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A complete setup of stage lighting equipment for a price that can't be beat.

The stage lighting system includes 8 PAR 38B cans, 2 Odyssey LT-P2 tripod lighting stands, Chauvet SF-9005 timer controller, and 2 Chauvet SR-8 relay packs.

Par 38B cans
Each PAR can features a medium screw-base socket with a power cord and gel frame than can be used with any medium screw-base 110V lamp (sold separately.)

Odyssey LT-P2 tripod lighting stands
Black aluminum stands with T bars extend to 12'.

Chauvet SF-9005 Timer Controller
This full-featured controller includes 8 on/off/chase switches, 2 chase options: 16 patterns sound-activation or timed chase 20sec - 15min, 16 patterns of sound activation, plus fog and strobe controllers. 25' cable.

SR-8 Relay Packs
Feature 8 switched power sockets that correspond to channel 1-8 on the multifunction switch panel and one unswitched power socket for constant on item.

What is a Relay Pack?
Relays allow you to control non-DMX lighting via a DMX controller. The relay pack contains multiple plugs, each of which correspond to a channel of DMX. When units are plugged into this relay pack, they become dependent upon the relay for power. These lights are either "on" or "off." The function of the relay is to control that signal. As the slider of a DMX controller is raised, a certain value will represent "on" for the relay pack, which will cause the light to turn on.

How To Use 2 Relay Packs with the SF-9005 Timer Controller:
Two SR-8 relay packs may be run off one multifunction switch panel. Simply connect an SF-EXCB 9-pin extension cable from the "line out" on one SR-8 relay pack to the "line in" on another relay pack.

** Please note maximum load per relay pack is 15 amps or 1800 watts.


  • 8 PAR 38B Cans
  • 2 Odyssey LT-P2 tripod lighting stands
  • Chauvet SF-9005 Timer Controller

A quick and easy lighting equipment package to light up the stage. Order today!

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