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With a goal of redefining what performance means, all while keeping prices low for their customers, ART has created some of the most sought after pro audio equipment out there. How do they do it? By innovatively focusing on design to ensure everything is as efficient as possible. From power amps to signal processors to mixers, no matter what you need to enhance your recording experience chances are you'll find it in this section.

So how are you looking to improve your recording capabilities? If it's with a bundle, providing you with multiple pieces of equipment that works seamlessly together, start your search with the V63M ART Tube MP Studio Package. Featuring a studio-quality condenser microphone, a studio mic preamp, a tripod mic stand with fixed boom and all the other essentials, it has everything you need to get started. If you're searching more for a headphone bundle though, check out the Headamp6 Tascam TH-200X Package. With four pairs of headphones and a 6-channel headphone amp, everyone is able control their own listening experience in the studio, created personalized monitoring levels for each band member.

More interested in a power amp? Then definitely take a look at the SLA1 Studio Power Amplifier. This dynamic piece of equipment features a 10Hz - 40kHz frequency response, 100W per channel at 8 ohms and a silent, thermal-dependent cooling system with SmartFan technology. It provides everything you need to monitor your studio recordings.

On top of that you'll find a huge variety of other professional recording hardware too. Sample rate generators, transformer isolators, mini mixers, high performance mic splitters, passive direct boxes, channel level converts, auto-tune and so much more are all represented in their lineup.

No matter where musicians record, you'll find ART pro audio. Innovative and inspiring, their gear has a loyal fan base that trusts what it can do for their sound... and after you use it, we're sure you'll be part of that fan base too.