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Native Instruments Guitar Rig Software Edition - Competitive Crossgrade   

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Guitar Rig 2 is a professional all-in-one software and hardware set-up for guitarists and bass players. A huge range of authentically emulated amps a...Click To Read More About This Product

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Perfect custom guitar tone on your computer.

Guitar Rig 2 is a professional all-in-one software and hardware set-up for guitarists and bass players. A huge range of authentically emulated amps and effects are perfectly complemented by a robust foot controller boasting an integrated, studio-quality sound card.

If you're thinking of switching to a new rig, there's never been a better time. (See Note below.)

Doubling the power of the previous version, the possibilities of this award-winning modular solution are endless. From the most dulcet tones to the hardest riffs, GUITAR RIG 2 is in a league of its own.

Amps & Cabs
Route your guitar or bass through one of GUITAR RIG 2's 25 different cabinets and rotary speakers; choose from 9 professional microphones and group up to 8 cabinets together to create a huge wall of sound.

As with the all of the GUITAR RIG components, the highest value was placed on recreating a perfect, truly authentic, sound and sonic response. The Dynamic Tube Response technology that was developed specifically for this purpose delivers great results: the eight brilliant sounding tube amps Instant Gratifier, Twang Reverb, AC-Box, Plexi, Tweedman, Jazz Amp, Lead 800 and Bass VT all sound and respond just like the real amplifiers!

Eight amps
- The role model of the Tweedman was originally a bass amp but subsequently swapped sides becoming a guitar amp.

- AC-Box models the famous amp sound that powered the British conquest of pop music.

- Twang Reverb simulates the rich tube sound of the classic amps from decades ago. It's ideal for screaming blues leads and crunchy rhythm guitar sounds, as well as clean sounds laden with personality.

- The classic Plexi sound probably needs no introduction — it's the vintage amp sound that has powered too many hit records to mention!

- The Jazz Amp produces a warm, clean tone. An essential part of its sound is the Ensemble effect, which adds chorusing or vibrato. As a result, the Ensemble is built into the Jazz Amp.

- Lead 800 produces smooth, intense lead sounds that are razor sharp and offer plenty of flexibility.

- Gratifier emulates a smokin' solo head sound with a tube power amp. Its tonal spectrum spans the range from clean to over-the-top distortion.

- Bass PRO is a bass amp delivering a gritty, growling sound that can really make a bass stand out in a mix. In addition to the unique tonal qualities, there's a graphic equalizer to allow the sound to be tailored more precisely.

Along with the standard settings, each amplifier offers more sound-influencing Expert Parameters, including power supply (50/60 Hz), Variac (reducing the supply voltage), Response, as well as virtual aging of the tubes. Excellent sonic fine-tuning for real gear heads and sound fetishists!

Sonic fine-tuning for gear heads...

Cabinets & Mics
Here you've got 25 guitar and bass cabinets, nine microphones each with four to five mic positions at your disposal — all freely combinable. The variety of sonic possibility is formidable!

But that's not all: Click on the small Add button, and another recording chain folds out (up to eight in total per component) with the same set of options and controls. Why settle for miking one or two cabinets when you can create a wall of sound!

GUITAR RIG 2 integrates 38 classic and modern guitar effects, which can be combined in any order or quantity you desire. Two distortion components, three delay units, four equalizers? No problem!

8 new effects in Guitar Rig 2: Electric Lady, a stereo flanger modeled on an all-time classic; Phaser Nine, vintage phaser emulation; Harmonic Synthesizer, produce incredible synthisizer sounds from your guitar; Trans Amp, versatile distortion box; Mezone, metal distortion; AutoFilter, perfect auto wahwah, e.g. for funk; Stomp Compressor, new compressor with an especially tight and clean sound; Pro Filter, NI PRO-53 synthesizer filter — analog and simply fat; Gain Booster, extra gain for radical boosting of gain to attain even more overdrive; Noise Reduction, affects the signal similarly to a noise gate, but has a less abrupt action; Cry Wah, WahWah modelled after a famous hardware wah.

Time-based Effects
Delays and reverbs are the bread and butter of every guitarist's arsenal, which is why we took extra care to deliver the finest selection of virtual delays and reverbs available. Based on award winning NI effects algorithms, these units will go the distance on any setup.

Modulation Effects
The modulation effects include classic tremolo, octaver, phaser, pitch pedal and much more.

These perfectly modeled effects provide a number of options for making your sound more dynamic - whether a pulsating tremolo or a swirling 70's style phaser, or even producing wild synthesizer sounds.

Distortion and Overdrive
GUITAR RIG 2 offers seven excellent fuzz, distortion and overdrive units. These components are accurate reproductions of classic hardware devices, and sound just like the originals. Skreamer, a warm, smooth-sounding overdrive great for rhythm guitar and smooth leads; Distortion, classic distortion; Fuzz Ace, fuzz pedal based on Arbiter™ Fuzz Face™; Big Fuzz, fuzz pedal based on Electro Harmonix™ Big Muff™; Cat, distortion pedal based on ProCo™ Rat™; Demon Distortion, distortion pedal based on MXR™ Dime Distortion™; Trans Amp, versatile distortion box.

Filter Effects: Choose from an impressive range of filter-based effects, from wahwah's to EQs. These effects serve a number of purposes, from sound and tone design to hum elimination, emphasis of certain instruments, enhancing leads and improving distortion.

Volume Effects: From Volume Pedal to Noisegate, Limiter, and Compressor, the spectrum of these effects is more than enough. With these units you can filter bothersome noises, limit peaks and give your sounds a more dense, compact and dynamic feel.

Split Module: The Split Module allows you to create parallel (instead of serial) effects chains. This means you can process the split the sound and process it with different effects and then mix the results back together at the end. Serial, parallel, and mixed serial/parallel combinations offer a practically limitless range of possibilities for combining effects, for a truly original sound. The Split Module can be inserted anywhere in the rack. If you would like to play with two guitars or use a Chapman Stick with stereo output, you can edit both channels separately (button: Dual Mode).

Crossover Mix: This device is similar to the Split Module, in that it splits the signal path into two, thus allowing parallel effects. However, in this case, you can set a dividing line (crossover point) in the frequency response, and send lower frequencies to one split and higher frequencies to the other split.

Modulating sounds: Users of synthesizers know modifiers as modulators. For the first time, this feature is now available for guitars: GUITAR RIG 2's modifiers can automatically animate any sound parameter thus generating especially vivid sounds with a live feel. Strum a chord and use the modifier to add rhythmic filter or distortion effect while staying perfectly in sync — the possibilities are virtually endless!

GUITAR RIG 2 offers the following modifiers: LFO (low frequency oscillator) with five waveforms — for continuous or arbitrary modulation; Analog Sequencer - 16 adjustable steps for variable triggering of sound parameters; Input Level — an envelope follower scanning the volume of the input signal and transforming it into a control signal, e.g. the louder you play, the more distortion you get.

Step Sequencer - 16 on/off steps for hard triggering of sound parameters. Multi-step envelope — for drawing the sound progression (as in FM7, KONTAKT 2). All modifiers can be assigned to any parameter, they can even control several parameters at once or be used in multiple instances in the rack — a paradise for sonic experiments.

Loop Machine: The Loop Machine is another unrivalled feature of GUITAR RIG 2 that you will not find in any comparable solution. This efficient tool allows you to record, layer, loop and playback riffs, licks, grooves and bass lines enabling the creation of dense guitar and bass patterns or to accompany yourself on-the-fly. Loops can be synchronized to the tempo of your host application (sequencer) or to a metronome. An example for practical use: First, you play four bars of rhythm guitar, after that you play a lead guitar, then some additional harmonies/chords and then some rhythmic slides etc…

Record, loop and overdub your play on the fly. The Loop Machine connects the best features of renowned originals with many new features. The loop duration is only limited by the size of your hard disc — theoretically you can layer loops for hours. A total of up to 99 phrases is possible.

Other powerful features
You can export the complete recording as well as every single individual layer - for using the best licks only or for re-arrangement in a sequencer for example.

With Loop Machine's multiple undo feature poorly played licks can be erased.

Additionally, you can layer a longer loop on top of a shorter one, an 8 bar solo guitar on top of a 4 bar lick for example.

Of course, the start and overdub buttons (and other parameters) can be controlled with the foot-controller — to keep your hands free for playing.

Tape Decks
GUITAR RIG 2 is ideal for sessions, practicing, and sketching song ideas! This is made possible through integrated, high-performance tapedecks with time stretching, pitch shifting and a convenient loop function. 2 tapedecks for recording and rehearsal.

Different uses for tape decks:
a) Sketching song ideas: Simply record your guitar playing (as wav file) to the hard drive, so no idea gets forgotten.
b) Accompany yourself: Play a few licks and riffs, loop a passage, and then play a solo over it!
c) Play to loops and backings: Load a drum or instrument loop (for example guitar, bass, keyboard, complete play-along tracks, etc.) and play over that. You can even change the tempo and pitch independently of one another, which works great for pitching up a guitar lick while reducing its tempo at the same time! So you can get right to it, there's a wide selection of play-along loops included (see below).
d) Practice licks, phrases, and solos: With the integrated tapedecks you can do more than accompaniments: each loop can be played back faster or slower and pitched independently of tempo: load a difficult guitar solo and simply play it back slower (at the same pitch!) or put it in another key (with the same tempo!).

Tapedeck One allows for pitch correction of +/- 12 semi tones and independent tempo correction of +/- 50%. Play along your backing tracks in any pitch and tempo you desire!

Samples and Loops included

You can play to accompaniments and drum loops right away, since GUITAR RIG includes around 150 MB of sample loops for use in the tapedecks. The loops cover the categories Backing Tracks, Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Guitar Loops, Keyboard Loops, Synth Loops, and Vocal Samples. Plus you can load and play back other loops in MP3, WAV, and AIFF format up to 16-bit resolution (for example sample CDs, etc).

Note: Crossgrades offer customers who currently own competitor's products a reduced price for switching to the crossgrade product. Customers owning the following products will be eligible for the crossgrade: IK Multimedia Amplitube (1, 2, or LE), Waves GTR, Any Line6 Pod Product, Any Line6 TonePort Product, Line 6 AmpFarm

  • 8 renowned guitar and bass amps emulated in detail
  • 15 guitar and 6 bass cabinet simulations
  • 4 rotary speaker simulations
  • 9 microphones simulations
  • 35 effects: meticulously modeled stomp boxes, distortion and volume pedals and other popular units
  • Loop Machine allowing recording, playback and layering of loops on-the-fly
  • Modifiers such as LFOs, step sequencers, envelope followers and multi-step envelopes
  • Dynamic Tube Response technology delivers powerful tube sounds
  • Highly flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use rack concept based on drag & drop
  • Integrated metronome, tuner and multiple tapedeck modules

Guitar Rig Software Edition - Competitive Crossgrade

  • System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3.x, G4 733 MHz or Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66 GHz, 512 MB RAM
  • Windows XP SP2, Pentium 700 MHz / Athlon XP 1.33 GHz, 256 MB RAM
Vista compatibility
  • Native Instruments has seen good results in its compatibility testing with Windows Vista 32-bit. NI products generally operate without specific problems or limitations under this operating system. However, Windows XP is currently still recommended for professional music production due to its proven reliability and compatibility, especially for a productive environment where these aspects are crucial.
  • Windows Vista 64-bit is currently not recommended by Native Instruments for professional music production due to a lack of compatible applications and hardware drivers. Native Instruments will continue to evaluate the Vista 64-bit platform and further developments regarding relevant third-party music production software that are interoperable with NI products.
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