ART Tube MP Project Series USB Audio Interface   

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An affordable and easy-to-use preamp that sounds great and is computer savvy.

With the ART Tube MP Project Series USB Preamp and Audio Interface you get professional results from a single-channel mic, instrument, and line level preamp with limiter. This ART professional microphone and instrument tube preamplifier can serve as a simple front-end for your computer DAW or standalone recorder.

ART updated every aspect of the Tube MP design inside and out while maintaining the compact form, reliability, and cost-effectiveness while adding a USB output. It comes in an all-aluminum, stackable chassis with an external power supply to keep AC line noise and hum back at the wall. The front end features an ultra low-noise, discrete microphone preamp with an extremely flat and wide frequency response to give you a very clean and neutral sound with a wide variety of signal levels. The high-impedance instrument input is optimized for guitar pickups, and both the XLR and 1/4" input levels are monitored via a precision LED level meter. A high-quality 12AX7A tube inside adds warmth and musical dynamics.

The input Gain knob and +20dB Gain switch maximize the dynamic range of the input and help control how hard you drive the tube. 48V phantom power and switchable input impedance help you get the most out of studio-grade microphones like ribbon and professional condenser mics. Phantom power is current limited to prevent damage to sensitive microphones. The selectable high-pass filter fights low-frequency rumble and wind noise with a Bessel filter design set at a 40Hz. The FET limiter has fast attack and musical release times to limit the maximum audio output level to prevent overloading while still maintaining a clear, uncompressed sound. It also has a Phase Invert switch, a post-limiter output control for output level matching, and high-output section for signal drive capability. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) port allows quick and easy connection to your computer.


  • Compact, stackable aluminum chassis
  • USB computer connectivity
  • Discrete front end
  • Up to 70dB gain
  • High-output signal drive mode
  • FET limiting
  • Selectable input impedance
  • LED level meter
  • Low noise, +48V phantom power supply
  • XLR and 1/4" I/O
  • Phase invert switch
  • High-cut filter switch