Bose Panaray 802 III Loudspeaker Package  

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A complete, professional loudspeaker package, built for optimal stage performance.

Get the audio quality and durability you have come to expect from BOSE, with the Panaray 802 III Loudspeaker Package. This high-performance, professional loudspeaker package includes 2 x Bose Panaray 802 III Loudspeakers, 2 x Bose MB4 Panaray Subwoofers, 2 x Bose Speaker Stands, and the Panaray System Digital controller that is the complete solution for controlling the entire package.

Panaray 802 III Loudspeaker
The Bose Panaray 802 Series III speaker delivers clear, lifelike sound, thanks to its 8 proprietary 4.5” full-range drivers. The Articulated Array speaker configuration provides a consistent sound field with wide horizontal and vertical dispersion over all bandwidths. The 802 Series III Loudspeaker is extremely durable, and meets Bose’s strictest of standards for outdoor speaker use; which means they will hold up to the harshest of the elements and still be ready to work as hard as you do. The compact design also makes the speakers easily transportable to all of your shows.

MB4 Panaray Subwoofer
The modular MB4 Panaray Subwoofer System from Bose offers extended low end for both permanent and portable applications. You can set it up as a standalone unit or in a stacked array. With a frequency range of 40Hz-300Hz, 110dB SPL, and 200W power handling the MB4 Subwoofer delivers serious bottom end. Bose also includes a 5-year transferable limited warranty with your Panaray Subwoofer.

Panaray System Digital Controller
The Panaray System Digital Controller II is a universal EQ controller designed to provide smooth and accurate spectral response for all Bose professional loudspeakers requiring active equalization. Push-button control allows easy selection of loudspeaker equalization along with routing configuration and optional global limiting. Mono, stereo, and bass array preset configurations are available. The single-space rackmount Panaray System Controller is simplified, better performing, and lower priced than its predecessor. Completely redesigned and reengineered, and it features a brushed aluminum face, the new look for Bose Professional Systems Division electronics.

Bose Speaker Stands
This pair of Bose, professional speaker stands feature a solid, lightweight construction and are designed to work seamlessly with the included 802 Series III loudspeakers. Perfect for setting your new speakers at just the right height to project your music loud and clear.


Panaray 802 III Loudspeaker

  • Bose flagship loudspeaker that offers clear, lifelike sound that is ideal for live or recorded vocals and instruments
  • 8-proprietary 4.5” full-range drivers arranged in an Articulated Array speaker configuration that offers a wide horizontal and vertical dispersion over all bandwidths.
  • Designed to meet Bose’s strictest of standards for outdoor speaker use; which means they will withstand snow, sleet, rain, severe cold, high heat and humidity.

MB4 Panaray Subwoofer

  • Frequency range of 40Hz – 300Hz offers extended low-end response for permanent or portable applications.
  • Designed as either a standalone unit or easily configured in a stacked array if needed.
  • 110dB SPL, and 200W power handling for serious bottom end.

Panaray System Digital Controller

  • Consolidates equalization into one central source, eliminating the need for separate EQ cards or additional equalizers.
  • Standard presets used in conjunction with Panaray bass loudspeakers allow you to create bass arrays at the touch of a button.
  • Special "lockout" feature prevents tampering to maintain initial system settings
  • Improved dynamic range, 103 dB (typical), for better performance
  • Can be configured for mono or stereo operation, and a bass mono sum feature is available for situations where stereo mid/high loudspeakers are paired with a single bass loudspeaker
  • Two analog, balanced, differential XLR inputs and four analog, balanced, differential XLR outputs provide flexible connectivity
  • RS232 connector for future software updates
  • Easy-to-read 2 x 16 backlit LCD display on the front panel
  • Global output limiter helps protect against sudden sound level spikes in program material
  • Engineered and tested for demanding professional environments

Bose Speaker Stands

  • Height adjustable from 52-1/2" - 79-1/2".

Order the Bose Panaray 802 III package today for high-quality audio, in one complete professional package.

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