there is not a simple way to do it or I definitely would have figured out how. With Pro Tools, everything I mentioned is a non-issue. However, if you're not a serious user, Logic is great for getting a demo up and running. It has a big sound bank and some ok sounding drum kits, and Logic 9 has a ton of guitar amps and settings. That's why I rated it 4.5 on features. But if you are looking to invest in a solid, reliable platform, I'm afraid I just can't recommend Logic.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Watch out, Pro-Tools!

By corylite

from Greenville, SC

See all my reviews

Let's face it, Pro-Tools is powerful software, mostly because of their powerful, and expensive, hardware you are forced to by to run a Pro-Tools HD rig, which is, of course, the only one worth having. Nevertheless, Apple continues to challenge the giant with their audio production software, and they may have just pushed it off the precipice.Aside logic's amazing integration with whatever peripherals are within your budget, Logic itself doesn't break the bank either, without sacrificing quality or ease of use. I have used Pro-Tools HD and Nuendo both, and the thing that standard out to me is the quality of the native plugins of Logic. Sure, we would all love a Pro-Tools HD rig with a Waves Mercury bundle, but for those of us who can't afford that, Logic is by far the next best thing.With Logic studio, not only do you get the amazing Logic Pro 9, whose time flex officially solidified it as a Pro-Tools competitor, but you also get Mainstage 2, Soundtrack 3, Compressor 3.5, and Waveburner. For that I give it a 10 out of 5 for value and the same for features. Excellent DAW!

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Creates a quick and creative work flow

By MIKE-ulhyO

from chicago

Started recording and sound engineering a few years ago. Having a strong background in most DAWs I'd have to say that no program allows you to be so creative right out of the box. Logic Pro is stocked with a huge array of tools that other DAWs lack. Protools might be industry standard in many studios around the world, having come from protools myself, nothing beats the zero latency. With innovation of technology and faster computers, this really isnt a issue any more. On that note let me leave you with one thought. Although you might think to yourself protools might be half the price of logic and everyone uses protools, youll end up paying thousands of dollars in peripherals to get the sounds you desire, whether as logic can do things the top shelf plugins waves, ssl, etc. can do.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Digidesign, Can you please catch up with Logic?

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I own Logic 8 and stepped up to Pro Tools 8. Pro Tools 8 did make some improvements, but it still wasn't better than Logic 8. Then they tried to make it look like Logic and Ableton in their features.. not gonna work! Now with Logic 9, Apple has stepped it up to my new industry standard. From Flextime to Guitar extras to convert sampler instruments, it's just a producers dream. Mainstage, Waveburner, and Soundtrack Pro... just too much amo for any other DAW.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Complete Software

By Joey Rivers

from Guatemala City, Guatemala

Its an excellent music production software, but not for beginners... its a little complicated at the start, so I recommend it only for PROs, if you know what I mean.
The interface is quite complicated, but with a little effort youll feel comfortable with it. Great for MIDI, great for AUDIO.
Sometimes youll feel dizzy and confused... but thats the price of getting something with this quality.
I think the price is just right (or maybe cheaper) for what youre getting... there are a lot of things to do since you open Logic for the first time

(1 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


A Huge Waist of Money

By Richard Varley Varley

from Houston,Texas

Overall, unless you know something that I don't (which is highly possible) I would not waist money on Apple's Fancy Garageband. Save up and buy a Boss standalone. It will cost twice as much but, the learning curve is shorter, and you will get better sounds from it.
That's the problem, too many features.
I am an engineer. Apple claims, "BE A MUSICIAN SOUND LIKE AN ENGINEER". NOT! I have been using the Logic Pro 9 for some time now, and I still can't produce a decent sound! If I can even get this JUNK to produce a sound! Trying to get some of the Software Instruments on to a track where it will make a sound is tedious at best.
Anything that does what it wants to instead of what you need it to do, to me, has no value! If you are considering this TRASH, look at all the forums, and tutorials on the internet. You'll spend more time doing that than you will using the software.

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