Digital Reference DR-DRM7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit with Case   

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An expert selection of drum mics as only Audio-Technica does it.

The DR-DRM7 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit with Case features 4 DR-STX1 snare/tom mics, 2 DR-HX1 condenser mics, and 1 DR-KX1 kick drum mic. Also includes 4 snare/tom mic mounts, 2 mic clips, and a durable carrying case with foam insert.

The DR-STX1 Unidirectional Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone is tailored for use on snare, toms and other highly dynamic instruments. Features road-ready, all-metal construction with an integral stand mount and compact size for many placement options.
Supplied with professional locking drum rim mount and integral XLRM-type output connector.

The DR-HX1 Condenser Microphone is a small-diaphragm, phantom-powered condenser mic that handles high SPLs with ease, and provides superior transient response for accurate reproduction of hi-hat, cymbals and overhead miking Durable, all-metal construction gives dependable performance on stage and in the studio. The unidirectional polar pattern reduces off-axis sounds. Includes stand mount, mic clip, and integral XLRM-type output connector.

Engineered for use on kick drum, the DR-KX1 Unidirectional Dynamic Kick Microphone is tuned for high-impact, low-frequency reproduction. Durable, all-metal construction with integral stand mount and a low-profile percussion-style design with an integral XLRM-type output connector.

Resilient microphone mounts reduce stage clutter with secure rim-mounting and versatile positioning.

The included durable carrying case has die-cut foam compartments and an integrated handle.


  • 4 DR-STX1 snare/tom mics
  • 2 DR-HX1 condenser mics
  • 1 DR-KX1 kick drum mic

All the mics you need to cover your whole set. Order today and get your sound out there!