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ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 Sample Library Software  

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  • Real tutti recordings of symphonic ensembles
  • Extensive, multi-articulation patches
  • New and inspiring symphonic effects
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A massive library of symphonic samples and effects, perfect for any film, game or TV composer.

Symphobia 2 is a sound library of orchestral articulations, massive amounts of fresh and inspiring symphonic effects, exclusive legato ensembles with real legato transitions, Dystopia III and a brand-new interface. Symphobia 2 is the new no-brainer library for any film, game or TV composer.

New Articulations
If you own the original Symphobia, Symphobia 2 will greatly expand your possibilities. To name a few, the Symphobia 2 string section adds minor and major DXF trills, different lengths of crescendo-decrescendo, new crescendos and new spiccatos. The full orchestra section has powerful new sustain and staccato articulations, and a beautiful Wide Octaves articulation with modwheel control. The separate horn section in the original Symphobia has been expanded with a blockbuster 8-player horn ensemble.

New Effects
If you liked the effects in the original Symphobia, you are going to love the ones in Symphobia 2! Having covered the basis, we could explore the world of orchestral effects further and look for interesting new sounds and more specific techniques. There are now effects banks entirely dedicated to ponticello, flageolet or other playing techniques. You will also find beautiful looped textures that can be triggered in different keys. These phrases will instantly give your production a realism boost, but leave enough room to add your own personal touches.

Legato Ensembles
An industry-first: real legato transitions for orchestrated sets of instruments. Various differently arranged ensembles were captured performing legato intervals, playing in unison or octaves, and were meticulously edited and scripted. A great example is the noble sounding Horns Violins Violas set, which offers real legato performance of French horns, violins and violas playing in unison. No layering was used whatsoever. The legatos, transitions and orchestrations you hear are all real.
Each of the sets has been recorded in a specific range and dynamic, dictated by the orchestration and the musical context of the orchestration. Apart from the Legato Ensembles we also included a number of legato solo instruments.

Dystopia Volume 3
The popular Dystopia section is back and is better than ever. Explore the dark side of SAM with processed hits, spheres, scapes and risers, based on the recordings of Symphobia 2 and some of ProjectSAM's other libraries.

Brand-new Interface
Symphobia 2 is powered by Kontakt 4.1 and comes with a brand-new interface. In the center are the instrument and articulation displays. The left half of the interface contains all the switchable options such as Master EQ, release trails and microphone mode. The right half of the interface has all the controllable options such as instant ADSR, reverb and DSP effects.

Switchable Mic Mode
Like the original Symphobia, Symphobia 2 was recorded in a beautiful concert hall environment and has been edited and programmed in two microphone sets: close and stage. Each program now contains both microphone sets and has a convenient switch button to choose which mic set you wish to use. Both mic sets have been carefully mixed to instantly fall into place in your mix. When switching mics, the samples for the unused mic will be purged from RAM.

The Best Multis Ever
The Legato Ensembles opened up exciting new possibilities for creating multis. We created multis that allow you to play two, even three legato instruments simultaneously as well as various combinations of polyphonic articulations and a legato instrument.

With names such as "Make It So" and "When All Hope Is Lost" it's easy to find the multi that best matches your project or scene.

Symphobia 2 has a 33 GB sample pool (44.1kHz / 24-bit, uncompressed format) and consists of five Instrument banks and a set of Multis. Each bank contains extensive, key-switched instruments. Because the two concert hall microphone positions can be switched from within the instruments, Symphobia 2 only has one folder structure instead of two.

Full Orchestra

Full Orchestrator

Strings with Woodwinds

Textures and Effects

Symphobian Stacks

Dreamy Textures

Tutti Chords

Tutti Effects

Individual Sections

Str Ens Extensions

Str Ens Wide Octaves

Str Ens Effects

Str Ens Symphobia Sustains

Vln & Vla Articulations

Vcl Articulations

Musical Phrases

Horns Ensemble

Trumpet Octaves

Flute & Piccolo Octaves

Legato Ensembles

Legato Ens Bcl Cbn octaves

Legato Ens Bn Vcl unison

Legato Ens Fl Cl unison

Legato Ens Fl Vlns unison

Legato Ens Hn Tbn unison

Legato Ens Hn Vln Vla unison

Legato Ens Vcl Db octaves

Legato Ens Vlns in octaves

Legato Solo Flute

Legato Solo Horn

Legato Solo Low Whistle

Legato Solo Uilleann Pipes


Announcing the End

Channel Bashar

Demolition Tools

Reverse Engineering

Sending Orbs

Stingers Drones and Risers

Symphobian Drums (including bonus cymbals)

The Chain Saw

Trailer Hits

Welcome Sumerians

White Noise


Concert Hall Noise

Orchestra Tuning


A Story Unfolds

Garden of Eden

Grandfather Reminiscences

I Will Never Let You Go

Make It So

Massacre Lodge

Movie Logo

Only Seconds Left

Phasers On Kill

There And Back Again

When All Hope Is Lost


  • Real tutti recordings of symphonic ensembles
  • Extensive, multi-articulation patches
  • New and inspiring symphonic effects
  • Industry-first legato ensembles with real legato transitions
  • 33 GB 44.1/24 library pool (uncompressed)
  • 2 Mic sets switchable from interface
  • Brand-new custom interface
  • NI Kontakt Player 4 included with native 64-bit support
  • Kontakt background loading

Add new colors to your composition with this inspiring orchestral palette. Order today.


Symphobia 2 Sample Library Software Specifications:

  • Symphobia 2 is powered by Kontakt (Player) 4.1 and cannot be loaded into earlier versions of Kontakt. Kontakt (Player) 4.1 requires an Intel Mac or Windows PC. PowerPC Macs are not supported.
  • Kontakt Player 4.1.1 is included with the library.
  • The 33 GB audio pool takes up approx. 20 GB of hard drive space due to Kontakt's sample compression functionality.
  • Kontakt (Player) 4 supports: Stand-alone, VST, Audio Units, RTAS (Pro Tools 7 or higher), ASIO, Core Audio, DirectSound, WASAPI
  • Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions on both Mac and PC
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • PC: Windows XP (SP2, 32bit) / Vista (32/64 Bit), Windows 7 (32/64 Bit), Pentium or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM
  • Symphobia 2 has a low RAM footprint. Still, we highly recommend a minimum of 2 GB RAM
  • Lock Information
  • Main instrument editing unlocked
  • Legato ensemble editing locked
  • Multis locked
  • Audio pool locked
  • PowerPC Mac Notice
  • This product cannot be run on PowerPC Macs
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