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IK Multimedia Xpansion Tank 2 Series

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Product 585670
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The Sonic Reality Xpansion Tank 2 series is a collection of 30 high-quality sound libraries for IK Multimedia's SampleTank 2. Comprising 15 multisamp...Click To Read More About This Product

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Choose from 30 diverse sound libraries from Sonic Reality plus the SampleTank 2 XT plug-in library.

The Sonic Reality Xpansion Tank 2 series is a collection of 30 high-quality sound libraries for IK Multimedia's SampleTank 2. Comprising 15 multisampled and 15 loops titles, totaling nearly 10,000 new sounds and offering a staggering 30GB of samples.**
The loop and sound collection includes the relaunched, now enhanced 7 classic Expansion Tank/Sonic Capsule titles with new additional material, plus the release of 23 new Sonic Reality titles with sounds from the past, present, and future. They can be played by SampleTank 2 L/XL or by the included SampleTank 2 XT workstation plug-in/standalone player. It has never been easier to build your own custom sound workstation from the ground up than with SampleTank and Xpansion Tank 2 series.

Each sample collection contains between 500MB to over 1GB of loops and samples and offers production ready, inspiring, high-quality sounds for making music in any style from pop to hip-hop to rock, jazz, country, electronic, film scores, and more.

The multisampled titles offer almost 4,000 instruments sounds with a selection of pianos, guitars, bass, drums, strings, synths, vintage keyboards, vocals, electronic, and world instruments taking full advantage of SampleTank 2's highly flexible and efficient sample engine, with high-quality integrated effects.

The 6,000 loops are provided in two ways. The first is as construction kit menu maps for instant song building with drum grooves, bass lines, and rhythm parts which are in sync across the keyboard. The other way is as individual loops broken down into slice maps that can be played in real time as well as by the associated MIDI file per loop in a sequencer for total flexibility in tempo and feel.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This purchase is a license for ONE sound library in the Xpnasion Tank 2 Series. Please see instructions below:

More on Sonic Reality
Sonic Reality has been developing sounds since 1996. In 2001, they collaborated with IK Multimedia to bring to the market sample libraries such as Sonic Synth 1 and the first Expansion Tank series of sound libraries for SampleTank. For close to 10 years, IK Multimedia has collaborated with Sonic Reality to produce workstation masterpieces such as Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth 2, SampleMoog, SampleTron, and more.

A list of all the multisamples and loop collections is listed in the features section.

SampleTank 2 XT
SampleTank 2 XT is a special limited version of SampleTank 2, IK Multimedia's ultimate sample workstation. With an exclusive combination of features and sounds, SampleTank 2 stands apart from other sample-based virtual instruments, as one of the most powerful, and easy-to-use sound collections for making fully produced songs right out of the box.

SampleTank 2 XT sound library is designed to show the unlimited possibilities of SampleTank 2 and qualifies users for special discounted prices on the SampleTank 2 XL upgrade and also for discounted crossgrades across the range of IK products. SampleTank 2 XT also allows you to play the sounds of Xpansion Tank 2 collections.

SampleTank 2 XT sound collection differs from the full version of SampleTank 2 only by the number of sounds included (1GB sounds included into SampleTank 2 XT instead of the more than 6GB sounds included into SampleTank 2 XL).

SampleTank 2 launches sampling technology into new dimensions. For the first time in a sample-based instrument, 3 synth engines can be switched on the fly to provide more flexibility than ever before: traditional resampling, PS/TS (Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch) and its STRETCH engine give you total control over tempo, tune, and harmonics. STRETCH (SampleTank Time REsynthesis TeCHnology) delivers incredibly rich, vibrant, and natural quality instrument sounds with full-control of tempo, tune, and frequencies distribution to tailor tone and push sound design to the limits of your imagination. PS/TS allows you to sync multiple loops with one click and have independent control over their tempo and pitch for the ultimate beat machine.

This is the traditional technology used in sampler and sample-based sound modules.

PS/TS (Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch)
PS/TS has been designed to work with polyphonic material, such as ensemble instruments phrases, or percussive sounds such as drum loops and percussion grooves. With PS/TS, tempo and pitch can be controlled independently, ensuring the best possible quality for this type of material and the most flexible manipulation possibilities. Additionally, other applications are possible, such as multiple loops with different tempo can be easily synced together with one click or synced to the host's tempo.

STRETCH (Sampletank Time REsynthesis TeCHnology)
STRETCH has been designed for monophonic material (such as vocal, brass, winds, etc.), and provides full control over the tempo and tune of the samples to give any music an incredibly rich, vibrant, and natural quality. STRETCH also expands sonic manipulation capabilities with full-control of an instrument's basic spectrum distribution to tailor its tonal charactieristics and push sound design to the limits of imagination. Many natural instruments lose their realism when played by a sampler. The false-sounding glide and bending in many traditional samples have been eliminated by STRETCH which delivers a new standard of musical realism, making virtual instruments more natural sounding than ever imagined (no more "chip-munk" effect).

1GB sounds included
SampleTank 2 XT includes a variety of the highest quality in every possible instrument category, all superbly programmed by world-renown sound designers and ready-to-go. The SampleTank 2 XT collection included with the software offers more than 1GB of sounds in different categories: bass, brass, electronic, and acoustic drums, ethnic, guitar, organ, percussion, piano, strings, synth, vocals, woodwinds, and more.

The included sounds comes from IK's award-winning Virtual Instruments such as SampleTank 2 XL, Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth 2, SampleMoog, and SampleTron.

Powerful Multi-Effects Unit with 33 DSP effects
Every sound in SampleTank 2 XT is programmed with fully editable built-in effects. Drums load up with reverb and compression, guitars with amp-sim, electric organs with rotary speaker, and so on, giving you an amazing realism on all sounds. This is thanks to SampleTank 2 XT's extremely powerful multi-effects engine, which offers high-quality DSP effects giving maximum flexibility, creativity, and realism to all the instruments. All the effects are top-class quality and fully editable, and have been designed with sound-shaping in mind.

With 5 insert effects per parts and the 5 send and 5 master effects, you can have up to 90 effects available in this production powerhouse. These can be selected within the staggering 33 high-quality effects included, and offers algorithms from IK's award-winning T-RackS, Classik Studio Reverb and AmpliTube. The undisputed top quality of IK modeling effects is immediately available for you just by loading SampleTank sounds.

Easy-to-use control over full synth-sampler engine
SampleTank 2 XT provides quick, simple access to the key synth-sampler engine features that made SampleTank the top choice for thousands of music professionals around the world.

SampleTank 2 XT gives you full control of its powerful synth engine through the Synth-Sampler section. Here you can control more than 50 parameters divided into 9 sections: Macro, Synth, Envelope 1-2, Filter, LFO 1-2, Velocity, and Range.

These advanced editing features are combined with the greatest easy-of-use. All of SampleTank 2 controls are accessible from a single interface, designed for you to spend more time focused on your music instead of studying complex manuals. You will find yourself loading up SampleTank as your go-to virtual instrument every time you want to let your creativity flow.

16 layerable parts, Full MIX control
SampleTank 2 XT gives you immediate control over 16 layerable parts, avoiding annoying switching back and forth within the sequencer and offering instant mixing control on every instrument.

All essential mixing parameters, like SOLO, MUTE, VOLUME, PAN, and OUTPUT (8 stereo) selections are available with one click. A new LEVEL display provides all the mix levels at a glance. One click also gives you convenient control over the amount of RAM used and manage single-instrument polyphony.

Creating rich, textured, multi-part instrument sounds by layering parts on top of each other is easier than ever with the new MIDI Channel association.

SampleTank 2 XT makes 16 instrument layering easier and produces amazing sounds. Plus, you can store the complete 16-part SampleTank 2 XT module mix into a unique "Combi" sound, for fast-and-easy recall of complex customized sounds or entire instruments setup mixes (like full band, drums, and percussion sets) with one click.

Enhanced instruments browsing with powerful built-in sound Data Base
SampleTank 2 XT offers fast sound browsing thanks to its clear folder structure, which reflects your folder's organization on your hard-disk, and is enhanced with a collapsible folder view, making it easy to pick the right sounds among thousands in a flash. Plus, you can also add customized searchable keywords to the built-in factory keywords to find sounds, using SampleTank 2 XT's exclusive built-in sound Data Base.

This makes SampleTank 2 XT ideal for keeping all of your favorite instrument sounds organized and easily accessible.

Preset save, Module save, and Back-up functions
SampleTank 2 XT allows user presets to be saved as additional patches of SampleTank sounds. A preset sound uses the sample content of its parent sound and the custom settings of any SampleTank 2 XT controls (also referred to as the child preset). Preset sounds can be easily exchanged among users sharing the same parent sounds.

SampleTank 2 XT also allows an entire 16-part module setting to be saved for quick loading of entire instruments set as a "Combi" sound. And, because the file format is platform-independent, a complete SampleTank session can be exchanged among different sequencers and different platforms in a snap, making it ideal for today's professional production.

SampleTank 2 XT offers a smart, convenient Back-up function that saves all the sounds you've used in your session into a folder with one click. This means you can open-up old projects with zero hassle and focus your energy on music and creativity.

Full MIDI integration: MIDI Control and Program Change
SampleTank 2 XT provides full MIDI integration for complete MIDI control of your sound. Every control of SampleTank 2 XT can be easily associated with a MIDI CTL for live performances and recording. Every parameter, including the new synth-sampler engines' parameters, can be automated on the fly for amazing sonic control and performance flexibility.

SampleTank 2 XT sounds can also be associated to MIDI program change with one easy mouse click. This allows for instant recall of sounds during live performance, and makes it easy to build your ultimate General MIDI set.

Xpansion Tank 2 Ordering Instructions:
You will find a Registration Card with a Serial Number inside the product box. Follow the instructions below to register your product, choose the title you want to download and authorize it.
How to choose your product

1. Login at IK User Area with your Username and Password and click on 'Multibox'.
2. Choose your product by using the dropdown menu and click on 'Submit'. Confirm your choice in the following page.

How to download your product

1. Download the SampleTank 2 XT installer from the "Downloads" section of your User Area and install it on your computer.
2. Download the sounds of SampleTank 2 XT* and your Xpansion Tank 2 from the "Sounds Download" section of your User Area and install them on your computer.

How to authorize your product

1. You will find your serial number for SampleTank 2 XT in the "Authorizations" section of your User Area. Launch SampleTank 2 XT on your computer and when the 'Product Authorization Wizard' starts, insert your Serial Number and click 'Next'.
2. Choose 'Request a New Authorization Code' and then click 'Next'.
3. Select 'Connect Using another Computer', then click 'Next'. The screen will now display your Serial Number and Digital ID.
4. Click the 'Copy' button next to the Digital ID.
5. Access the IK Multimedia User Area.
6. Click on 'Authorizations' then on 'View/Request' button next to the product which you want to authorize.
7. Insert your Digital ID in the empty field. Now click on 'Request New Authorization'.
8. The new Authorization Code will be displayed and will also be sent to your registered email address. Please keep it for any future reference.
9. Now go back to the 'Product Authorization Wizard' and click 'Next'
10. In the next window, click the 'Paste' button to paste in the authorization code you just copied, then click 'Next' and then 'Finish'.

Please note that SampleTank 2 XT sounds will remain available for download from your IK User Area for a period of 30 days after the registration of the Xpansion Tank 2. Claims for promotional products cannot be made after that date. So please remember to claim your free products as soon as you can!

Multisampled Instruments included:
  • Acoustic Drums 2: Multisampled drum kit instruments
  • Electric Guitar Collection 2: Multisampled electric guitar instruments
  • Vintage Keys Collection: Multisampled vintage keyboard instruments
  • Acoustic Guitar Collection 2: Multisampled acoustic guitar instruments
  • Bass Collection 2: Multisampled bass guitar instruments
  • Cinematik Collection: Multisampled film & orchstral FX instruments
  • Electronic Drums: Multisampled electronic drum kit & percussion instruments
  • Hip-Hop Instruments: Multisampled hip-hop instruments
  • OmniSynth 2: Multisampled general MIDI instruments
  • Piano Collection 2: Multisampled acoustic & electric piano instruments
  • SampleArp Solo: Multisampled arp synthesizer instruments
  • SampleOB Xpander: Multisampled Oberheim synthesizer instruments
  • Symphony Strings 2: Multisampled string ensembles and solo instruments
  • Vocal Collection: Multisampled vocal pad instruments & vocal beatbox loops
  • World Instruments Collection: Multisampled ethnic wind, stringed and percussion instruments
Loop Collections
    Drums & Percussion
    • Seventies Retro Grooves: Drum loops in the style of classic rock, funk, & 70's pop
    • Vintage Rock Grooves: Drum loops in the style of classic rock
    • Nashville Pop Grooves: Drum loops in the style of Nashville pop & country
    • Country Folk Rhythms: Instrument riffs & drum loops in the style of country folk
    • Sixties Motown Grooves: Drum loops in the style of 60's Motown soul
    • Vintage Soul Grooves: Drum loops in the style of classic soul
    • World Grooves: Percussion loops in the World music
    • Jazz Grooves: Drum loops in the style of jazz
    • Blues Grooves: Drum loops in the style of blues
    Construction Kits
    • Dirty South Grooves: Construction Kit Loops & Slices in the style of hip-hop & Dirty South
    • Down Tempo Electronica: Construction Kit Loops & Slices in the style of down tempo & trip-hop
    • Hip Hop Grooves: Construction Kit Loops & Slices in the style of hip-hop
    • Modern Tech Rap: Construction Kit Loops & Slices in the style of pop, hip-hop, & techno
    • Trip Hop Collection: Construction Kit Loops & Slices in the style of trip-hop
    • Up Tempo Electronica: Construction Kit Loops & Slices in the style of drum'n' bass & jungle
    SampleTank 2 XT
      Software features
      • Works as a standalone application, as well as a plug-in
      • Fully compatible with Mac OS X (Universal Binary), and Windows (XP / Vista)
      • Supported plug-in formats: VST, RTAS, and AU
      • 16-part multitimbral
      • 256 notes polyphony
      • 16 individual stereo outputs
      • Mix view and full mix parameters control
      • 33 DSP-based multi-effects (see Effects List)
      • Range Control allows for creating complex splits and layers
      • Total sound editing with full access to 50 Synth-Sampler engine controls
      • Instrument browsing
      • BPM syncable LFOs
      • Portamento Time control
      • Zone feature for single sample accurate editing
      • Part Volume / Pan controls
      • Expanded easy to use full MIDI control
      • Part and Combi preset save features
      • Convenient back-up function
      • Search function
      3 Synth Engines
      • Newly enhanced STRETCH
      • Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch
      • Traditional Resampling
      Effects list
      • CSReverb, Reverb, Spring Reverb, Reverb Delay, Ambience, Delay
      • Filter, Envelope Filter, Multi Filter, Wah-Wah
      • Chorus, Multi Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Envelope Flanger
      • AM Modulation, FM Modulation
      • Auto Pan, Tremolo, Rotary Speaker
      • Lo-Fi, Distortion, Phonograph, Crusher, Overdrive
      • Pre Amp, Tone Control, Cabinet
      • Parametric EQ, Channel Strip, Compressor, Limiter, Slicer
      3 Performance Modes
      • Poly
      • Mono
      • Legato 1-2
      • 1GB sounds included

      Order your Epansion Tank 2 sound library today - and remember, you can always come back for more!

      System Requirements
      • Power PC based Macintosh
      • Minimal: dual 1GHz G4 processor, 1GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later
      • Suggested: dual 2GHz G5 processor, 2GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later
      • Supported Plug-in formats: AU, VST, RTAS
      • Intel based Macintosh
      • Minimal: 1.5GHz Intel processor, 1GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
      • Suggested: 2.3GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later
      • Supported Plug-in formats: AU, VST, RTAS
      • Windows
      • Minimal: Pentium 4 / Athlon XP processor, 1GB of RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
      • Suggested: 2.33 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
      • Supported Plug-in formats: VST, RTAS
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