Manley BACKBONE (ELCO Connectors)  


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The centerpiece of a mastering system allowing control of up to eight pieces of outboard gear.

Winner of the 2009 TEC award, the Manley Backbone Mastering Insert Switcher accepts up to three balanced source inputs, selectable on the left side. Left & right can be reversed and absolute polarity can be flipped. The 24 position input & Output gains can be switched active or left passive. Up to eight inserts can be switched in or bypassed. A sum – Difference MS Matrix can be addressed between inserts 2 and 3. The order of inserts 4 & 5 can be swapped. The Manley Backbone Switcher has an injection point between inputs 7 & 8 to allow for several functions on the 3-Function mix – Fade output control. You can mix in the Difference signal from the input. This mixes in some out-of-phase signal from the input to the output in order to widen the image if desired or you can mix in a parallel signal in between inserts 7 & 8. A lot of folks run a reverb or parallel compressor in this fashion. Or you can use the knob as a fader to make smooth and accurate level fades with the Penny & Giles rotary fader.

This Manley Backbone comes with ELCO connectors for the INSERTS I/O. Cables sold separately.


  • 3 x Balanced Stereo Inputs
  • 8 x Balanced Stereo Inserts
  • Selected Input can be mixed to parallel outputs
  • Patchable SEND and RETURN
  • Balanced signal path all the way
  • Left - Right Reverse Switch
  • Absolute Polarity Reverse Switch
  • Bypass GAINS makes passive signal path
  • Over 90 nice relays employed
  • EAO switch buttons can be easily custom labeled
  • INPUT and OUTPUT GAINS use 4 x 24 position Grayhill switch attenuators
  • SUM – DIFFERENCE (MS Matrix) can be used for Inserts 2 & 3
  • Separate SUM and DIFFERENCE outputs available on rear panel
  • SWAP order button can be used to reverse the order for Inserts 4 & 5
  • MIX - FADE injection between 7 & 8 with mode select
  • Expensive Penny & Giles rotary fader/mixer
  • Bulletproof MANLEY build quality

Get the flexibility and control you need in your studio! Order today.

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