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The unique, one-of-a-kind sound and feel of a resonator guitar is something that every player should experience at least once in their lives. Prior to the invention of the electric guitar, the resonator was the go-to instrument of big band guitar players who needed more volume and power. And thankfully, many of today's most well-known guitar brands from around world continue to specialize in high quality resonator guitar models, including Dean, Fender, Gretsch and Washburn.

Resonator guitars have recently been making an astounding comeback in popular music, and whether you've just learned a few chords or already a touring professional, resonator guitars make a great option to any player who appreciates a crisp and vintage guitar tone. From country and bluegrass to American folk and the blues, resonator guitars are suitable for a wide range of musical genres, and you'll find more than enough options to choose from right here in this extensive selection of choices.

One of the top selling resonator guitars comes courtesy of Dobro. Durable, as well as easy to play, the Dobro Hound Dog Round Neck consists of a radiused fingerboard, a laminated maple body, and the 10-1/2'' resonator and open sound well are crafted to increase its natural tonal balance. Another recommended item is the Gold Tone Beard Signature Series resonator guitar. Containing a vintage appearance and exceptional stability for slide work, this fantastic guitar has an American made spun aluminum Beard cone, a mahogany neck and body, and a loud ringing tone that sounds incredible in a variety of concert settings.

When you open yourself up to different styles of guitar playing, you can only become a more versatile player. For this reason, adding a resonator guitar to your routine is a great way to get inspired, improve your technique, and introduce yourself to a world of new ideas and tonalities.