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The clear choice in headphones for working DJs.

Designed specifically for DJs, these headphones are not only comfortable on your ears, but comfortable on your eardrums as well. While you've got 'em wildin' out on the dance floor, you can safely keep up on what's going on with the incredibly clean S-Logic Surround Sound which has 40% lower dB, giving you the same loudness sensation without the risk of eventual hearing loss. The DJ1's also produce up to 60% less radiation than ordinary headphones.

Don't take all this safety to mean that the sound has been compromised somehow. Au contraire. While suppressing the outside noise with their closed ear design, the DJ1's S-Logic will make it seem like you're in the center of a live concert. The 50mm Mylar electro acoustical driver produces impressive sound pressure so you feel the distance and detachment of sounds as they come at you from all angles for a full-on 3-D experience.

The easily recognizable black and white logo design also makes them aesthetically pleasing and easy to find in the UV-lighting of most nightclub situations. When your done for the night, they easily fold up for compact storage and easy transportation till your next gig.

Quality sound. Hot design. It's no wonder there's a number 1 in their name.


  • Foldable, closed-back professional headphones with
  • S-Logic Natural Surround sound
  • Free demo-CD enclosed
  • Reduced magnetic field emissions
  • Low Emission standard
  • Long-term spare parts availability

Blow away the dancefloor with your mixes without blowing out your eardrums.

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