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Product 150845

DigiTech Vx400 Vocal-Modeling Floor Processor   

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Use the DigiTech Vx400 Vocal-Modeling Floor Processor as a vocal floor processor onstage and for digital recording of voices or instruments in the st...Read More

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Vocal processing with 2-way computer connectivity via USB.

Use the DigiTech Vx400 Vocal-Modeling Floor Processor as a vocal floor processor onstage and for digital recording of voices or instruments in the studio. It's a full-featured vocal processor with a mic preamp, 16 mic models, multiple vocal character selections, a full-function compressor, and 3-band EQ.

It can also be used as a multi-effects processor for voices or instruments with chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, pitch shift, detune, Whammy, delay, and reverb.

It has a USB audio interface for streaming your tone to the computer, stereo line level inputs and outputs for recording instruments, balanced XLR outputs. Included Cakewalk custom software give you a complete repertoire of recording capabilities. You can even reprocess dry recorded tracks back through its modeling and effects.

Built-in expression pedal, 40 user/40 factory presets, rugged aluminum chassis, and jam-along input.

Includes power supply and custom Cakewalk recording software.

  • Full featured vocal processor
  • Multiple vocal character selections
  • Full function compressor
  • 3-band equalizer
  • Built-in expression pedal
  • 40 user/40 factory presets
  • Rugged aluminum chassis
  • USB audio interface
  • Stereo line level inputs and outputs, plus balanced XLR outputs
  • Reprocess dry recorded tracks back through the modeling and effects
  • Effects include chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, pitch shift, detune, Whammy, delay, and reverb
  • Jam-along input

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Most Liked Positive Review


Very Useful

I've had this processor for a few months now and I must say it is the most useful piece of equipment I own. The clarity and quality I can get from it add alot...Read complete review

I've had this processor for a few months now and I must say it is the most useful piece of equipment I own. The clarity and quality I can get from it add alot to my bands music, and the recording options are something we still haven't totally explored. It's digital recording, but since the whole pedal is set up to give you the sound you want from a mic, why not just mic all your amps and instruments and such? The sound quality we're getting is comparable to the quality we got at one of our local studios, and we're recording in my bedroom. As far as live applications go, you basically have to set up the pedals effects next to eachother for each song. You don't want to go flipping through 40 settings to get to the one you want while you're playing live. Because that's the case we're still ironing out its use in our live show, but make no mistake, it will get used. In one of the other reviews someone mentioned he couldn't get a decent vocal distortion from it. I'm making some good use out of both the "grunge" preset for a high female voice and the overdrive effect (not found in any of the presets) for my lower voice. Just add a hint of chorus or doubler to thicken it up and you've got a fat, growling distortion that may just make your guitar player feel a bit inadequate. For those coming from a backgroung of playing guitar I'll just say that you have to have a much lighter hand with these effects. The people that complain about the effects sounding contrived or over the top are probably putting way too much on. Make your own presets, don't go crazy with slathering alot of effect onto your voice (unless that's what you're looking for) and have fun with it. This is a great buy.


Most Liked Negative Review


Poorly made, and a waste of money

I was very excited about the features of this pedal initially, and reviews were good. So I shelled out the high price of this pedal and tried it out.First problem, noticeable immediately, was...Read complete review

I was very excited about the features of this pedal initially, and reviews were good. So I shelled out the high price of this pedal and tried it out.First problem, noticeable immediately, was that the continuously variable selector knobs for the various modes and parameters CONSTANTLY FLUTTER back and forth between settings. The machine never stays still! I would just stare at it sitting on the floor and watch it spaz out.Even if that problem wasn't prohibitive for its use, in classic Digitech fashion, this thing is very difficult to navigate. It may be 'loaded with features,' but that doesn't make it user-friendly. What it IS loaded with, however, is a ton of useless, silly haunted-house sound FX which I would never use, nor would any other self-respecting musician. These are all presets, too, so don't bother trying to clear them out for more useful FX. You have to wade through the stupidity each and every time.Returned it. Got my money back. Don't bother.

Reviewed by 24 customers

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Must be some of you don't know...

By Baphomet

from Albuquerque

This pedal works great for live performances. Those people here that say it doesn't must have no clue as to how to use this type of equipment. I use it for practice as well as gigs and for recording, if you want to use it without using the lame recording program it comes with just plug in direct without using the usb, duh. I have used it for several gigs and you merely have to make sure the gain is turned down low and it won't feed back at all. And the guy that says there is a gap between changing effects must have a defective pedal, but if there is a 0.2 second delay it should not be an issue with any live performance as who changes effects mid note or even mid verse??? You can easily, as I have, change effects in the song without a "gap" where there is no sound as the one guy claims. This pedal has many features that are completely uneeded but for the vocalist that wants to make sure their live sound is always the same, as many soundmen out there have no clue, it is perfect as you can layer just the right reverb, delay, and tube effect to give you a rich full tone that will be your sound and your sound alone fitting your voice and being uniform for every gig. I love this pedal and would recommend it to any vocalist out there.

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(0 of 4 customers found this review helpful)



don't get me wrong, but the main reviews about this multi-effect pedal, could only be written from people connected to Digitech.Why?because this tool is a complete waste of time: you can't use it alive!if you want to get some fun at home, ok. run for it.but you can't use it alive:changing from effect to effect takes aprox. 0.2 secs. During this period you'll have a gap, a silence whole. An eternal gap in real time playing alive.Very uggly and painfull!I've mailed digitech's support: they told me this is not a bug but a "feature".Advice: buy another pedal.

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Amazing Little Thing

By DJ Savra

from Mesa, AZ

When I say "little thing", don't get me wrong--this is a nicely sized piece of gear. It has a very rugged design, and its foot pedal is very durable, so long as you don't jump up and down on it. I would imagine that this vocal processor works best in a live setting and used very sparingly, but with the amazing versatility this product offers in terms of inputs and outputs, it easliy functions as an effects return just as well. While it makes sense that something this inexpensive wouldn't offer the same flexibility as an medium-grade rackmount effects device (say the Lexicon MX300 for example, it has more than enough features to keep you happy for months to come. This is one cool product.

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Great Sound, Little Box

By Kullbone

from Houston, TX

This little box hands-down has better outputs than its younger brother, the vx300, and great sounding, albeit limited, effects.A mic-pre modeler, compressor, noise gate, delay and reverb are available on all presets. The reverb is great, and the delay is a single-tap, modeler is pretty much not even needed if you have good microphones, but the preamp can really help get the right sound out of your mic. PROS: Great output capability and settings.Direct headphone out works great for a PEM on-stage. (for a vocals only monitor)Ability to set wet/dry on each set of outputs.Ease of use in setting up presets.X-Edit software makes saving/creating presets easy.CONS: Recording capabilities are junk, you HAVE to use the included recording software, since it does not have generic ASIO or other drivers to use the recording functions with other software.Only ONE additional effect is selectable for each patch (aside from reverb, delay, comp, gate). While these are quality effects, I would love the ability to select 3 effects per patch, instead of having to have reverb and delay on each, plus one additional.Ppl having feedback/setup issues. Read the Manual, learn your gear.

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All around goodness

By Juda-JTzj_

from Rochester, NY

Digitech VX400 Vocal Effect Processor is a good buy if your into tweaking your vocals in the studio or on stage. Great for experimental recording. Being a published musician in the Industrial/ Electronic scene a processor like this really a must have, and the VX400 is one of the better options.

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It's Digitech, Of Course It's Great

By Dee

from Wisconsin

The first unit I received had a potentiometer problem causing the displays to flutter. No problem, called the industries greatest customer service at Digitech and they advised me to return it for a replacement. I got the replacement in short order and have had no problems since. As for the presets, sure they are a bit on the amusing side but they are meant to show the versatility of this product and give the user a starting point to create. The key term here is CREATE. Spend a moment to get the sound you want from this unit. It does not take but 15 minutes to read the manual and your on your way to creating your sound which in my opinion is about as easy as operating a microwave oven, as with all Digitech multi effects products. It took me about an hour and I got exactly the sound I want and during that hour I played with a lot of sounds. It sounds great, no adverse noise at all and I run it directly through my PA system. It's built like a tank. The Digitech web site is one of the best for supporting material such as additional sound patches, info, manuals etc. X-Edit works fantastic on my computer which is nothing special. I advise getting this unit to get that custom sound you may be searching for.

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Good stuff, but most features aren't useful live.

By Otter

from Castleton, NY

I've gigged with the Digitech Vx400 about 3 times a month for a few years now. (Be prepare to catch grief from sound guys for using it). I rely upon it heavily for adding that needed extra production value and control to live vocals. Especially useful is the "De-essing" feature to take the hiss out of "S"'s and other natural speech noises, in addition to the "compression" feature which evens out the overall vocal levels whether I'm screaming or whispering (I really miss the compression when I don't have it). The major critisizm that I have about this device is that there is no tap delay capabilty, that I can find, which is great to have in a live setting. All other features such as the goofy effects, USB hook up and drum machine are just fluff to me. Although you can forgoe these features by going with the 300 processor model. One last thing, getting the output levels dialed in can be tricky. I suggest you run your EQ flat and main output level at around 20.Digitech would do well to create a simpler device tailored more toward the live gigging musician by keeping the standard effects and adding tap delay capability. Why not throw a pitch corrector in there too! Then it really will be the "talent enhancing" device that everyone sarcastically refers to it as.

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Awesome interface for digital recording

By Dusty-PCZ1o

from Picayune, MS

As a vocal processor, the factory presets are very cheesy, but you can "build" your own presets fairly easily once you read the manual and understand how it all works. Once you get the hang of it, it really produces some nice clean effects. The VX400 lets you create new presets right on the pedal or you can create them on your computer with an easy to use interface and test them out in real time. The VX400 excels as a recording tool and comes with protracks bundle to help you create digital recordings one track at time or up to 4 tracks at once. It really makes recording your music alot easier!! If you need multi-fx/all-in-one track recorder on a budget ,....try this one.

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Fantastic Value

By Tele Freak

from Huntsville AL

This unit is much more than a child's toy. The hardware and software interface that it provides for computer recording is worth 100% of the unit price, even without factoring in the unit's potential role in live performance.Although for me the presets are generally not useful, it is very easy to create user patches.The key to creating good user patches is that in a live setting, this unit is only one part of the signal chain, so that you can only get the best patches while you are set up for live performance or practice, plugged into a PA system. Patches don't sound the same through headphones - they are best created in concert with a performance PA. So it takes a while, but the results are worth taking the time to do right. I develop presets on our PA "outside" of band practice (before or after) so as not to waste everyone else's time.

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Still learning

By Maule

from Milwaukee WI

My feelings about the DigiTech Vx400. When i bought this pedal i knew very little about sound(and still not so much). So I found it a little overwheling and put it back in it's box for about 8 month. Finally with some free time i read the manual front to back and went online and read a few articals on live sound. Just by doing that i realized how easy this thing really is to adjust. Very user friendly once you know what threshold means and and how to work it. It's simple stuff. The next proplem I had with it was also my own, and this is why. I am a musician on the go so I am always somewhere new. With new places come new rooms with new acoustics. So i'm sure like any sound equip this thing needs to be tweeked for each diff venue. What i am saying here basical it this is a very nice and usefull product that i won't play without anymore. If you are having troubles with it just take some time to learn what you are doing with it. Oh, and even the best products out there get a lemon in the batch so if this unit has craped out on you just get a replacment.

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